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Property Info Systems/Call Capture Technology

Buyer Acquire

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Houston, TX

April 21, 2008

The vendor I have been using is Buyer Acquire and they have options I like and I have been pleased with them. Some people do get upset because their number was "captured" when they were only seeking information. However, I have found that if you wait for an hour or so before calling them - then tell them up front how you asquired their number and the reason for the call - it generally works!

Any other capture systems out there that you like?

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Cincinnati, OH

June 14, 2008

Has anyone used Proquest or Agent Phone?

Licensed Real Estate Agent

West Chester, OH

January 25, 2009

I have used ART Automatic Response Technology 800-854-8765 for the past several years. When you could get "0" down loans I would put up an ugly yellow sign next to my regular sign that says "Zero Down Payment" free recorded message and have the 877 number and property code #. This sign always caught the buyers attention and they would call for the free recorded message. The message would be a short description of the property and then go into a spiel about financing, encouraging them to call me direct. I was then able to capture their number and respond with a call back and ask if the message answered all their questions? This seemed to work fine for quite awhile. I have since changed brokerages and restructured my marketing techniques with the different market we are in. I have canceled my subscription with ART. The cost was a minimum of $51.00 per month and then there were minute used charges. They have a new pricing structure now also...offering a much lower cost service. I have not decided what I am going to do from here to replace this marketing technique. Some sellers were indifferent about the sign. Some didn't like it at all. It didn't work in certain neighborhoods.

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Treasure Island, FL

March 08, 2009

as I was deleting old messages i came across a post and thought I'd "chime in"...I am using VOBRE, Virtual Office Builder for Real Estate as my provider. GREAT Pricing, and their service has been just unbelievable, too. I have 1-800# from them for call caputure PLUS for "e-Fax" type fax receipt and transmissions (into .pdf files).

I'd like to hear any other IDEAS from this group as to HOW you implement your plan(s), but if you're looking for a good service provider, I can highly recommend www.vobre.com

Information Technology

March 24, 2009

Has anyone ever heard of TaggLine? They combine the ease of use of the older IVR technologies with the latest in text and weblink technology, and since they don't charge for mins, they are usually quite a bit cheaper than even the plain old IVR systems. Just curious


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