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Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Shoemaker Lumber CoThat's my Grandfather, Charles Homer Shoemaker, standing out in front of the business he owned with his brother ("Uncle Art") - C.H. Shoemaker Lumber Company. (That only LOOKS like a 3-legged horse). The Lumber Company still exists, although under different ownership, at 13th Street and West Avenue in Ocean City, N.J.

I can remember when trains (The Pennsylvania-Seashore Line) used to stop there with all kinds of deliveries, and recall stories of how my Grandfather would do all the math in his head - no calculators then (OR Sales tax).

I'd like to hear YOUR memories of Ocean City - and they don't have to be "ancient history". Just use the "Post A Comment" link below - you might get invited to become a "Guest Contributor" !!

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RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Sherry
Date: Mar. 17, 2008
My grandmother used to take me to Ocean City every summer where we would spend the day on the beach and then have dinner and she would let me ride the amusements for a few hours. Around 8 or 9 at night she would always take me to I believe the convention center(on the boardwalk)  where there would be singers singing I think it was like opera and I remember a male singer named Tommy but I don't remember his last name. My grandmother loved his singing.  I was kind of wondering if anyone might have information about all of that. I remember not caring for opera too much but nevertheless I absolutely loved it because I was with Grandmom. This took place in the late 50's early 60's. I was wondering if anyone had any information on that concert that took place every so often back then. I went quite a few times in those years.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Tom Hybiske
Date: May. 13, 2008
Johnson's Ice Cream and Candy at 4th St. and the Boardwalk was always a stop on the walk back to our house on St. Charles Place.  We'd stop and get an ice cream cone for $.15 and it would be gone by the time we got to our street.  The dips of ice cream were unique.   They were square!  I've never seen another instance of sqaure dips of ice cream.  At the bottom of each sugar cone we'd find a lemon sour ball for the final treat of the evening.  The freestanding store was destroyed by fire in the early 1970's, and was never rebuilt. 

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Debi
Date: May. 26, 2008
My husband Roy Turner is from ocean city and grew up in the Lennox apts. does anyone remember the Lennox apts? it has been torn down for years now but in it's day it was quite a place to live and or visit.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Dan
Date: May. 27, 2008
Sherry: The concerts your grandparents took you to were by the Ocean City Pops Orchstra on the Music Pier.  The singer was likely Tom Perkins a favorate for decades.  It might have seemed like opera to you but was probably a variety 0f show tunes and old classics.  For more info see: www,oceancitypops.org

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: ALAN
Date: Jun. 26, 2008

eating at Chris's Restaurant at 9th street and the bay. Chris always wore white pants and shirt and shoes. He had a fleet of boats. Old fishing trawlers like the Billy C and the Nettie K. Mitchell. Modern fishing boats like the Flying Cloud, the Wild Goose, and the Gone With the Wind. The Sweetheart Sailboat and of course, the speedboat rides on The Flying Pony and the converted PT boat, the Flying Saucer. wish I could relive those days.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Debbie
Date: Oct. 4, 2008
I remember the vegtable garden at the lumber yard.  Grandfather was very proud of his gardens. I would help pick crops and take a few home.  Cucumbers were my favorite. Sitting on the porch and waiting for the train was another favorite past time at "the office".  

More Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Tom Hybiske
Date: Jan. 6, 2009

Hendershotts Candy and Comic Book shop at 1st. and Atlantic Ave.   I walk up with my cousin and we'd spend 20 cents for 2 comic books, read them and then swap them to pass the summer afternoons away.  We didn't have TV then.

Sims, Watson's, Hogates, Anchor 'n Point restaurants, The Breaker's Hotel, The Delaware  Hotel, the Sunocco station at 10the and Asbury where I pumped gas all summer long. 

Learning to swim at the only salt water pool that I've ever been in, the Flanders and longing for the day when I could attempt the high dive in the diving pool (I eventially did).

The Ocean City Skating RInk at  St. James and Atlantic Ave where I learned to become a pretty good roller skater.

The Surf Movie theater where we'd go on particularly hot summer days to sit in the icy coolness and watch the movie 2 or 3 times.  The theater had a trademark musty odor that never changed over the years.

The ice cream man who'd pedal his tricycle up and down the streets in the Gardens section of OC.

The knife sharpener man who'd stop his ancient truck along the curb as people brought their cutlery out to him.  I loved the sing of the grinding wheel.

Seeing the streetlights in the winter with bags on them and the empty parking meter posts, and being the only car on the block.

Telephones with no dials on them.  You'd pick them up and and wait for the operator to answer, and tell her what number you wanted.

Laying in bed at night, and hearing the surf on the beach and the breeze rustling the leaves of the 2 large poplar trees in front of our house.

Walking down the boardwalk at 18 in 1969, holding hands with a dazzling blonde in hot pants, halter top, and high heels, out of mind in love, and thinking I was the luckiest guy there..... I was...I married her!

Pointing out to my kids and their kids all of the places that aren't there any more where I spent my childhood and teenage years, and courted their mother.

Scattering my mom's ashes on the beach at St. Charles where she wished she could spend every day of her life in the sun and sand, and my dad's off the rock pile where he loved to fish.


RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Lynn Fox
Date: Mar. 2, 2009

These memories really take me back. I also recall the ice man, who came around in his truck to provide for all the restaurants. The Chatterbox was 2 doors down from my grandmother's house, so while the man was delivering the ice, we'd sneak chunks off the back of his truck.

My first job was at Bob's Grill, 14th and the beach. I was the early morning waitress, and since my parents went to OC every weekend from Easter on, I was available to work when Bob's opened in the spring.

Later I was hired by Watson's, the premiere place to work in OC. Made lots of friends there and great money, to boot! The food was always delicious, service speedy and excellent--a superb place for families to dine. Too bad they tore it down.

I, too, met my husband on the boardwalk. He picked me up at the ripe old age of 14, and we've been married 35 years this fall.

Long live Ocean City!

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Lynn Fox
Date: Mar. 2, 2009

Oh, and I can't forget the Mary Hoyer Doll Store. These were the fore-runners of Barbie, not quite as developed, but wonderful! Our tradition was to be given one new outfit every summer. The dolls were made in Reading, PA, I believe. They had beautiful wardrobes, complete with every imaginable accessory. Still have the dolls and their clothes--just waiting for a granddaughter to pass them down to :-)

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Cal
Date: Jun. 28, 2009

Does any one remember the name of two stores that were on the boardwalk in the 1970s - one had a deep sea diving suite and was nautical themed and one was a fantastic little toy store.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: john yank III
Date: Jul. 2, 2009

Hi,  I was wondering if anyone has any movies of Chris's speed boat  "the Flying Saucer"

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Beery Bill
Date: Jul. 29, 2009

I worked there during the Summer of 1958 at the Woolworth's "restaurant" as a short order cook, soda jerk, and all around lackey,  One of my fraternity brothers worked three Summers at Bob's making sandwiches.  Stayed at the Holiday House, 14th and Asbury.  Full of college kids.  That's where I met the great love of my life; but marriage was not to be (sigh).  A couple years ago, after not hearing from each other for over 45 years, reconnected.  Lost my fake ID at Bay Shores.  Burned the candle at both ends and the middle and lived to tell about it.  Fantastic memories. 

RE: Even More Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Tom Hybiske
Date: Aug. 7, 2009

$.15, yes fifteen cents for a slice of Mack and Manco pizza!.......$.10 for a tall glass of Litterer's orange juice.  We'd always stop for a glass on our morning bike rides on the boardwalk.  The girl would be squeezing oranges retreived from a large glass bin.  The machine would wring every last drop from the orange, and the juice would run down a long glass pipe and into the deep tank.  Even today, all OJ I drink is compared to my memory of Litterer's......Seaside Baths on the boardwalk where the "shoobies" would go to change and shower after a day on the beach.......Finally being old enough to grab the rings on the merry-go-round and hoping to snatch the gold one for a free ride........At 10 years old, getting a coveted summer "job" as an Ocean City Lifeguard mascot, then realizing it was just a bogus go-fer job.......Waiting for the train and its big, black, steam engine to come in on Friday night carrying my favorite uncle.  He rode it so much that he knew the engineer who would let me ride in the cab, and blow the whistle the several blocks to the end of the line......walking through the crowds on the beach as a kid looking for bottles to return to the snack stand at St. Charles Place and the boardwalk.  At two cents each, five bottles would get you cold soda......Earning enough allowance to buy a small five transistor radio that you could actually listen to on the beach!......surfing day in and day out along with my two summer buddies, and thinking that summer lasted forever......Closing the house up in September, spreading moth balls in the closets, and between the matresses, taking the screens out of the windows and storing them in the garage, turning off the water, and draining the pipes and recall it the being the  best summer ever!

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Anonymous
Date: Aug. 19, 2009

Oh do I have memories of the shore. Growing up in Haddonfield, NJ I went to the shore every summer since I was 10 mos. old. We rented various places from the North End to the South End. In 1961 when I was 9 years old my parents purchased a little cottage at 32nd and West (Beach side of West Ave.). Although we rented it at the heght of the season, we still enjoyed it in May, June, September, and October. When I got older I lived in a rooming house each summer and worked at the Elida and the Sindia Restaurants. In college I graduated to Gregory's in Somer's Point. This summer for one of my 35th wedding anniversary trips I asked to go back to Ocean City for Night in Venice Weekend. It was a weekend to visit relatives and friends and relive the most vivid memories of my youth. I have lived in NC permanently since 1974 and still miss the Jersey Shore!!!!!We have a place at Smith Mountain Lake Va. ........it can't quite compare!!!!!!

Gail McGarrigan Deal Greensboro NC

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Randy Allen
Date: Aug. 28, 2009

Does anyone remember an ice cream parlor on the boardwark at Plymouth Place circa 1970 - 1980s. I'm pretty sure it was in the same building that Guiseppes Italian restuarant is in now.

Our family used to go there alot and I cannot remember the name. Please help!


RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Fran Focacci
Date: Sep. 5, 2009

We just got back from a week at OC. We have been going there the last few years with our children. We absolutely love it there. We stay on the North end, and we love Brown's for fresh donuts and cheesesteaks too. We stayed on St. Charles and walked right up the road to Brown's and also went to the beach right in front of Brown's.

Of course the kids had us going non stop on the amusement park rides and we had to buy countless tickets to get on all the rides at both Gillian's Wonderland Pier and Playland Cove. If we remain in NJ , we plan on making OC our family resort town for many years to come.

We also love Shrivers for Taffy/Chocolate!!! 

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: George
Date: Oct. 6, 2009

My family and I were once there and it was beautiful on the ocean at least. But all of Gods Creation is . But to know him as God and Saviour,the Lord Jesus Christ is still the best thing there is. Look at these sites and know your going to heaven and have your sins forgiven.   Sincerely; George    www.FellowshipTractLeague.com  or www.FBNRadio.com  , or www.FishermenBaptistChurch.com  .

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Janet Adams
Date: Oct. 23, 2009

Grew up in Ocean City in the 70's.  Went to St. Augustine's on 14th and Asbury....my Dad rode the train from 9th street to Philadelphia everyday.  Worked at Sunoco gas station on 9th street during the "odd and even days" of the gas crunch.  Worked at the Forum and the Pavilion as a maid.  Spent all my money on the boardwalk!  Remember being able to buy 7 ride tickets for $1 at Wonderland.  Those days are long gone!!   We were always glad when the 'shoobies' went home.....although I'm now one but haven't heard that term used in years.  Enjoyed roller skating at the rink on 2nd street, the annual Halloween parade on Asbury avenue and Mischief Night.   Remember wearing my bathing suit under my school uniform on the last day of school so we could head right to the beach.  Good times....great memories.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Saul Shocket
Date: Nov. 27, 2009

Anyone remember the College Grill on the boardwalk, circa mid to late 60's?

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: John H.Pedrick
Date: Dec. 26, 2009

I want a postcard of ocean city chris`s restaurant. thank you   my cell 856 294 7007

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: ken
Date: Jan. 8, 2010

see my flickr page for photos

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: ken
Date: Jan. 8, 2010

see pictures Chris' Resturant and boats. WWW. flckr.com/photos/saucer

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: bill
Date: Feb. 14, 2010

The ice cream shop on the Plymouth Place and the Boardwalk was Becotte's where if you ordered a "pig's trough" and ate it all, you got a button to wear. 

How many people remember playing baseball in the mornings during the summer at 5th street before there was little league.  For about a week I rode on the steam locomotive that left the north street station down to 5th street where it would take on water before starting its trip back to Phila.  I was "lucky" enough to be able to shovel coal into the fire box - fact was, I could barely lift the coal shovel.  I don't think my own kids have ever seen a lump of coal.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: John C.
Date: Feb. 16, 2010

I think I went to school with Bill.  I have very fond memories of morning baseball at the 5th street field.  As I recall, it was organized by Dixie Howell who in addition to coaching and teaching at OCHS worked for the OC Recreation Department in the summers.  In addition to baseball in the morning, he organized and ran the night time "College Basketball League at the 6th street playground basketball courts.  In those days the college players could actually play on summer teams (before the point shaving scandals of the early 60s).  Philly players like Matt Goukas played and also some pros (Jack George from the Warriors had a hot dog stand on the boardwalk and sponsered a team). 

