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Hardtack & Dust

Preserving Historical Sites

Under All Is The Land.  So begins the Preamble to the REALTOR© Code of Ethics …. written by our predecessors to remind us that the interests of the nation and its citizens require the highest and best use of the land including the preservation of a healthful environment.

As a  REALTOR© I maintain that our social responsibility and patriotic duty includes recognizing the importance of preserving and restoring historical sites – balancing growth with preservation.

The efforts of many organizations and citizens, in providing educational programs and restoring links to our past, insures that important historical events and sites, large or small, shall continue to  exist and tell a valuable story in an atmosphere that honors and protects the importance of their contributions to our heritage.

Hardtack & Dust

Ocean City, New Jersey

Preserving and Appreciating Hallowed Ground for future generations


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