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Franklin Tn Battlefield Sites

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September 19, 2008 - Franklin, Tennesee. Six generals were mortally wounded or killed during the battle of Franklin. This photo shows the back side of an outbulding at the Carter House, downtown Franklin pocked with too many bullet holes for me to count. We spent the morning touring the Confederate Cemetery and grounds at Carnton Plantation, then drove to the Carter House. We could have ordered a pizza and had lunch in the car within a few hundred feet of the sites commererating the wounding or death of several of the dead generals.
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September 2008 Battlefield Tour - Antietam

Sep. 17, 2008
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Antietam Cornfield at dawn

September 17, 2008. Dawn, 146 years after ithe first assaults on the cornfield at Sharpsburg. Following in the footsteps of Union and Confederate soldiers, over 100 Civil War enthusiates joined in anniversary walking tours of the Antietam Battlefield. Among the particpants were Jim Marshall, Lou Bishop  and Andy Lolli, members of the Cape May County Civil War Roundtable, the first stop on a seven day tour of battlefields stretching as far as Murfreesboro, Tennessee and Chickamauga, Georgia. [more]

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