But summer baseball was the main draw for us younger kids.  We usually had plenty to field two teams, but would play a game called "workies up" or somehting like that if we did not have 18.

In those days we would play all morning, go home for lunch, and come back afterwards.  Or, we could be gone all day and our parents would not be worried.  Things have certainly changed in that regard.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Cheri
Date: Feb. 16, 2010
    All the things that people are writing about bring back such wonderfully fond memories.  I can smell and taste every single food everyone has mentioned.  Does anyone remember the Boxwood restaurant on Brighton and Atlantic?  It was within walking distance of the high school, so we could walk there for great lunches and play the jukebox and even dance a little at lunchtime.  They made the best grilled buns ever and they had a real soda fountain for sodas, milkshakes and sundaes.
     There used to be a haunted house on the boardwalk a little past 6th St.  I always hated haunted houses, but at the end of it you got to ride the "magic carpet".  It was sort of like a large conveyor belt.  You would sit at the top and ride it to the bottom.  I finally became friends with the "magic carpet" guy and he would let me in to ride the carpet and avoid the haunted house.  It never hurts to have "connections"
    Back in the 50's and 60's, there wasn't too much beach, so the ocean would come up all the way under the boardwalk and was pretty deep in some places.  If the tide was high and the water rough, when the waves hit the pilings underneath it would splash up through the slits in the boardwalk.  We used to laugh at the people who got startled by it.
    In addition to the summer basketball on 6th Street - in the winter, they flooded the courts and made it into a skating rink, they even had music playing.  I can remember you would be freezing your tail off and they would play "It's summertime, summertime, sum, sum, summertime".  And for those who might remember this....it was either 1958 or 1959 there was a night when we got a rare East coast glimpse of the "Northern Lights' in the sky.  The reason why I remember, I had fallen while skating and hit my head.  I looked up and saw all these colors in the sky and thought I had a concussion.  I was perfectly fine, but thrilled to see the spectacular liglhts
    Also in the winter we were so lucky to have the Youth Center between 5th and 6th St.  It was just for kids - no grown-ups.  They had a great dance floor and a snack bar and you could dance there every weekend
    I hope other people continue to write their memories here.  There are so many things that I had forgotten about, and hearing about them again is just great.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Moochie
Date: Feb. 16, 2010

Ice crean at 34th street and sometimes we got it free, do you remember who owned this Ice Cream shop? They had one on the boardwalk also.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Betty
Date: Feb. 20, 2010

Who remembers the little piggies game, where you threw a ball and if it went ihe hole, they slid down a ramp and ran back to their cages. There was also an Amos and Andy game, with fellas siting on a board. Ifyou thre the ball into the hole, the board would collapse and the guys would fall into a pool of water!

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: paul strohlein
Date: Feb. 21, 2010

In a answer to John Yank-july 09-the name of the store he wants to remember was the "connoisseur shop" it was about 11th and the boardwalk.-hope this helps!

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Cheri
Date: Feb. 21, 2010

       Hello Betty,  I don't know if this is what you are referring to.  I vaguely remember a big arcade at 6th St many years ago and I do remember something about live pigs there.  They used to have all kind of old arcade games too.

       I was pretty young then, but I do remember something about that.  I think there was also a bowling alley there.  I'm pretty sure there was a big fire that burned it down

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Susan
Date: Feb. 21, 2010

So many nice memories mentioned. We who grew up in OC were so lucky--it was the greatest. We had: beach, boardwalk,bay, fishing, boating,dancing at the Hall in the summer, swiming in the ocean or Flander's Pool, pizza, fudge, salt water taffy, maccarones, Dairy Queen. The Chatterbox, Frank & Eddie's, Essig's, Mack & Manco's, Ready's, Boxwood, VOLTACO's. We had everything we could want!

My Dad had Rumer's Mobil @ 9th & Asbury, before his Exxon station @ 4th & West. My Mom owned Cerruti's Beauty Shop-first @ 7th & Asbury, then 10th & West. Miss them both.


RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Lynda
Date: Feb. 22, 2010

Don't forget Pop's Sub Shop on Asbury at 6th, next to the Fire Station.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Bill Lloyd
Date: Feb. 22, 2010

Some of this will be too far back for most of you, but how about...

Elmer Unger leading morning calisthenics on the beach to music from a sould truck...

Weekday morning traffic:

   The ice truck delivering to houses with signs in their windows showing amount needed -- and kids chasing them for slivers of ice

   The huckster who sang out "Vegetable berries...fresh eggs"

   Bread trucks from Bond and Freihofer's

   Little boys offering pony rides (and a pony named Sugar)

The segregated blacks-only beach at 5th Street...

Hogate's restaurant by the 9th Street bridge...

Three pools at the Flanders:  the big one, a diving pool, and a kiddy pool (which was always ten degrees warmer)...

A bicycle built for four...

Watching the surf pound the bulkhead at 6th Street...

Somers Point:

   All-nighters:  Bay Shores (with Mike Pedicin), Steele's, Tony Mart's, the Anchorage -- and, when they closed, the Dunes -- and finally breakfast at the Point Diner

   Jack Newlin playing piano at Joe's Circle, the best bar in Somers Point

   Bathing suit matinees

   The trolley to Steel Pier to see the big bands

When the only rides at Gillian's Fun Deck were a carousel, a ferris wheel, and a tilt-a-whirl...

Long lines waiting to dine at Watson's...

Hot dogs 10 cents, hamburgers 15 cents...

When the dance at Convention Hall closed at 11, going to Matthew's at North Street for dancing on the boardwalk to a jukebox...

Bicycling to Simms' in the morning for hot-from-the-oven cinnamon buns...

Oil and tar washing up on the beach from torpedoed ships during World War II...

The wreckage of the Sindia...

The salt-water taffy machine in Shrivers' window...

The VJ Day celebrations...

The day after Labor Day when the sun, sand, and ocean all looked different.



RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Tom Hybiske
Date: Mar. 2, 2010

I sure do remember almost all of them. Some more thoughts:

The newspaper boy on his bicycle yelling, "Get your 2 Star... Sports Final...Bulletin"

Hearing the street sweeper at dawn, with its brushed hissing, coming down the adjacent blocks and finally down your own street to fully wake you up.

The Hawaiian Golf Course, most expensive course on the boardwalk at $.60.  The 18th hole hole in one featured a monocled man wearing a pith helmet who would pop his head out a large pot (I didn't know Hawaiian's ate missionaries) and announce, "By jove, you've won a free game!"

World War II era bi-planes pulling the banners along the beach. US Navy anti-submarine blimps returning to land follwing an offshore patrol. Spectacular low altitude fly-by's of the (then) new C5A Galaxy ungoing testing at Pomona.

Remains of the trolley tracks poking up by the bend at Battersea Rd. and Atlantic Avenue.

"Teenagers" sleeping on the beach after a big night in Sommers Point, before it was banned.

Large drop cloths covering all the items that couldn't be sold on Sundays according to the "Bule Laws".

The great storm of March, 1962 that wreaked havoc all along the New Jersey shore towns, nearly wiping out neighboring Strathmere, and left among other things an entire section of boardwak.... railings, benches and all on the corner of St. Charles Place and Corinthian Ave.

The Pileggi's Sunocco station at 10th and Asbury Ave. where I pumped gas during the summer as a teen in the late 60's. (Now a bank)


RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: fred riemann
Date: Mar. 12, 2010

last dance at 6th street dance "Moonlight Serenade"

visitors not able to play in the real little league(with real uniforms), but had morning baseball.

no shorts in 6th street dance

no shirtless men or boys off the beach

girls being removed from the beach for too skimpy bathing suits

little make believe shops at entrance to Village movie

Ed who ran the basketball shooting venue up from the dance

JP's  at 1st and Ausbury 


RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: bill lloyd
Date: Mar. 17, 2010

My recollection is that the last record played at the 6th street dance every night was Frank Sinatra's "Put Your Dreams away for Another Day."

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Jim Marshall
Date: Mar. 29, 2010

I remember Eddie Rumer's as "Eddie's Esso" - I think there's still an Esso sign there - and 1st and Asbury was "Downey's". I used to buy Camel cigarettes for my dad and Salems for Mom. Times WERE different. They had cherry coke and baseball cards with gum.

The day the pier at Sixth Street burned down a bunch of us had just gotten back in Ocean City from a days trip to the Franklin Institute in Philly. Another big fire was the drugstore at 6th and Asbury next to the old fire station.

At Saturday morning summer baseball with Dixie Howell I remember him asking "how many stitches on a baseball". We'd pick up  and play till the siren sounded at noon and ride our bikes home for lunch.

In the 70's there was a Boardwalk Baseball League with Playland, Wonderland Pier, Gillians Pier and Watsons. We'd play on Saturday mornings. There were a few more teams too.




RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: angela calvarese
Date: Apr. 7, 2010

Who remembers Dana's Pastry Shop and their cinnamon buns?

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Dave Mills
Date: Apr. 23, 2010

We went to O.C. every year from 1954 until 1967 when I graduated from High School.  There were a lot of Rooming houses back then and we stayed at a place called Horsey's, I believe it was on Asbury at 14th or 15th.  Every morning we rented bicycles at Ray's across the street and rode the Boardwalk.  Great memories.  We rode all the speed boats at Chris's Restaurant every year.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Jim
Date: May. 16, 2010

Does anyone remember the name of a small restaurant on 9th street near the boardwalk?  This would have been mid 50's..it was really just a shack..but i had fried chicken there every evening...as I got older I worked at the college grill and hung at the Chatterbox..mid 60's..pleased to hear that the box is still there...guess watson's and the CG are long gone.  I haven't been to OC since the early 70's...does anyone know Bonnie Cornwell or Cornwall?  she was a server (waitress, back then) at the box...we use to hang out..she was a townie, i believe her dad was a doctor...have her get in touch with me...

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: chuck calderone
Date: May. 26, 2010

I worked during summers in the mid 1960's to 1969, hogates  restaurant 9th and bay ave, also for tom and janice Camburn who owned the flanders grill from 1982-1985, worked the bikes and the beach concession they owned, also worked at the old Bayside trainign school in Marmora, New jersey, and finally, owned and operated my own bookshop, Northeast book and Print shop at 411 east 8th street, next to readys coffe shop , from 1985-1989. have been living in England since 2003, and still remember Ocean City as the best years of my life!!!..  best memories, best smells., salt water , seaweed, popcorn etc on the boardwalk..  simply the best, no where even comes close to being second.... not even England. period....  chuck calderone  Lynton Devon, United Kingdom

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: anne holford
Date: Jun. 4, 2010

 we lived on 32nd and Central in the 60s and 70s. Ocean City is where mostly all of my favorite childhood memories take place.

Just a few

 - the smell of Cambells Seafood - the french fries

-the Bum Steer

 - Al's Hoagies next to Aquaport (which used to be a pool!)

 - the penny candy store next to Cambells

 - Parkway Pharmacy , where we'd get candy - but not on sunday, there would be a rope blocking it.

- when the circus would come in august and set up down at 34th street

 - Prep's pizza on 34th street.

- the church bell ringing on sunday mornings, but we never went!

- the ice cream bicycle with the bells going up and down the alley

- Copper Kettle Fudge - my mom liked the bags of crumbs!

- the glass maze with the yellow and white lights on the boardwalk.

-the village movie theater.

-ice cream at the Dairy Queen on 34th was a treat.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: James Marshall
Date: Jun. 4, 2010

The glass maze used to be around 7th Street, then in 1976 it was purchased by Playland. I worked there that winter and one of our projects was to reconstruct the maze - without instructions. After a few hours we figured out the angles and a pattern, added a few traps and dead ends, painted the floor black and we were back in business by the summer of '77.  Sometimes after closing we'd have timed races through the maze - a few good laughs and some bumps here and there.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Carole
Date: Jun. 5, 2010

@ Cal, June 2009, the two shops were Glenn Toys (they had a phenomenal 50% off end-of-season sale) and The Connoisseur Shop. I can remember those mechanical birds in cages tweeting their hearts out! The latter was a "don't touch anything" store.

@ Anne, June 2010, we lived on Central, almost the corner of 33rd and went to the guarded beach at 32nd. The candy store was Land's (run by Mr. & Mrs. Land). After they passed, Campbell's bought the house and used it as an overflow and a place where people could take their dinners to eat. Across the street and down a bit was (there are condos there now) Jule's Market, a grocery store.

Before Aquaport, Mr. Tierno had a small deli and gourmet items. I remember being fascinated by packages of chocolate-covered ants and escargot shells.

