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T-Rex Global

T–ReX Global makes simple web tools to help Real Estate Investors manage their finances and taxes. Investors can use the tools to keep track of their property finances. T–ReX Global has tools that help save Investors thousands of dollars during major tax events like buying property and doing a 1031 exchange. Depreciate'Em –– Helps Investors save thousands of dollars on your depreciation tax deduction. See your tax saving in 3 simple steps. Defer'Em –– Helps Investors save on taxes as you do a 1031 exchange. See all tax calculations and savings in 3 simple steps. Simplify'Em –– Simplest application to manage your property finances. Tax time is a breeze! We pride ourselves on taking tedious tasks of managing your finances and taxes for real estate investors and making them drop dead simple. The best news of all, these are tools are FREE to use!
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