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Snazzy yard sale ap

Jun. 28, 2012

Great Yard Sale App for Android and iPhone

If you are are preparing your home for sale or to move, this app could save your time and monvey.  De-cluttering your home is probably the first step in getting is ready to sell and most people get rid of items at yard sales.  It seems simple, but the process of setting up a yard sale can be a big time commitment for you and your family. Well, what if you could have that yard sale going all the time? Without the overhead?

Egg Drop is a 100% mobile “yard sale” app.

The app is set up for local transactions. EggDrop’s free app allows users to post and search for items within an 80 — 100 mile radius of their current location. In just one click, users can also share their posted items on Craigslist, Twitter or via e-mail.

"Posting an item for sale is fast and hassle-free — just press the “sell button” and use your smartphone to take a picture or choose a picture from your phone’s photo library. Then name the item, set the price and add a short description. Once you post your item to the EggDrop community, you are given the option to share the post with your social networks.” (From the Mashable article  http://mashable.com/2012/03/30/eggdrop/ )

I think that this is such a cute little app that is a definate time saver for anyone looking to sell items from around the house.  You can also explore Egg Drop yourself. Try it on the iPhone or your Android-compatible device:

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