On the west corner of 33rd & Asbury was Pete Jump's (last name was Giampetro) with a soda fountain; they sold sundries, paperbacks, and comic books. I hazily recall that they had a small lending library, too.

Oh, gosh, the church bell! We were already back from Mass at 40th Street when that darned bell would start. I think that was a Methodist church.

The Village was the "expensive" movie theatre; it's where I saw "Jaws." I remember holding my feet up off the floor so the shark wouldn't get me. LOL

Gosh, I remember the beautiful lamps (Tiffany?) in Simms.

I remember when the Johnson's ice cream pier burned; the son's owner died in the fire and that's why they didn't rebuild. He was only a teenager I think.

I had a Mary Hoyer doll! The clothing was exquisite. I had gorgeous ballet dress and peignoir set. My sister would save her money and buy accessories for her dolls (remember those cases with the drawers?) including a camera w/ film, sunglasses, etc.

I can remember seeing vestiges of the Sindia and when the 59th Street Pier was still viable.

Fun to read everyone's recollections.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: PEGGY
Date: Jun. 6, 2010






RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: James Marshall
Date: Jun. 7, 2010

Watson's, Chris's - Dinners there were an annual summer event - as well as Shafto's - "Bobby Shafto went to sea ...". and a few times we had holiday dinners at the Flander's and would look at the Grandfather and Grandmother clocks. One summer we dined on the top floor of the old Biscayne Hotel, another time at the Lincoln on Ninth Street. My grandfather would take us to White Hall for the Kiwanis Christmas party.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Roderick Markham
Date: Jun. 9, 2010

I have been visiting Ocean City New Jersey nearly every summer since I was a toddler in the late 1960s.  While much has changed, I think overall this boardwalk has changed far less than others -- which is all to the good!

One of my earliest memories (probably late 1960s) is of a big haunted house that I think was at the front entrance to Playland on the boardwalk.  If anyone else recalls this, and can let me know when it was built and when it ceased to exist, I sure would appreciate it.

I was very small at the time, too young to go inside, so I can only describe how it looked from the Boardwalk.  My memory is that it was two floors and there was a live actor on the second floor roof/balcony who would taunt people on the boardwalk below.  He was in a gorilla suit.  Part of the audience's walking tour of the haunted house would bring them briefly outside on this upper floor, where the gorilla would jump out to scare them -- to the delight of those watching from the boardwalk below.

I think this attraction was actually two haunted houses in one; a ride through and a walk through.

The coolest thing I remember was an animated display that faced the boardwalk.  There were life-size mechanical figures that acted out a little scene.  A comatose female mannequin was laid out on an operating table, and she was rigged to actually "breath" with her chest rising and falling beneath the sheet that covered her from shoulders down.  A menacing "doctor" in a grim reaper style cloak stood over her with his back to the boardwalk.  There were crackling Jacob's Ladders on either side of the table and sinister music playing.

If you stood watch for a few minutes, the girl on the table would suddenly stop breathing!  The music would pause and the "doctor" would whirl mechanically around to face passers-by on the boardwalk.  This revealed he was some type of ghoulish monster.  He had one arm outstretched with his finger pointing at the boardwalk, and would say: "You're next!" to the crowd.

Then he would turn back to his patient, she would start breathing again, and the cycle would repeat itself.

This would have been seen by me in the summer of either 1968, 1969 or 1970/.  It was definitely gone by the mid 70s.  Does anyone else remember this?

I was just down there a week ago and Playland is much changed.  But on the left wall in the front section (the older section of the park) there is a huge skull head with a hood protruding from the wall.  It is not there for any particular reason that I could see (they no longer have any haunted houses on the boardwalk) and I am wondering if this is a surviving remnant of the big haunted attraction I remember from the 1960s?

thanks, Rick







RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: James Marshall
Date: Jun. 9, 2010

Rick, I started working at playland in 1970 - Both the Ride Through (Devil's Den) and the Walk Thru were there then - I'll see if I can get a date when they were built ... around 1975 the Walk through was totally redone into King Tut's Tomb - including a room with strobe lights and three mummies who walked the halls and "entertained" the crowd outside. While it was under construction there were two of us who would put on a black graduation gowm and a Rat Fink head and carry a sign that said "RIDES INSIDE" on the roof, with doors that led back inside to the "under construction" tomb. We'd take 20 minute shifts. One 4th of July I was taking my turn walking the roof (and trying to avoid the construction materials) and had a bottle rocket launched at me from the beach.  One night one of the mummies was looking for kids that might have hopped over one of the walls in the tomb (they didn't go all the way to the high ceiling. As he landed on the other side of the wall he went right through the floor/ceiling into the Devil's Den, and landed on his feet, amidst a lot of dust and drywall bits.

The Tomb was closed after a fire in another New Jersey walk through. 

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Anonymous
Date: Jun. 12, 2010
Thanks for the info Jim!!
If I could pick everyone's brain a little more about old Boardwalk stuff...here are two other things I was wondering about.
When I was a little kid (late 60s/early 70s) there was a hobby shop somewhere on the Ocean City boardwalk that had a very large-scale model of a steam locomotive on permanent display.  It was on a high shelf in the store, and I remember it looking old and dusty even back then.  It was not for sale but more of a curiosity.  I think it was made of wood painted black to look like metal.  Most likely hand made and one of a kind.  Anyone know what that store was called and where it was located?
I also remember a hobby store having a hand made diorama of a WW II battle scene in the front window.  There were little tanks (which I think were commercially available plastic models) and "scorched grass" on the battlefield.  It was there for years and looked like something someone had put a lot of time into.  Any idea where and when this would have been?
Thanks for listening to me ramble...
- Rick Markham

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: James Marshall
Date: Jun. 12, 2010

I'm not sure about the train - but the battle scene was in the hobby shop where Sunglass Menagerie is now - between 11th and 12th Street on the boardwalk, right next to a miniature golf course. I believe that Mr. Simpson created it.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: James Marshall
Date: Jun. 12, 2010

There was a shop across from the Music Pier (in the early 1960's) that had Hartland Statues of baseball players in the window. They're collectors items now ( but you can find recreations on ebay). My grandfather bought me two as Christmas pressnts, Ted Williams and Mickey Mantle. They're about 8 inches high. I remember seeing a Yogi Berra in the window, and 20 years later bought one at a baseball convention in Atlantic City. Hartland is out of business now. They also made minatures of Football players and cowboys - somewhere in our attic is a Marshall Dillon and The Rifleman.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: anne holford
Date: Jun. 13, 2010

 James and Roderick - Thank you so much for reminding me of the guy up on the second floor scaring the people walking below!! That was great!! I also remember the how the moving cars in the haunted house would 'jerk' around corners and slam thru swinging doors.i wish we could remember more of the "scenes" but i do remember the operating room thing.  it must have really scared you to remember all the details so vividly. don't worry , i was like 5 or 6 and it scared me too!

it wasn't that long ago , but do you remember the guy that would sit outside Giuseppe's on the boardwalk &8th  in September and yell..."THE LAST HURRAH!"

Carole - the mechanical birds tweeting on the birdwalk! - I can hear them so clearly!!! remember the silly Dog Leashes that had an invisible dog. carole, i thought the toys and sundries place at 33rd and Asbury was Lazalere's or something like that...the man that owned it was kinda grouchy and he'd always watch you like you were going to steal something!

it is so fun reading these memories.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: anne holford
Date: Jun. 13, 2010

 On 33rd Street, attached to the Surfers Supply, there used to be a BEAUTIFUL, peaceful little shop called the Scandinavian Shop - it had alot of delicate glass items and modern scandinavian things. it smelled nice.  the garden outside was beautiful.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: James Marshall
Date: Jun. 13, 2010

Those Banging Swinging doors on the Devil's Den were terrific for suspense. Do you remember the ride at Gillian's Fundeck with the "rotating room" ? You'd sit in a swinging ride and the room would rotate around you making you feel like you were upside down -

Remember the "The Bird Cage" - with the psycodelic posters ?


RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: anne holford
Date: Jun. 13, 2010

 i must correct myself - the Scandinavian Shop and Surfers Supply were and are, of course, on 31st, not 33rd.

James - that Rotating room sounds soo familiar. Were there black and white designs on the walls???

remember the "Farmers Rag Exchange" that was back in town and it sold hippy shirts,used overalls and jeans?? my older sisters bought stuff there. i wasn't supposed to stare at the posters for too long...too many drug references...Ha!!!

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Roderick Markham
Date: Jun. 14, 2010

Hi Anne -

Jim thinks that "operating room" scene was not at Playland, but was at another haunted house that was owned by the Gillian's around 8th street.  I sure wish I could find a picture of it!  Since it was an advertisement, right on the boardwalk, I'm sure it was photographed.  I suspect that display has been gone for 40 years now.

The cars that you remember jerking around corners in the Devil's Den make it sound like a Pretzel (that is a brand name) dark ride.  If you google "Pretzel Devil's Den" there are other examples of this ride that survive today, and pictures of some of the scenes.

You mentioned invisible dogs!  Boy that is a whole different Ocean City boardwalk phenomena we have not discussed here yet.  Growing up in the 1970s, I remember each year that I visited the boardwalk a different "fad" would have taken the teenage crowd by storm.  Whatever the fad was that year -- you just HAD to have it, and so many of the boardwalk stores would be carrying the item, with signs like "Yes - we have (insert fad product here) in stock!".  Here are a few of the summer crazes I can remember taking over the Ocean City Boardwalk:

Invisible dogs!  A dog leash and empty harness, with a stiff wire inside to make it look occupied.  I remember crowds of kids walking invisible companions down the boardwalk, and giggles as they intentionally paused their "dog" next to some passerby's leg!

Another summer:  light sticks!  When those glowing chemical light sticks first came out, they were everywhere!   People would walk down the dark boardwalk at night twirling them on strings to make big circular patterns.

Another summer:  click-clacks!  Remember that sound?  Click...click...click...everywhere that summer!  The toy was just two glass balls on a string, and you clicked them together in a big arch with a subtle movement of your wrist.  They came in different colors and every kid had to have them.  The following summer they were made of hard plastic instead of glass -- I guess some had broken, and presented a safety issue.

Another summer:  do you remember when Saturday Night Live was young and cutting-edge, there was a year when at least 15 different varieties of T-shirts that read "Oh No,,,Mr. Bill!" were for sale at various shops along the boardwalk?  I doubt many (any?) were licensed products by NBC.  Mr. Bill, for those who do not remember, was a Gumby-like Claymation character who was always suffering a macabre demise on the late night comedy show.

The last Boardwalk craze I can remember were Batman T-shirts (again, in infinite variety) one summer in the later 1980s, just before the first movie with Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson was released.

I still return to Ocean City each year, but I haven't noticed any boardwalk fads comparable to those from my youth.  I wonder if the fads really went away -- or my adult self is just too out of touch with teen culture to recognize them any more?

- Rick








RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: anne holford
Date: Jun. 14, 2010

 Rick,  the Clackers are still up on the boardwalk in the toy store near Flanders...same sound

remember the "i'm with Stupid....." T shirts  with an arrow pointing .Not too nice!

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Bill Dee
Date: Jun. 27, 2010

 John, I remember the College Grill vividly. Mostly I remember that the servers were all very good looking young girls, There were photos  on the walls of the owner and the staff  for each summer, almost like yearbooks.  I remember the Cyrkle's "Red Rubber Ball" and Dusty Springfield's "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me" playing over and over on the juke box. The interior was all brick and large windows always open, no air conditioning. Colleges were represented by pennants bearing school names  posted all over the walls. Good steaks, burgers and shakes, I haven't been to Ocean City since the 80's and The College Grill was gone then. At least the Chatter Box is still there.



RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Jim
Date: Jul. 9, 2010

I recall the summer of 1958 or 1959 that the Chatterbox had an artist in residence who painted scenes that were very Ocean City identifyable on the round mirrors on the walls around the room.  Does anyone else remember this?

Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Tom Hybiske
Date: Jul. 20, 2010

To answer Rick Markham's question regarding the hobby shop: It was up around 11th street.  The store was unique in that the window was angled to the north slightly.  A couple time each summer, my cousin and I would save our money and walk up from St, Charles Place to purchase a model to have something to do on those long summer days.

The Mystery Room, was the name of the rotating room.  It was added in the late 60's on Gillian's Fun Deck.  Riders sat on two suspended benches facing each other.  The dimly lit room was decorated like a living room.  The romm would start to rotate around and the benches would rock slightly in the other direction to really throw your eqilibrium off.  I remember taking my girlfriend (now wife) many times on the ride.

The boardwalk in the 60's had its fads too.  Did anyone wear a "69" T-shirt?  Slang known only to a teenager back then.  There were also "Ball and Chain" T's, and my favorite, the "Feet Pointing Up" shirt for girls, and the Feet Point Down T's for the guys.

