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Welcome to the RISMedia Community Forum on RealTown! This Forum replaces our previous one on RISMedia.com. Discuss industry news, ask a question, stay up-to-date on what your fellow industry members are talking about in the most populated online social networking site for real estate professionals.
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Buying a home can be a long, complicated and frightening process, and it is important to be prepared... 1,385 views
3/9/12 5:18 AM
Mehek Saxena Profile Image
4/1/16 6:28 AM
15 Great Places to Build Inbound Links to Your Real Estate Website and Increase Your Rankings in... 2,179 views
4/16/10 12:19 PM
Kevin Luis Profile Image
12/14/15 12:56 AM
Participate in the events and know the strategies that helps to obtain financial freedom through cas... 331 views
11/7/15 5:54 AM
I am a real estate professional guy that discovered Epic Real Estate. I am a knack for simplifying t... 360 views
11/7/15 4:48 AM
I saw a survey where 22% of real estate agents do not give a closing gift. I hadn't realized... 1,205 views
11/11/11 3:12 PM
RealtyCandy.com  Profile Image
10/13/15 8:52 PM
• The great thing about commercial real estate is you can make money from this type of investment... 2,116 views
3/16/12 7:04 AM
Greg Fly Profile Image
9/19/15 2:45 PM
644 Shadow Mountain will be Open from 11 AM to 2 PM. Home Owners need to sell this home. Plea... 715 views
7/23/14 6:38 PM
Henry peterson Profile Image
5/28/15 7:08 AM
Tips to get best deal in real estate Here some suggestions that should be followed during a... 1,353 views
3/13/12 6:20 AM
Frank Swinson Profile Image
10/27/14 1:32 AM
The vast number of historical acres agents and brokers affect with troika discipline concept types.... 1,092 views
2/9/13 10:33 PM
Frank Swinson Profile Image
10/21/14 5:15 AM
Real estate marketing can be a essential thing for make a real estate business success and very fast... 2,100 views
11/17/12 9:22 AM
Frank Swinson Profile Image
10/21/14 3:38 AM
A real estate instructor typically teaches at a junior college or pre-licensing school which offers... 1,243 views
3/12/12 6:59 AM
John  Dulong Profile Image
7/27/14 11:30 PM
Sunil Mantri Realty Ltd. is a leading realty company in India with building activities spread across... 708 views
11/11/13 10:42 PM
I am planning to buy a buy a property in France. What you have done if when you don't have to be a p... 691 views
10/9/13 5:54 AM
Javier rodriquez Profile Image
10/9/13 6:01 AM
Starting a new business is always exciting. It is always inspiring to get your first clients, but so... 633 views
7/8/13 10:02 AM
If you are looking for a loan with a low down payment, then a FHA loan may be the ticket (3.5% minim... 1,275 views
3/27/13 7:39 AM
Robert Profile Image
7/4/13 3:54 AM