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Cleveland, TN Wacker

Jan. 11, 2010

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We are all excited about Cleveland, TN  Wacker Chemie coming to Cleveland, TN. The chemical companies decision to build in Cleveland means one thing: JOBS< JOBS< JOBS!! It's is so good to see industry moving into the area. Cleveland, TN Wacker isn't just bringing the jobs that operate the plant; but the jobs that build the plant, the utility jobs that run the plant, the jobs that put up telephone lines to the plant, the truck driving jobs to and from the plant, the paving jobs for drive ways to the plant, the list could go on and on. Cleveland, TN Wacker has also started a scholarship program, for area teens, that is already helping  local college-bound teens with tuition.(before they have even began construction) Here is the link to the article. We all applaud Cleveland, TN Wacker for being a positive presence in the Cleveland, TN area. You will find more information about Cleveland, TN Wacker at the website for Cleveland/Bradley Chamber of Commerce.


Here is the link To Wacker Tennessee

Excerpt from Article:

Wacker Chemie says it has spent $20 million to purchase 550 acres near Cleveland, TN, which is earmarked for a planned $1-billion, hyper-pure poly-silicon plant. It would be a "mid-term investment," Wacker says. The company did not specify when the plant would come on-stream nor its expected capacity. It would be Wacker's first poly-silicon manufacturing unit outside Germany.

The land offers "adequate space for an integrated silicon-based manufacturing site," the company says. "The size of the site, the availability of reliable power from the Tennessee Valley Authority, over-the-fence supply of chlorine from the adjacent Olin Corp. facility, and excellent transportation infrastructure made this an attractive site location." Olin operates a chlor-alkali facility at Charleston, TN. The incentive package connected with the land purchase includes provisions for transportation access and a reliable source for water and electricity-based energy, Wacker says. Electricity costs in Tennessee are about half of those at comparable sites in Germany, it adds.

Wacker says it expects poly-silicon demand from the solar and semiconductor industries to increase further in coming years. The company says it produced 11,800 tons of poly-silicon in 2008 and plans to expand to 35,500 tons by the end of 2011.

Wacker's announcement follows news that Hemlock Semiconductor (Hemlock, MI), Dow Corning's majority-owned joint venture, plans to invest up to $3 billion to boost its poly-silicon production capacity for solar power applications (CW, Dec. 22/29, 2008, p. 6). Hemlock's plans include spending $1.2 billion to build a plant at Clarksville, TN and $1 billion to expand capacity by up to 13,000 m.t./year at Hemlock. The Clarksville site will have an initial capacity of 10,000 m.t., with the ability to expand production to 21,000 m.t./year, Hemlock says.…

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