In the mid-60's when surfing hit the shore, tiki necklaces where very big, as were bongo-drums.

I can't forget Bert's Beach supplies.  The place that had the best rafts anywhere.  I'd beg my mother to rent one for me.  They were infflated so hard that you could stand up on them.  She eventually surprised me and bought one for me.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Chris
Date: Jul. 24, 2010

Does anyone remember the name of the resturaunt that was on the bay at second street in the late 50's?

Also I always wondered what ever happened to all of Chris' boats.


RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: James Marshall
Date: Jul. 24, 2010

I'm told that the name of the restaurant at Second Street on the bay was called Anchorage Point, and was run by Pete Graham and his mother.

I'm checking on where Chris's boats went - I hope to have an answer soon ...  Jim


RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: maria
Date: Jul. 24, 2010

Does anyone remember an old hotel called the "Crosswinds". I think it was on 3rd. I can't find anything on it but still have a postcard in an old photo album. We stayed there for years....

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories/Sims Restaurant

Posted by: MarieMichele
Date: Jul. 26, 2010

Does anyone know of what became of the Sims' or Townsend families who owned Sim's restaurant on the boardwalk?



RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Tom Hybiske
Date: Jul. 28, 2010

The name of the restaurant at 2nd and the bay was called Anchor 'N Point.  I wasn't sure if I remembered it right or not, but I checked an old copy of the Ocean City Sentinel and quickly found an ad for it.  It was a favorite eating place of my grandparents, and I remember going there with them often.  The dining area featured a large screened room which overlooked the docks and water.  Off to the side was a gift shop, and after dinner I'd follow my mother or grandmother over to the store.  Afterwards, we'd alway walk out to the dock and check out the boats and bay.  Anchor 'N Point also had a small fleet of garveys, flat bottom boats you could rent to take out in the bay for fishing.  My grandmother, grandfather and I would get up early on a Saturday morning, and rent a garvey for a few hours, and come home with a bunch of flounder and fry it up for breakfast with scrambled eggs.  There was great sorrow in our family when Anchor N' Point was sold and torn down to make way for the condo that stands there today.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Kevin Garvin
Date: Jul. 28, 2010

Just found this site, wow how great to read all the old OC stuff. I'm planning a trip in two weeks ( I currently live in Dallas Texas ) and was looking for Voltaco's phone number to call ahead for pickup while I'm there. I'm hoping the food is as good as I remember. Calling ahead I believe will be a good idea?! I'm an ex- Watson's Restaurant guy, early to mid 70's. Crazy thing is I'm still in the restaurant business. I use to run out the side door at Watson's to see how long the customer line was for waiting for dinner and then come back to the kitchen a cook as many lbs of veggies as needed to get through the night. One night we did 2400+! still keeping in touch with some of the old crew. Happy Summer to all. hey what about mass at the old Christian Brother's place? Is that still there?

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Scott Behler
Date: Aug. 8, 2010

I just got back from OC, and took my daughter to the rides at Playland. The skull that used to be at the entrance for King Tuts Tomb walkthru is still there, but now replaced by a shooting gallery. When I was a little kid in the mid 70's, those guys that dressed up like mummies for that used to freak me out sooo bad! I remember them on the roof of the building taunting passers by. I would "dare" myself to see them every time I was on the boardwalk at night. I tried telling my 12 year old about it, but she just doesn't understand how scary and fun that was for me! Does anyone have any pictures of them, or know where to find some?

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Joel Lebo
Date: Aug. 15, 2010

I have very fond memories of Ocean City from when I was a child as it was our yearly vacation stop, and I now am creating memories for my 3 sons.  We love Mac 'n Manco's, Brown's, Voltaco's and have a great time on the beach and boardwalk.  One thing I really miss are the mini golf courses that were there when I was growing up.  Does anyone have pictures of the old Fairytale, Ocean City, South Seas, or Oriental courses?  The course these days are nice, but just don't compare to the classic courses that were there until the 80's.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Bill Brumage - West Virginia
Date: Aug. 16, 2010

     Rode a bus from West Va. to Philley, had to transfer from Greyhound to a Trailways to get to the 9th St. bus station in OC.  I had just graduated HS, I was17,and I had no job.  Came with my brother who had worked at M & Manco the year before.  Mr. Tony Mack said "I don't hire brothers, if one quits, I lose two workers."  It made some sense.  Tried for almost a week to find work.  No luck.  Free pizza kept me fed.  Atfer a week I went back and literally begged for a job.  If I could find work I'd be West Va. bound.  Tony said "ok we'll see how you do". 

     THANK GOD!  I waited tables for the first summer ('64) I was a terrible waiter; but really wanted to be a "piemaker", that was the glory job.  I came between and after shifts to learn to make pizzas.  I was taught by Bob Becker, from Penn State.  At first I did the menial things - grate cheese, make sauce, and watch the ovens.  I did, however, persevere and became proficient.  My second year ('65) with Becker leaving and Bob Crist as the main piemaker, I moved into the #2 position. In '66 I was the main piemaker at the 7th St. Mack and Manco's.  For five more years I worked mostly at the 7th St. stand. 

     Mrs. Kay Manco was my immediate boss.  She, her husband Frank, Mrs. Mary Manco (Frank's mother) and Tony were like family for a kid out of West Va.  They were the greatest people to work for. 

    I graduated college taught English for three years in Maryland. but I still worked for a  total of eight summers.  If it were year-round work it is  like now, I would have never left.  What fun, what memories!!

     Days on the boardwalk and nights at Bayshores and the Mug.  It was too good to last.  As they say all good things must end.  I later married a West Va. girl, moved from Maryland to West Va., taught 35 years and am now sitting here writing about the good old .....

    Anyone who work between the summers of '64 - '71 I'd love to hear from you.


RE: Ocean City, NJ South End Memories

Posted by: Ken Alan
Date: Aug. 25, 2010

In 1979 I was fifteen and enjoyed my first summer with a beautiful girl who invited me down the shore with her family. Theirs was the first you'd come to (on the left) on the Ocean Drive when heading north from Strathmere, a 3-house bungalo at the edge of the wetlands.

Memories back then include: Iggy's cafe at 56th btwn Central & Asbury; The grand opening of A La Mode Ice Cream;  The Pizza Box at 55th & West, which later became a Wawa - the only Wawa I know of, to be torn down to make way for a residence; old pilings sticking out of the sand at 56th Street; "getting lost" with her in Corson's Inlet State Park; a long-gone tiny pier behind her home in those wetlands...

The Bird Cage - a tee shirt shop on the boardwalk at 5th Street and across from it, there were always religious folks standing there with signs about Salvation; her dad taking me to Watson's (circa 1980) and thinking $18.95 for scallops was the most expensive meal in the world...

Senior Week (1981) and staying at Mario's Hall across from The Tahiti at 12th & Ocean; having a friend who was one of the Mummy's at King Tut's Tomb and him telling me about all the guys who would punch him nightly to "protect their girlfriends";

The Exxon station at 34th & Central where there was a jacked-up Stingray parked - one with massive TRUCK TIRES! 

Remnants of an old boardwalk between 58th & 59th; Being able to see the ocean from her dad's (new) house across the street from the beach at 56th & Central when he bought it in '82 -

Now, I'm at that same house with her at this moment - she became my wife in '89 and our kids and my inlaws here, too. The surft can be heard but the houses are too tall to see it.

The South End is still the "quiet end" though not as quiet as I remember it.

I miss those days, especially the burgers from Iggy's!

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: KPollison
Date: Sep. 2, 2010


My parents first took my younger brother and me down to OC in the summer of ‘67 for an overnighter . I was 7 and he was 4. My Dad worked in education and had a friend who owned a summer home (The Bayberry Apartments #724) on Plymouth Place. The house is still there but the bayberry tree in front of it that we used as a reference point is not. We returned for a week in the summer of “68 and thus began a yearly tradition of a week or sometimes 2 in OC. I can remember my Dad taking me up to the boardwalk when we got there and walking me to a certain point/store and saying “You can go this far”. Each year as I got older that point got farther and farther from the apartment until finally I had the run of the place in my early teens.
I have some silent super8 movies that I converted to DVD that shows the boardwalk in 68/69. We were right down the street from Gillian’s Fun Deck (now the water park). The movies show us riding bikes (rented from Hanson’s) that is still there on the corner of  8th and Atlantic but now called Ocean City Bicycle Center. The Walk Thru Space/Mirrored Maze that was right in front of the Fun Deck entrance and the Music Pier.
I remember playing under the boardwalk and the music pier for hours while at the beach. The Fun Deck was regular boardwalk so we had fun going under the Carousel and finding the metal rings that feel through the cracks. One summer I had a whole bucket of them collected. The teenagers and early 20somethings used to sleep overnight on the beach and there was a “sea of kids in sleeping bags” each morning when we went out for our bike ride.
I remember being able to see the “Simms” red neon sign for their seafood restaurant on the boardwalk from my bedroom window and hearing the sounds from Gillian’s as I drifted off to sleep. Later they added some of the other attractions that are no longer there. There was two giant slides added (one of which would have been where the food court is now along with that weird “Mystery Ride” which I thought was very cool.
I remember going down at some point and seeing that the Village Theater had burned down along with a few of the retail shops on the boardwalk nearby. Through the 70s many of the older building in that area of Plymouth Place were torn down and new hotels/condos were built. When my Dad’s friend sold the house we began staying in some of those places. I remember watching the ’76 Olympics while in OC.
Places that have come and gone that I remember were The Bird Cage where you could buy cool bootleg LPs of concerts. I still have one for The Grateful Dead.
Irene’s (which was a typical 5 and 10 type shop on the Boards.) I have a scrap book that contains a bumper sticker they gave out one summer. Says something like “I got what I wanted at Irene’s”
I also have unused tickets from Gillian’s Fun Deck.
Also gone is the big bath house across from the Music Pier
I remember the Sting Ray hotel that is still there but is now called something different.
I remember riding my bike around the large swimming pool in front of the Flanders and then when it was torn down it became a big empty sandy lot until all the retail and expanded Playland was built.
Morrow’s Nut house is gone, but George’s is still down by Wonderland
Litterer’s is still there but I remember when it was just a juice stand that you pulled your bike up to buy fresh orange juice.
The last movie I saw in the Surf Theater was “The Last Waltz” in the summer of ’78. I had just graduated from HS up in Sparta, NJ and was heading off to college. Also saw “Sgt. Pepper’s” (YUCK) that summer at the Moorlyn. In fact, I remember when all four theaters, Surf, Strand, Village and Moorlyn were only one screen each.
In the late 60’s and early 70’s there were not many trash bins on the boardwalk so I remember each morning while riding bikes that there were be workers with big industrial vacuum cleaners walking up the boards sucking up all the litter from the night before.
Of course I remember Watson’s and Hogate’s but our favorite off boardwalk place is still there.  “Luigi’s is a welcome site each time we return and has become one of my kids favorite place second only to the “Chatterbox”.
My Mom would take us to Stainton’s department store when she wanted to walk around the “downtown” section of OC. Of course each summer brought a new fad(s), invisible dogs, pet rocks, “Who shot JR” t-shirts, pogs, Click-clacks (believe it or not they are back this summer.)
I am now 50 and my wife and I have been going pretty regularly to OC for the past 20 years. Sometimes for a day, sometimes for a long weekend or a week. Our two daughters have had many great experiences down there. My oldest who is a sophomore at TCNJ even took 5 of her friends down there this summer for a vacation. They all had a great time and vowed to return regularly. Maybe 10 – 20 years from now they will each have stories about OC that they post on some future blog talking about the great old days of OC in 2010. It truly is “America’s Greatest Family Resort”

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Bob Bernstein
Date: Sep. 3, 2010

 I loved Ocean City for years.  My folks had been going there all their lives for summer vacations, and my Grandparents too.

We always rented a place on the north end, around 40th street and Central Ave.  Sometimes 42nd and Central.  Each year we would have at least one evening drive that included ice cream cones at the little shop at 55th and Central.  Then we'd ride around OC, sometimes we'd take the causeway down to avalon....and further.

Each year my grandparents on my mom's side would stay at the Flanders.  Dinner there was one of the annual events.  I remember dozens of pools, but most folks there seemed to old to swim.  

We'd also always have dinner at Hogates, I loved to watch the 9th st draw bridge open.  Some years my dad would take me fishing on Chris' fishing excursions.   Strong memories of looking UP at the 9th st brdge as Chrs' boat went under.  Once we got to ride the old ww2 pt boat from Chris'.

My mom loved to buy us lunch at a 10th st store where you got cherrystone clams on the half shell.  They were raw.  She loved them so much that I pretended to enjoy them also (age 10 or so...circa 1965).  I've never eaten a raw clam since!

