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Real Estate Professionals, are you tired of driving all around town to get the necessary signatures for your real estate transactions? Look no futher, we have the answer – DocuSign! DocuSign is the fastest way to get a signature. With DocuSign, you can send your real estate and broker forms for electronic signature in a flash. Use your current form creation process in combination with DocuSign's ability to electronically mark up the document with familiar yellow signature tabs and send notifications via email. You indicate where on the document you want your clients to sign and/or initial and enter the email address you would like the notification sent to — that's it! When your client receives the email notification, they will be walked through a few simple screens to select their electronic signature style and sign the document. You will receive an email notification when the document is signed and the completed electronic document. Your clients can even save their own electronic copy of the document for their files! Using DocuSign's electronic signature process with your real estate forms makes it easy and convenient for your customers, giving you the competitive advantage. Just think of all the time you will save! No printing. No Faxing. No Software to Install. It's that easy, really. Go to our landing page to learn more and receive a special offer just for Real Town subscribers!
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Top Producer

In today's tough economy, you need a proven marketing system to improve business and increase sales- fast! Top Producer 8i has been the choice of thousands of REALTORS® for over 20 years. Our system helps you manage every task and relationship so that you don't miss a single lead, repeat client, referral or sale.

Your best sales opportunities come from people you've already met. With Top Producer 8i, you can automate follow-up communication 'Action Plans' for every potential client- friends, family, leads, clients and past clients and effectively stay in touch for weeks, months, even years! When they're ready to make a move, you'll be the agent they call first.

Get more sales with better marketing. Top Producer 8i positions you to generate more business through compelling and automatic marketing systems, featuring hundreds of pre-formatted and written letters, emails and flyers, as well as professional presentations and reports from our unparalleled media library.

Top Producer 8i helps you deliver the exceptional service that sets you apart from other agents- and to keep clients in a competitive market.

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If you want to get the maximum out of Outlook then look no further! RealeSeller™ transforms Outlook into a true real estate contact management system. RealeSeller™ is fully "integrated" into Outlook, and is not just another "add–on." Adding over 300 new features to Outlook makes this the perfect tool to keep track of your most important assets... your clients and their properties! You can try RealeSeller™ for 14 days with no limits on any feature and this includes full tech support. We also include FREE on–line classes that will teach you how to use every feature we have added. Above all else, if you can use Outlook, you can use RealeSeller™
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Howard and Friends

Agent's 1st Choice contact manager is the successor to the famous Howard & Friends contact management program originally developed in 1983. For those of you may not be familiar with Howard & Friends, this was the 1st Real Estate Contact Manager in the World.

Not an Outlook overlay or 3rd party add-on, the hosted version allows you to be connected to your information from any computer OR your web enabled phone. No need to backup/restore your information from one computer to another. No need for additional 3rd party software or an expensive exchange server to access or share your information….Agent’s 1st Choice works right out of the box. If you have a smartphone then everything you need access to is on your phone in real time. Make a change to the phone and it updates your desktop. Make a change to the desktop and it updates your phone. All in real time. Nothing to install.

Agent’s 1st Choice allows you to manage every aspect of your real estate business from appointments & tasks, contacts, leads, listings & closings, & mailings, action plans to your incoming and outgoing email.

Some of the newest features include a showing feedback form complete with analytics to show your sellers what others are saying about their home. Incoming and Outgoing email just like Outlook except that every incoming email automatically goes into the associated persons history file to make it easy to find. We’ve added web forms to allow leads from your website(s) to automatically get dropped into your lead box for follow up on your computer or phone. Import your listings and closings from the mls for access to all your transaction information.

If your working with a partner, assistant or on a team then nothing could be better than to have everyone connected to the same information. Easily assign tasks and leads to others on the team from the desktop or your phone. As an item is completed see who did it and when they did it. Combined with CMA Plus this bundle gives you a complete real estate productivity package.

Try Agent’s 1st Choice today. If you want to see more about Agent’s 1st Choice or try it out go to the products page to watch a short presentation.

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