Anyone remember the masts of the "Lydia"?  A sailing ship that ran aground sometime like the 30s or so......I think it was around 12th st.  We'd always check on it, as the ship disappreared more and more over the years.  It was completely gone by the time I was in high school.

And here's one.....north of 42nd st beach...maybe around 50th or so, there used to be (1963 to 1975) the ruins of buildings that at one time had existed on the beach.  As thought there had been an entire block east of Central Ave at one time.  I imagined they were destroyed in a storm, but I never found out the story.

Went crabbing once at Corson's inlet.....we actually caught one and I was too scared of it to pick it up.  I think I kicked it back into the Ocean!  


Very fond memories.....loved the stories above. 



RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Bob Bernstein
Date: Sep. 3, 2010

Update....I should have googled the sailing ship first prior to ambling down memory lane.

The sailing ship I remembered wasn't the Lydia, it was the Sindia, ran aground in 1901.



RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Christine Gomberg
Date: Sep. 8, 2010

  Finally!  A place that I can share my favorite OC memories  (an not those of the past 10 years!)  I remember it all!  I share your love of:


- walking my Nana up to the Music Pier to see Tommy Perkins.  She LOVED him.  

-  absolutely the horror ride with the female patient, psycho doctor and the Jacobs' Ladders.  It was the highlight of my trip!   Also the room that had the large "cradle" you would sit in while the room spinned around you.

- OJ at Litterers

- Penny Candy at Lazarleres when it was down around 3rd street.  Back when the boardwalk did not connect to Oves.  It jutted out in front of Lazarleres and you would get splashed on from under the boardwalk.    I can still recall the smell of the old wood in the store and the sound of the screen door slapping shut.  

- Icecream at Roberts!  Especially scoring the large round table in the front corner with the open windows.  Eating a dusty roads sundae while watching the ferris wheel next door.   It broke my heart when Roberts became Guiseppes.  

- playing games at the arcade next to the Taylor Pork Roll stand. 

- Irene's store across from the music pier.  It had EVERYTHING!

- Store rows blocked off by string and tarps over shelves that you could not buy from on Sundays due to the blue laws.

- Seeing Jaws and That's Entertainment at the movie theaters on rainy days.

- Walking under the boardwalk by Wonderland and in the water before the beach was expanded.

- being able to walk out and hang out on the rock jetties.

- stopping to point at the Kelly residence.

- the pools at the Flanders.  How I always wished I could go in as well.

- the animated display at Fudgie's shop

- eating at Roy Rogers on the boardwalk

- the purple pussycat hotel on 5th across from the new high school.

- Glenn toys!!!!  Nothing compares to it. 

- Joel & Tom I remember all of those golf courses!  I only wish we still had pictures.  

- Spending what little pocket money I had buying a necklace for my mom at Thomas Jewelers.

- still being able to see the remains of the Sindia from the boardwalk

- Waking up to "Get your Philadelphia morning Innnnnnnnquirer" on Sunday mornings.

Thanks for posting your memories.  It sure brought back a smile to my face.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Nikki
Date: Oct. 12, 2010

I have enjoyed reading all of your memories.  My mother's family settled in Atlantic City in the late 1890's.  My grandmother was born in 1910 and my aunt and mom were born in 1946 and 1950, respectively.  My mother always proudly boasts how she is a second-generation boardwalk baby!  In fact, one of my grandmother's siblings was born prematurely (around 1900) and it has been told in my family that he was put in my great-grandparents' storefront in an "incubator" as a way to keep him warm and attract patrons to the store.

Anyway, my mom's family owned a drugstore on the Boardwalk for over 20 years.  They were snowbirds for many years and moved down to Florida permanently in 1955.  My mom cannot remember the name of the store, only that it was located in between a store called Mike's and the Mary Hoyer doll shop.  Does anyone have more information about this part of the Boardwalk in the 1950's?  Maybe even a picture???  I am planning a surprise birthday party for my mom and I'd love to include something from PopPop's store or the surrounding area.  It would make my mom so happy!

To add a memory or two......

I remember going to visit our cousins when I was about 3 or so (1979 or 1980).  We stopped at the Mr. Peanut store and my aunt got me a lollipop.  There was a Mr. Peanut character standing out front giving them away.  My aunt and I went to the beach and I ate my lollipop until I accidentally put it in the sand! 

I loved the Boardwalk and even though I have only been there a few times in my life, I feel like I have been there much more after hearing my family talk about it for all of these years.  In fact, when I went back there when I was about 12 I cried when I saw the Boardwalk...it wasn't anything like what I remembered.  So many casinos and hotels!

If anyone has ANYTHING that they can tell me/give me/sell me/share with me about the location and era I am inquiring about, PLEASE email me at nmabfe (at) aol.com.  


Boynton Beach, FL   

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Tom Harley
Date: Oct. 18, 2010

The first event in my life that is etched in my memory happened at Ocean City in the early 1930's. I don’t know just how old I was, but I was young enough that I was in a stroller when my parents took me for a walk on the boardwalk in the evenings. This particular night, there was a major windstorm with very rough seas: it may have been a hurricane, although it had not yet started to rain. There was a wooden fishing pier that extended into the ocean from the boardwalk between 3rd and 4th Streets (as best I can remember). I was in my stroller as we watched to pier start to sway, and then fall apart, from the wind and the waves. My mother was afraid that the boardwalk was going to collapse, so I didn’t get to watch the whole event, as she rushed me back to the apartment.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Emily Ortiz Getman
Date: Oct. 30, 2010

 I owned the Green Tree Guest House behind the Chatterbox on Central Ave in the 70's.  My third floor was reserved for college girls that came to OC to work  for the season.  Such fun and good memories.  I would love to hear from any of my former tenants.  Especially Donna Oliva who went to Kings College. OC had a great business community.  I was secretary of the OC Guest and Apt. House Association for awhile.  I also worked for Bruce Miley Realty at the Garden Plaza in the winter months with Ms. Rhoda Brown and a gentleman who was a former opera singer.  I cannot recall his name.  A great town!

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Kathy
Date: Jan. 5, 2011

Does any one remember The Strand Hotel on the corner of 9th and Wesley? My family used to stay there in the early 60's. Ocean Ciyt is my most favorite city. Love Mack n' Mancos!  I am trying to locate information on the Strand. When it was built, when it was demolished...things like that...can any one help?

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Kate Rothwell
Date: Jan. 5, 2011

No one has mentioned Jernee(sp) Manor at 36th and the beach. It was once a lifeguard station. My family rented there for many years. He also had Shoobie accomodations. It made for an unusual mix. Captain Jernee was a cranky old salt. He ran the place with an iron fist. His home was full of old memorabilia and of course that wonderful musty smell associated with old seashore. His wife was much nicer. She bore the wrinkles of  many years in the sun, and years of' 'CapJack. If it rained, we were invited to watch the one fuzzy TV station they recieved. I remember watching "Barefoot in the Park" with her. These were the greatest of times. 

We used to get cheeseburgers at a great little stand at 34th and the beach. I remember one year driving all the way from Philadelphia just to get burgers and then turn around and go home again. I think I had a tiger tail hanging from my gas tank at the time. Pete Jumps made great Hoagies too. Does anyone remember Dots Doughnuts? There were no better. The line on Sunday was always around the block. .

My parents would always stop at Maners right before the 9th street bridge for "lunch" We, My brother Myles and I, could smell, see the bay and even put our feet in the water. It would kill us that another hour would pass before we could actually see the ocean.

We too spent lots of time on the boardwalk. I remember having to dress up on the weekends. Those dresses sure seemed sharp with a sunburn. Sea and Ski just didn't make it in those days. My father who always said he never burned usually looked like a ripe tomato. My fair skinned brother always had a tee shirt tan. I don't know if he was ever allowed to remove the shirt.

Bird kites, box kites and a new "pinkie" for beach handball. Those were the days when you didn't need a beach badge to enjoy the beach. Waiting twice a day for the Flying Saucer to whiz by. falling asleep on one of those wonderful canvas rafts. Hearing the constant whistle of the lifeguard telling you you have gone to far. Moving your blanket and umbrella multiple times to stay dry. Chasing a windblown umbrella down the beach. Hoping yours was not the one to put someone's eye out.

Just the thought that your time at the shore was coming up was enough to make summer the best of all times. I loved Ocean City and do til this very day. I now live at the pacific Ocean. There are no green flies or back bay breezes. The very blue water is always cold. Yes, it is gorgeous. but my memories of OC are always brighter.

Thanks for listening.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: JOSEPH HEPP
Date: Jan. 12, 2011

Who can forget to 60's and 70's in Ocean City










RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Dixie 16
Date: Jan. 23, 2011

 Ah!!!!  The early 60's~!

14th St. beach......College Grill ( does anyone remember 'Jiggs' and his bevy of BeachBunnies???)

Holiday House @ 14th & Asbury:  'Mother' Jennings and her radar eyes and ears.....friends: Jay S. and Bert, Jimmy H., Joe G., Linda C., Jimmy H., Fr. Reilly,, Ken S. (aka 'Date'). just to name a few.....ARE ANY OF YOU OUT THERE???? LEMME KNOW!

fried shrimp from Voltaco's, or downstairs to 'Helen's' ,to start the evening ~

then, Gregory's (still there!), Tony Mart's, Bay Shores, the Dunes, ,,,,,

(submarine races to break the monotony.......hee! hee! )

...Chatterbox or the Point DIner for breakfast.......back to HH for a bit of rest and then start all over again!

But, always, church on Sundays!~

Oh, and BTW, I'm the 'Love of BeeryBill's Life' - posted above ( 7-29-09)....

We're both still 19 yrs. old! :-)

Wonderful days.....just wonderful!!!



RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Dixie 16
Date: Jan. 23, 2011

 Ahhh!  The early 60's!!!

14th St. Beach and friends:  Joe G., Ken S. (aka 'Date'), Linda C., Jay S. and Bert, Jimmy H., Fr. Reilly, to name a few......Hey! Are any of you out there??? If so, please respond! 

College Grill (next door to Bob's)  - does anyone remember 'Jiggs' and his bevy of beachbunnies??

A day sometimes went like this:  Breakfast at Bob's...


Burger lunch at Bob's...


Shrimp from Voltaco's or something quick on the boards or at Helen's downstairs from HH where we all stayed (14th and Asbury ),.......or, maybe, Gregory's in Somers Point for steamers and drafts....

Tony Mart's, Bay Shores, the Dunes, .......

(submarine races for some... rest....)

Chatterbox or Point Diner for breakfast.......

HH for some shut-eye (if we could sneak in w/o Mrs. Jennings catching us........)

ALWAYS church on Sundays....though sometimes, reluctantly.......


and, BTW... I'm the 'love of BeeryBill's life' posted above on July 29, 2009.

(...We are both still 19 years old........)



RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Pierre Lussier
Date: Mar. 7, 2011

I just wrote in french I'm sorry.. I went with my pareents to OC from 1961-1980. Went a few time since with my family. Wonderful memories. I love that place.In the 60's my father and I where taking breakfast on the boardwalk at I think Million Dollards Pancakes. If somebody remember where it was located ? And I was all the time at a little toys shop selling soldiers just beside the Galleon golf. I remember in front of the store they ad soldiers US army against German. His theres somebody remember ?   Ocean City 4 Ever

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: ralph
Date: Mar. 8, 2011

i just read all the memmories on this site what a place to be to remmber im 47 years old lived in rockaway nj all my life still there and just discoverd the shore in 2007 was dateing a girl and i told here i never seen the ocean in convertion so one morning we wake up and she says we are going for a ride well to make it short i found us going over a bridge and i said wow that sky looks diffrent she smiled and told me it was the ocean at the time it was the old sandyhook bridge ill never forget that but since that day we went to seaside for a week wildwood and capemay as well as day trips to oc and pt plesent  it amazes me how diffrent the memmories from the shore are i remmber them like it was yesterday i herd a man say once when i was there that people dont get old at the shore .the memmories the sounds the smells and the best of all thing is the ocean and the bay the sunsets the moon lite beach with so many stars the early morning sunrises etc etc im sure you all now what im saying this girl and i departed in sept 2010 but she showed me something in my life that i will never forget i even find it hard going there with out her but i do alone sometimes looking for a glance or a shadow of her and i there everytime i go there i feel i left a part of me there now i cant stop going to the shore no matter what time of year or wether if i have the time i go this site lets me exspress my self because im sure you all understand what im talking about not like when i try to explain it to a co worker or someone elss and they look at me like im nuts im going to visit here a lot and keep reading all the memmories that people have made at the shore Ralph

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Anonymous
Date: Apr. 12, 2011

 Fun reading all the memories...spent many a weekend and one particular summer in Ocean City..took the bus in from Philly with my girlfriends and spent many weekends staying in cheap boarding houses, etc.  We were the "shoebees" who tried so hard not to be!!  Ha ha.  Loved the dances, had lots of fun...got arrested for fake ID at Tony Marts (friends bailed me out) Shore cops.  

Worked briefly at the College Grill, then at the Yacht Club......Last time in OC....circa 1964..  

Someone mantioned the Bird Cage Shop with all the psycodelic posters on the boardwalk....Does anyone know or remember Danny Davis, the guy who owned it??

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Connie Durvin
Date: Apr. 12, 2011

 Just want to know if anyone knows or remembers Danny Davis, who owned the Bird Cage Shop...the one with all the psychodelic posters. and other novelties.  Would love to hear from or about Danny.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Tom Donson
Date: Apr. 18, 2011

I remember going to Ocean City as far back as the mid 50's. This has been a delghtful page to review. We used to go there for one week every summer. Stayed at the south end in a cottage near 32nd Street. Walked to Campbells seafood most nights for take out. I remember Dot's bakery, and riding my bike to the boardwalk in the mornings. Anyone remember the Hen-House Diner? We used to go to the First Baptist Church that 1st Sunday we were on vacation. Always went to Watson's after service. Rember the Birthday cake in the entrence way? If it had your name on it, you would win the cake. Grandma would"walk the boards", or so she called it. I remember Litterer's OJ; best I ever had. I remember the stickey buns from Chris' restaurant too. I have a lot of fond memories of OC. Gosh, haven't been back there since I joined the Navy way back in 1970.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Stan
Date: Apr. 26, 2011

I remember Hogates because at about age 10 my grandmother and I were fising off of the causway.  She got a fish hook through her finger.  Now what do you do?  the owner of Hogates was a doctor who happened to be her second cousin -unbeknownst to me- so we went to the restaurant, to his business office and he removed it right there by cutting the barb off and pulling it through.

We spent the last week of summer before school at OC for many years on a little back inlet just inland from Chris's.  An old and small house obviously a fishermans place in the past.         It had an old leaky row boat that I paddle around in this inlet off the Bay. 

At times I could not afford much food when as a teen and I drove buddies to OC.  So we would get a $1 flounder dinner on the outside deck of Chris's reastaurant and eat it on the open air deck.

My best memories came from the year after graduation.  Halfway through the summer a job I worked at Philadelphia Electric in Eddystone ended.  I told my mother I was headed for Ocean City to get a job.  she was very sceptical.  I went to the state employment office and had a choice of several jobs immediately.  What I knew was that kids who had started at the beginning of the season were now leaving by the beginning of August.  Bingo, I was a dishwasher at Sym's.  We got to eat all of the cinnamom buns(sticky buns)  that did not sell or got damaged a bit.  I live out West and have never adjusted to cinnamon rolls.  They just do not cut it.

I tried hard but I never made a connection with a "girl" in OC.  A couple of one night "walk the boards" with a young lady I met on the boards.  No hand holding and no peck on the cheek as I remember it. 

I vividly remember the music pier where my grandmother and mother hung out at times, but only on Sundays when it was church music and I think a Baptist service in the evening.

 Finally, Mack and Manco had there first shop three blocks from my Elementary/ JR school in Audubon, NJ on Kingshighway.  That is where I got my first cheesesteak, pizza and enter Yo-yo contests after school.



RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: ladders
Date: Jun. 6, 2011

Did you know that the land the city was built on, as well as much of the surrounding area, was once owned by Englishman Thomas Fenwick. Fact.





RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Bill
Date: Jun. 7, 2011

Anyone know where the Hope Chest was?  A gift shop.  I dated a girls who worked there Summer of 1958.  Very close to, perhaps opposite, Music Pier.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Street Dance
Date: Jun. 9, 2011

Hi,  I was wondering if anyone has any movies of Chris's speed boat  "the Flying Saucer". The above contents are very impressive, and I genuinely enjoyed reading your weblog.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Mark Dickinson
Date: Jun. 9, 2011

Does anyone else remember haunted house attraction on the boardwawlk? They had a realy scarey display out front as you waited in line... it looked like Frankenstein's laboratory, complete with animated screaming woman on a gurney and one of those rabbit ear looking things with the spark crossing the gap like you see in the old horror movies.

They also had a room with a huge cradle inside, with room for 3-4 people to sit on each side. You got in, they closed the door to the room from the outside, and the cradle would start to slowly rock back and forth. More and more, and eventually it turned completely upside down! Or so the illusion was to make you think. I found out at 8 it was reeally the room turning around the huge cradle. I had left a penny on the table as I walked in. So, when I heard the penny bouncing around the room, I knew what was going on. It was still cool though.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Mark Dickinson
Date: Jun. 9, 2011

BTW, the above was back in the mid 70's.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Ron Kish
Date: Jun. 22, 2011

I worked at Simms resturant in the summer of 63...The gleaming hardwood floors and the ceiling fans...I was a baker's helper and one day I never forget..We had a very portly head baker and he was never without a cigar butt in his mouth. Except for the day when the head waiter carried back a dish of rice pudding with the butt sticking out like some obscene gesture...The bakers were great crew ... one of the guys loved the ponies and went to the races as often as they could. Another was a guy named Joe who said he was a sax player. I kind of disbelieved him until one night I went with him to Tony Mart's  and he got up on stage...man could Joe play. Saw the Isley's brother's at Bay Shores...Simms was a great place to work..Employees were housed in Simms buildings. My room was a converted summer porch and you could smell the ocean... How aboout the ice cream store..dated one of the waitresses...loved the lingo...stretch a monster...another girl I knew wanted to be a singer and Tony Mart let her sing I left my Heart in San Francisco...Is l OC still dry?

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: janiej
Date: Jun. 22, 2011

If anyone has anymore info about the Little Piggies game we would like to know...

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Sandy Graham
Date: Jul. 6, 2011


What a wonderful site. I remember most of what was said above. The boardwalk, the restaurants, the magic-carpet, Chris’s boats, all four movie theaters, ice deliveries, my first pizza, the Flanders, the Copper Kettle…WOW.
The earliest memory of my life is V-J Day in OC. Red, white and blue crape paper interwoven in the spokes of my tricycle – sirens blaring, horns honking and fireworks! My family used to rent a second floor apt. at 49th and Central for the month of August ever year. My dad use to commute by train every day for the first two weeks. I remember picking him up at the station (55th St?) every evening about 7 PM. You could see the smoke from the engine (PRR E-6 #460) across the marshes for miles. Then we’d rush to the beach for dad’s evening swim – I wish I had a picture of him in his tank-top bathing suit.
I remember crabbing. You rented a small boat, used fish heads as bait on a hand line and put the catch in a peach basket. The best spot was around the railroad swing bridge before Corsons Inlet. Prizes were for the most caught in total and the most caught on a single pull. Dad had a great recipe for steaming crab (beer, mustard & Wyler’s) it was so hot you had to rub your lips with lemon before eating, I wish I had the recipe. One year a crab got away before hitting the pot and crawled under the drain pipe – oh what a stink! Dad died when I was 7 but mom continued to rent a place in OC during the 50’s and 60’s. The last time I was in OC was 1997, much had changed but there was enough still there to bring back many of the great memories. I live by Lake Wallenpaupack PA now but still think of revisiting OC.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: John Dix
Date: Jul. 10, 2011

I started going to Ocean City in the mid-1960s.  First we would spend three days in the top floor of "Burrell's" on Morningside...eventually we were able to stay on the main floor for a week.  Thank you Dad!  We loved North Street beach and the boardwalk.  Dinners from "Plantation Kitchen"...one dinner out each vacation, usually at Mac's in Somers Point...once or twice at Chris' on 9th Street...1/2 day fishing trips...long lines to eat at Watson's ("nobody eats there - "too crowded).  Gillian's Wonderland and the batting cages in the back...As I grew up I still went back as often as I could.  Senior Week June 1977 was AWESOME!  I never slept!  Mother's OPENED at 12:30 a.m.!  The Gateway Motel when funds were limited...The Chatterbox at least one breakfast every time - always great!  Too many memories to mention - we are going to make more August 7-10, 2011.  Love this site, love the memories, I am a nostalgic fool! 

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Dave D
Date: Jul. 28, 2011

My memories are mostly from the early 70's.I was born in the mid 60's.My family mostly frequented the 34 st. beach.I remember the grill that faced the beach,the public showers,eating at Watson's later that night then to the boardwalk.I'll never forget hearing David Bowie's,"Fame",blaring from the t-shirt vendors stereo's on the boardwalk.We enjoyed a great meal at Simm's one night.I'll never forget that it was a time capsule even in 1979 with all of the antiques displayed in there.Of course Watson's was my favorite.At the tender age of 11 I loved the short dresses the waitresses wore,LOL.The food was great as well.A restaurant that seems to capture that old vibe is the Sindia on Plymouth that I go to once in awhile.I remember the water coming under the boardwalk as well,especially up by 7th street.Nowdays,as I live only an hour away,I see Ocean City quite a bit and hate the progress that has killed the innocence the city had.It's still a great place to take a family though!Peace all.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Isabel
Date: Jul. 29, 2011

I lived in ocean city, New Jersey for ten summers and used to go to a hairdresser there. The shop was Isabel. We were good friends. She was from Holland. I was wondering if anyone else remembers Isabel from her shop. She was near Northbeach in the 1960 and 1970's 

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Nan M
Date: Aug. 22, 2011

Re Carole's, June 5, 2010, comment:  I lived in 1950s near 32nd and Central.  I remember Pete Jump's, and Jules Market.  Enjoyed hearing the bells ring at the summer chapel.  I remember a shooting gallery on the boardwalk in early '50s and next door where you could throw a ball at a target and if you hit it, a live pig would come down a chute.  I'm told it burned down.  I remember Stan Hurst had a hat stand in front of Gillian's Fun Deck, and he later had Hurst Travel Agency.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Jim M
Date: Aug. 22, 2011

I remember the shooting gallery well. It was a mandatory stop whenever we'd go to the boards as a family.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Terry Nagle
Date: Aug. 22, 2011

One of my greatest memories of Ocean City was coming home from the beach and getting take-out  from Cambell's Seafood.  I loved their deviled clams but simply went nuts over their crab imperial.  Does anybody have the recipes for either of these?  I would be very appreciative as I have never eaten anything quite as good and only wish that Cambell's would have published a cookbook before they closed.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Terry Nagle
Date: Aug. 22, 2011

Does anyone remember Hickman's Seafood on Asbury or Boyer's Grocery also on Asbury?  How about Mrs. May's bait and tackle shop at 11th and the Bay?  Or, the fishing pier that jutted out into the ocean at about 59th St.?  Taylor porkroll on the Boardwalk and toasted ciinamon rolls from Bob's.  Great memories of great times.  Thanks for sharing.


RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Anonymous
Date: Aug. 23, 2011

Boyar's Market is still there, but now fancy. I lived in an aprtment over Boyar's one summer when I worked at the College Grill, way back in the '60s. Best summer of my life.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Anonymous
Date: Aug. 23, 2011

I have lots of memories of Ocean City from the time I was little, spending the first week after school let out there in rooming houses on 5th St., working at the College Grill and taking my own family for many years.

I worked at the College Grill in the mid-'60s and have many crazy memories. The owners (or maybe they were the managers) were Bill and Barbara and they were not always the nicest people. They had an apartment right behind the Grill. It was fun to work there because all the lifeguards hung out there and a lot of kids were there all the time, too. If you were a waitress at the College Grill you were considered among the elite OC women.

Can't remember too many names now but I remember another waitress who was a brunette named Vicki and a blonde named BJ. I think there was someone named Gigi, too.

We had a float in the Baby Parade that had some kind of French theme and we did the can-can. It was grueling to do that dance over and over again through the whole parade.

After work we would head to Gregory's, Sullivan's, Bay Shores or Tony Mart's and then the Dunes 'til dawn. There was a lot of outrageous behavior for all of us who were there for the summer without our parents.

I still have the pennant that I wore on my waitress uniform and also a picture of me on the Boardwalk that was also posted on the wall at the Grill with all the other waitresses who worked there over the years. I have a t-shirt from the Grill and other memorabilia as well.

Does anyone remember a character named Jiggs? He was an older guy who rode a big tricycle and wore a cowboy hat. He loved the young girls and there was also some guy we called Fletcher the Lecher. I have a Christmas card I got from Jiggs!

The only thing remaining of the CG is the back door off the parking lot. How I remember rushing through that door to get there on time for my shift! Would love to hear other memories of the College Grill when it was on the Boardwalk.



RE: Connoisseur

Posted by: RC
Date: Aug. 24, 2011

Some sad news. It seems I finally found who owned The Connoisseur shops, Jim Penland, who passed away just days ago on Aug. 11 at the age of 79.


He is survived by his life partner, Les Park. I was so impressed to find out how involved Jim was in the arts community of Ocean City, and all else that he did. I am sorry I didn't get to talk to Jim and tell him personally what a great experience it was to go to his shops, and the wonderful memories I have of them. I hope to get in touch with Mr. Park and let him know.


RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Lisa Kosko
Date: Aug. 29, 2011

It has been great reading all these wonderful memories about Ocean City, NJ.  My grandparents, mom, sister, brother and I would spend 2 weeks each summer in O.C.from the time I was born in 1968 up until 1983 when I was when my grandfather had his stroke.  It was some of the best times in my life. 

Driving into O.C. coming around the Circle and over the bridge, just brought such a joy to our hearts. Seeing Shrivers and the Strand in the distance as we drove into the parking lot of the old Colonial annex where we stayed every year.  Walking up to the boardwalk by Shriver's and seeing Jim's Hot Dog stand(does anyone remember this place?) right before you reached the top and saw the Strand movie theatre on your right. 

So many good memories of Ocean City. Mack n Manco's, Irene's, Fisherman's Warf (penny candy...those were the days), Litter's fresh squeezed OJ, the Chatterbox, the Point Diner, Wonderland, etc.  Does anyone remember Starn's grocery store or Specer's seafood (it was just a take out venue).  My family and I spent so many happy times there.  Best part of my childhood.

The last 5 years my mother and I have gone back to stay with my niece in Ocean City, NJ.  We stay at the Coral Sands, which is right across from where we used to stay years ago.  It is nice to know some things haven't changed...it's comforting.  I look out my window and can see Shriver's, the Strand, Spadafora's and brings back all the wonderful memories of my childhood.  Love this place and always will.


RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Lisa Kosko
Date: Aug. 29, 2011

Sorry...it should read Spencer's not Specer's...LOL.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: pierre lussier
Date: Sep. 5, 2011

I was in Ocean City with my parents in the 60's and 70's every years we drive from Montreal Canada. A lot of memories best time of my life. Spencer's ?? every years we eat chicken and my Dad like very much the cheese macaroni. It was always full a lot of people..I remember being young and we shere waiting long and long time before having our lunch.And almost every night on the boardwalk we add the chocolate hot fudges at Robert's.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Anonymous
Date: Sep. 21, 2011

Hi, "Anonymous" #1........What a coincidence we had a similar memory only a month apart all these years later...:o)  Laura S. from our high school class and I were chatting on the phone in the last week or two, so brought me back in time I guess.  I remember 5th street "shore house" after high school let out for the summer, and the College Grill and everything you do......I worked there with you the summer of '65 and then returned in '66.  How did we survive ?  My, my....

The owners were George and Barbara and the managers were George's brother Bill and his wife Helen.  Sadly my snapshot taken in front on the boardwalk for the wall was stolen from my personal collection.  Yes, I do remember the grueling can can on that darn float for the Baby Parade.  Amazing we didn't fall off that moving thing, balance was so difficult.  Whose great idea to have us dancing WHILE the float moved ?!  Think the theme was "College Grill goes to Paris".  At least the following year they didn't have dancing.  Theme was "Mardi Gras" or something.      

Jiggs used to put a polka on the juke box and grab a waitress and dance us around the floor.  No AC in that place with the ocean breeze......I remember it being super hot 4th of July weekend in '65 and running like crazy being so crowded and busy ..... 

I spent summers in Ocean City from the time I was a baby babbling in a play pen on the front porch in the gardens until my grandparents owned a place on the beach on 27th street.  Mom could watch us running around on the dunes while she cooked dinner.  The speedboats from Chris' or Hogate's (forget which one....anyone remember?) would go by in the ocean every evening.  Years later, after the summers at "the Grill", coincidently I married a lifeguard (imagine that) whose family had a place across from the beach a block down from my grandparents' old place on 26th street and we took our children there in the summer for years.  

Haven't been back for some time now, but so many childhood memories of the Flander's pool, Copper Kettle fudge, the Chatterbox and boardwalk at night, up through the College Grill and college years and then as a young married with my own children.  It was a safe, terrific place for family summers and I have precious photographs of generations of my family on the beach from the 1940s into the 70's.            


RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Mike K.
Date: Nov. 10, 2011

Early/mid 1950s...stayed near 59th St, South end, but hitch-hiked (remember when we could do that safely) to the boardwalk at night.  I was about 14 then.  Went to dances at that place which later burned down.....met a delightful girl from Abingdon, PA (whose name I can't recall, since I'm now 71).....but if I'd had any sense I would've kept a record, since she was just about the sweetest thing I've ever seen.

By the way, when Chris' Seafood Restrurant died, so did Ocean City.  (Just my not-so-humble opinion!)

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: beth
Date: Nov. 26, 2011



I am looking for any photos of The Dolphin Apartments from the 70's? Please email me with anyhting you know of. I am trying to make this a christmas present.


RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Ladders
Date: Dec. 1, 2011

I have seen images of the trains going through there back in the day. Talk about those were the day eh!

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Mike McCormick
Date: Dec. 1, 2011

 looking for pictures or film footage of the speed boat races on the bay on Sat/Sun.....especially looking for pics of Knorr-Easter owned by Bill Knorr from the mid 50's on

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Mike McCormick
Date: Dec. 1, 2011

cont'd from above:

speed boat races - pictures or film footage...

email me mmcc@pptaglobal.org

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Doreen Johnson
Date: Jan. 23, 2012

What a wonderful read.  I have so much to add to the comments.  I lived in Ocean City from Aug 1960 til I graduated from OCHS June 1965.  Even the kids who lived there all year had a wonderful time in the winder.  I have never kept up with a web site like this but will enjoy it and look forward to reading more from all of you.  Summers I worked for KOHR BROS FROZEN CUSTARD across from the music pier and at the Moorlyn Terrace Hotel (that has been all torn down now and something else is built there).  Keep up the stories loved every minute of reading.



RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: gloria
Date: Jan. 27, 2012

Does anyone remember the OCEANIC HOTEL?  when we stayed there in the 60's we received pool privileges to the  Flanders salt water pools around the corner.  What a treat! 

Also I seem to remember we could pay to jump on huge trampolines on the boardwalk where our parents could watch us while they sat on a nearby bench.  Can anyone confirm that I am not imaging that memory?  

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: pierre lussier
Date: Feb. 14, 2012

I remember the Oceanic Hotel I think it was on Wesley street. In the 60's and 70's I was there every summer for vacation with my parents. I still remember  Copper Kettles , Glenn Toys , Taylor Pork roll , Johnson popcorn , Robert's ice cream , Tabler fun shop ,  Bob's grill , Galleon golf , Irene's , Flander's hotel and pool.Very nice place .

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Date: Feb. 15, 2012

i spent every summer in OCNJ......as did my father.....my grandparents owned a bi-level house 806/808 2nd st.  we would walk every morning with umbrellas, chairs, blankets....like we were nomads.....SMITHS was the hot dog/hamburger stand that had a 2 huge ice chest filled with hunks of ice and an endless selection of sodas.....the coverings for the sandwiches were dipped out of 5 bowls and spead across ur burger etc.....something about the smells and tastes that can't be duplicated.....at night, we would eat our way home walking back from the rides or the dance hall.......air wet from the ocean mist........i loved our summers there.....getting "movietone" magazines at hendershotts anda breyer's peach ice cream cone.....i used to look forward to seeing JILL IRWIN.......AND ANOTHER CUTE GUY WHO WANTED ME TO GO TO A SEAGRAMS PARTY......DIDN'T KNOWWHAT THAT WAS......HOPE SOMEONE REMEMBERS ME......LOL


Hippie Hotel

Posted by: Paul Heffner
Date: Feb. 29, 2012

Back in the early '70s we would occasionally stay at a Hotel/hostel on 5th street near the the High School track. Would any of you happen to know the name of that thing and maybe any history? I remember it's name was something like "Pink Elephant" but my memory fails...



RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Joe Mullan
Date: Mar. 2, 2012

First time on the site...my parents bought a house in 1961 at 844 Second Street...of course the March storm hit in "62 and they couldn't believe the timing...lost most of furniture in first floor but OK overall.  For Paul, I seem to remember a hostel type place on 5th street called the Purple Pussycat or something like that...also, high to Suzanne Wallace...not sure if our paths crossed however we were just up the street from you.  I certainly remember SMITHS hot dog stand...a group of us would play baseball in the little beach area next to SMITHS at night...will post more next time...thanks...

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Rich Riley
Date: Mar. 7, 2012

I have been staying in O.C. every summer (on Park Place) since 1963.. I too remember Smith's Hot Dog Stand on the Boards between St. Charles & 1st St. (painted wood floors with painted wooden booths.). Hires Root Beer  served in 8oz. Deposit Bottles was always my drink! Outside the building was painted light green.Two other stands at 4th & Boards (before the boardwalk was moved to the back of the beach) The Sun Spot and The Tiki. Oves was actually on the beach then. Lazalier's which sold penny candy, beach toys,newspapers etc. on Boards between Park Place & 4th St. The hotel on 5th St. between Atlantic Ave. & Boards. in the 70's WAS called The Purple Pussycat. Spence's  Seafood was at 10th & Asbury and they also owned Plantation Kitchen (another seafood take out) at 4th & Atlantic. Glen Toys (next to Copper Kettle Fudge at 11th St. & Boards had their big 50% off sale the day after Labor Day (what a madhouse that day!) Roberts Ice Cream at Plymouth Place & Boards as was Gillian's Fun Deck. Bob Gillian ran the place...what a Nice Guy! Roy was nowhere to be found there!     Hope this was helpful. More to come.......

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Pat (Mason) Pickwick
Date: Mar. 19, 2012

I grew up in Tuckahoe, went to OCHS ('68), worked at Morrow's Nut House on the boardwalk the summer of 1966 and then at Hogate's the summers of 1967 through 1972.  Anyone else?

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Saul
Date: Apr. 12, 2012

Anonymous  #1 & #2:

Hi to you. I clearly remember the College Grill in 1965. I was the sax player for Tito Mambo & the Nessiah's of Soul. At that time we worked at Bay Shores & the Dunes. I used to have lunch at the CG with Bay Shores bouncer, Guy Borelli. Guy was a friend & powerlifting training partner. I met GiGi Carrier, a CG waitress from Ohio, there, & we became good friends. I I lost touch with GiGi many years ago, but think of her fondly.

There's something about this time & place that's magical, & it's obvious that I'm not the only one that feels this way.

In fact, an Ocean City Radio Station contacted me recently & asked if I'd be willing to do a live radio interview in regard to woking withTitoMambo, & our experiences working the Jersey Shore in the mid 60's. I did the interview, & there seemed to be much interest in the subject.

 Best wishes to all of you who share these special memories.

Please feel free to write me @ saulselitetrng@aol.com     Saul


RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Ralph Warzy
Date: May. 1, 2012

Hello, I spent many summers in ocean city,nj, when I would go do Ocean City NJ, my friends and I would stay at the "Purple Pussycat" , what great memories and of course Macks Pizza,I think the first time I had a Macks Pizza the cost was .25 per slice ? Anyway does anyone have pictures of the Purple Pussycat ?  email them to me if you could.

I now spend alot of time in Cape May NJ durning the summer DJ-ing  "Blast From The Past Oldies Dance Parties"


RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: faith
Date: May. 4, 2012
Joe you were at 844 and my famiy was at 827 2nd at the same time. My sister worked at lazaleeres on the boardwalk. My dream is to live there as it has wonderful memories. It is the only place i have s clear memory of my dad. There were 5 of us smith girls and it was and still is the best.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: anonnamouse
Date: May. 6, 2012

Faith are you related to Bill Smith who was married to Noreen Low? He lived in OC. They had two girls.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Anonymous
Date: May. 12, 2012


RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Peggy Rossi Pauch
Date: May. 20, 2012

In answer to post "Isabel" on 7/29/11... I do remember Isabel very fondly. She purchased our home at 117 Asbury Ave. and turned it into her beauty parlor. I believe that was in 1960 and she did my hair for my wedding in 1970. It was surreal sitting in her chair having my hair done in the house where I grew up and had so many wonderful family memories.

Love this site!

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Joe Benek
Date: May. 29, 2012

Does anyone remember when the Deauville in Srathmere let out rooms upstairs?

My Dad would put my cousin & I in one overnight while he fished for stipers in the early morning hours from the bridge just outside. I' m talking around 1945.  ALso, was it Chris' restaurant that had a big sisn you would see from the causeway coming in from Somers Pint?


RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Lee Banner
Date: Jun. 2, 2012

Went to Kindergarten in 1950 at the Wesley Ave. School, we were living on Central between 4th & 5th. Many years later, they said it was unsafe and should be torn down. Turned out that old brick building was strong as a rock, had to spend a lot more than planned to tear it down!

Grandparents lived around the corner on 5th. Even after we moved from O.C., spent many a summer with them as well as winter visits. No parking problems in the winter, many streets didn't even have a single car on them. Recall many Stoplights, had burlap bags over them, for the winter months.

Can't forget the fiasco at Memorial Park between 5th & 6th on Wesley, think it July 4th, about 1955. The City had just newly blacktoped Wesley, and it was almost a record heat for the day. As part of the service, they had one or was it two Sherman Tanks, parade down Wesley and pull into the park. The tracks on the tanks pulled up "all" the blacktop. The street then looked like a washboard! Wonder how much they had to spend, to pave it all over again?

Who could not forget hearing the shout, "close the windows, here comes the Mosquito Spray Truck". After that you would be choking on the smelly fog and have an oily taste in your mouth.

Remember the mini farm garden between 5th & 6th and the two horses there. Parking lot now for many years.

How about the Steam Trains at the station between 4th & 5th. Rode the Budd Car from 9th Street Station, to Philadelphia and back once in 1963. 

Enjoyed being a Beach Boy with Bert's Beach Service for three years.  Met a lovley girl at the 16th Beach from Havertown, Mary Elizabeth Bordogna. They were staying at the Sindia at 16th Street just behind the boardwalk. We saw each other each of my three Beach Boy years. Had made plans to come and visit her after the season ended. My parents were deaf so we didn't have a phone. She cancled our "date" via a Telegram! Mary, where are you?

Summer of 62, met Keri Eboran from Istanbul Turkey on the beach. She was going to be our exchange student at Haddon Heights High. That evening I met her and Lynne Johnson up on the boards, at Mac & Manco's Pizza. Keri covered her slices with Red Pepper flakes, and gulped them down. Being a very dumb young man, I tried to do the same thing. About six orange sodas later my mouth was still on fire! Keri and I are still in contact 50 years later, she has been back to O.C. many times.

Who can forget Station's Department Store. It had a crew almost as old as its owner Howard Station. During summer, High School and College kids would fill out the ranks. Old man Station would be in the store in his black suit with hat on, right up into his 90's. My grandmother worked there part time many years, into her later 80's. One rainy summer day she was in her department selling sweaters. I was talking to her and Linda Mumford, a cute high schoolgirl working with her. A lady looking lost got off the escalator, my grandmothers asks if she could help her. The astonished customer asks my 80+ year old grandmother if she was a salesperson. When she said yes, the customer said, "well God bless you".

Thanks O.C. for the many fine memories, God bless you!

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Lee Banner
Date: Jun. 3, 2012

On my post of June 2nd, the young salesgirl was Nancy Mumford, not Linda.

From our porch on 5th Street, we could see the 9th Street Bridge open for tall boats. Sometimes on hot summer days, it would stick open because of expansion. What traffic jams that created.

Sometimes up on the boards,we would sit on the bench, by the 5th Street Jetty. Once an a while out to sea, we could see Whales spouting, as they swam past the island. Two different times as a kid, dead Whales washed up on O.C. beaches. One must had been dead for quite some time before washing ashore. The smell was horrible!

My mother was at the 5th Street house during the 1962 Northeaster. The Bay & Ocean met, water came almost up to the top step. A little higher, and it would have been in the house. The Island was closed off, it was a week before we could come down to pick her up. First thing we saw crossing the 9th Street causway, was a garage floating in the bay. Big Roadgraders, were plowing sand off streets nearest the ocean. Saw some houses washed into the middle of the street. Saw cars that had paint sandblasted off, by the blowing wind, rain and sand. Here one week later, the exteriors were all rusty.

Each year it would be like a game, to see if there was any beach at 5th Street, north of the Jetty. Some years, there was just a small beach west of the boards, by the cottages. A few times a big beach extended east of the boards.

My brother Terry, worked a few years for Mike Meswich (sp). He had a small open free standing shop on the boards, near 7th Street. They did dogs & burgers, but the best was Orange Juice. They fresh squeezed it, using only California Navel Oranges.  To my taste, it was sweeter than others on the boards.

My brother and I also worked nights for a time, for Larry Paul on the boards. He owned a number of small arcades, Ski-ball was one of them.  Thanks Larry.



RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: faith
Date: Jun. 4, 2012
Not related to bill smith joe - does anyone remember the glass house on the boardwalk?

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: D. C. V.
Date: Jun. 7, 2012

I believe the candy store (on the boardwalk) you were referring to on 4th Street was Larzellere's!  Do you remember the old, grey haired women who would give you a plasic bowl to put your penny candy in? 

My sister's and I still talk about those wonderful memories of our summers down in Ocean City and the places we frequented. 


RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: D. C. V.
Date: Jun. 7, 2012

the 2 stores one of the posters may have been referring to could have been 'Drift In & See' & the toy store I remember was 'Glenn Toys', they had beautiful, real life looking dolls in the window.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: john lent
Date: Jun. 11, 2012

I remember Johnson's always served pretzels with their ice cream, I never knew another place that did that.     

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Jim
Date: Jun. 11, 2012

My family used to own a place in Somer's Point in the 70's and 80's and so many of these posts bring back great memories. We would cross the bridge almost every day/night to enjoy the beach and boardwalk.

I remember dinners at a place in Somer's Point called The Charcoal Pit in addition to all of the places along the bay. I can also remember going into the Jamesway department store in Somers Point to pick up a new beach toy or inflatable "swimmies" before our journey over the bridge. There was a bar in Somer's Point called Mother's or Mom's and I remember being woken up by fire engines and police sirens going by our place the night it burnt down.

For all of you who commented on the mummies running around on the second floor of the haunted house...thank you! I believe it is now the Surf Mall and every time my wife and I walk by and I comment, she thinks I'm nuts. I would love to see some pictures of it if anyone has any available.

We ate at all of the usual places...Mack and Manco, Bobs, Johnsons, Chatterbox, etc. I also remember a penny candy store, but not the one mentioned in other posts (Larzellere's). This one was located on a little offshoot of the boardwalk between 9th and 10th. I remember walking in the screen door, picking up a brown paper bag, loading it up, and paying after your candy was counted.

Every summer we took hermit crabs home along with whatever the summer fad happened to be.

Every once in a while we would make the trek (or so it seemed then) to Brigatine for a change of scenery. I braved the Brigatine Castle once, but I think I spent most of the ride with my face buried in my mom's shoulder while she carried me through.

Thanks for all of the memories OC!

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Beverley Casey
Date: Jun. 29, 2012

I live in Pennsylvania. I spent so many weekends fishing on the 59th Street Pier.  I am trying to locate some photos of the pier before it was destroyed by the storm.  Can any of your readers send me some photos, or could you tell me where to purchase some. Thank you

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Craig Gralley
Date: Jul. 8, 2012

Ocean City Memories


Carry me back to Ocean City

That's where the waves roll thin and thick

That's where I get sun tan so pretty

That be my home and that's where I'd stay...


The year the Gralley kids crafted that melody—based on the old song “Carry Me Back to Ol' Verginny”--was 1964. Though nearly 50 years ago I still recall the excitement of singing that song on the way to our yearly one-week vacation to Ocean City, New Jersey. We first started coming to Ocean City in the early 1960s, though our family's history with the city on the shore goes back much further. My mom lived in Linwood and walked about a half mile to reach the trolley that carried her to Pleasantville High School. The year was 1938 and the trolley she rode passed through Pleasantville on its way to Sommers Point and Ocean City before reaching its final destination, Atlantic City. In the years following the Great Depression, Mom remembers going to Ocean City every year, but just for one special day, when her Aunt and Uncle would arrive from Baltimore and cram into the family jalopy for a day at the beach.


After moving away, getting married and raising a family of three in suburban New york City, Ocean City remained mostly a pleasant memory for my Mom and her parents. But when the kids got a bit older, beginning in 1962, my folks and grandparents returned to Ocean City for our yearly vacation. All of us looked forward to the trip with great anticipation. I saved five dollars to spend for the entire week—a tidy sum for a child of seven. I would try not to spend it all at once in the arcade—where for a quarter and one cent I could turn a hand crank and press the Lord's Prayer onto the penny, or for seventy-five cents I could purchase a miniature camera in a yellow leather case. The fortune telling machine was a bit intimidating; the life sized mannequin of an old woman, in a gray wig, behind glass, stared down at me as my fortune was spit out through a little slot just below her torso. Of course, there were the games. Skeeball, basketball, hockey, the machine you squeezed with both hands that told everyone just how much of a wimp you really were.


But for me it was the freedom that Ocean City represented that meant so much. My parents gave me free reign of the boardwalk at a very early age. And the wooden planks arrayed at different angled patterns, went on for miles and miles. I'd walk into the Sea Shanty and press my nose against the glass case to study the scrimshaw that I could never hope to buy. I'd wait eagerly for the young woman in a clean white apron and hat to emerge from The Copper Kettle with her tray of small square samples of vanilla and chocolate nut fudge, and I always stopped at the front window of Shriver's to watch the enormous roll of saltwater taffy be rotated and massaged just before it arrived on a conveyor belt and became bite-sized pieces neatly wrapped in wax paper. The smell of popcorn and cotton candy—especially at night—and the lights and sounds were almost overwhelming after having just emerged from a Tom Perkins concert at the pavilion on Saturday evening. These were special memories.

But I loved the sand and surf the most. I remember my grandfather would take the three of us out to “jump the waves”. We would would cling to him and scream with delight as a big wave approached and we successfully rolled over it. We took our canvass inflatable rafts out to deeper water and rode the waves in, catching the crest. As the wave came crashing in, pebbles, sand, and debris would churn from the bottom and I could feel the roiling below the raft until the combination of weight on the raft and the slope of the beach face would deposit me abruptly on the shore. On more than one occasion I was tossed under and raked across the gravelly bottom. I'd always leave the beach with a half pound of sand in my bathing suit and even more caked on my hands, feet, and back.


Some days we strolled the beach, and sought respite from the hot sun under the boardwalk or beneath the long fishing pier. And always, I would walk by and touch the massive iron rudder of the Sindia—the merchant ship that ran aground about a hundred years ago off the Ocean City beach on its way from China to New York City. The rough metal pipe jutting aggressively from the sand, was both immovable and impressive; it was the icon of Ocean City.


In the early 1970s life again intervened and the lure of teenage friends and a summer paycheck made it more difficult to find the right week for a vacation at the shore. So we drifted away from Ocean City. It was only some four decades later—long after my grand parents had passed away and my own parents turned 85—that our extended family again thought of returning.


At first I was a bit apprehensive. How could a trip to Ocean City ever meet the high expectations deeply rooted in my preteen years? Perhaps Ocean City should remain a memory, kept pristine and removed, like that exotic piece of scrimshaw behind the glass case. But still, there was the possibility of creating a new set of shared memories with a generation of family members who had never experienced the city on the shore.


Our return trip last year—and our repeat visit this year—proved that Ocean City is still a special place. While much has changed—the rudder of the Sandia, regrettably, has been removed—the waves still roll thin and thick, and life on the boardwalk—the night lights of the ferris wheel, the sounds of laughter, and smells of cotton candy and caramel popcorn—stirred some long dormant memories. Yes, Ocean City still is a place where old memories can be rekindled and new ones, created for another generation.


RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Paul Blocklyn
Date: Jul. 19, 2012

I also remember the haunted house that Cheri mentions in her post of Feb. 16, 2010.  In addition to the magic carpet conveyor belt, I remember some kind of mechanism that would grab at your feet and a devil's head that blew smoke from its ears--or is my memory faulty?  Any other memories of this particular "spook house" would be welcome.

I can also remember the goldfish pond that used to be on the Ninth Street side of City Hall.

Does anyone remember a restaurant on the boardwalk called Eddie's?  Seems to me I can remember eating many a hamburger there as a child.  This would have been in the late 1950s or early 1960s.  Again, any information would be appreciated. 




RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Linda Hyland
Date: Jul. 20, 2012

The name of the nautical shop on the boardwalk was The Smuggler Shop and the toy store was Brantanos or something like that. I loved to buy Barbies there as my "summer toy" and my brothers were very in to the plastic baseball figures

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Steve Mawhinney
Date: Jul. 31, 2012

Both grandparents had houses side by side in Ocean City at 216 Ocean Avenue and 220 Ocean Avenue. My fathers parents Mawhinney was at 220 Ocean Avenue and my mothers parents Groves were at 216 Oceasn Avenue. Next to them were the Holly's and next to them were the Tolands. Both grandparents owned their houses until about 1968. I was on the scene from approx. 1962 to 1968. My fathers mother worked around the corner at Lucy's a corner store in the summer. My fathers parents house had heat but my mothers parents place didnt have heat.

My fathers father grew roses and every spring we would venture over to a dairy farm in Somers Point to get "matured" manure for the roses. His roses were tops. Not a peach basket full but a tomatoe basket full. Somers Point is also where we went food shopping at Uncle Dicks. I can remember passing a big goose or chicken on the way.

Would always to the 2nd street beach. My father worked at the Chatterbox after getting out of the service in WWII.

Can remember getting fresh fish at Dan's Fish Market by the ninth street bridge and eating at Hogates and Chris's. Hogates had the best crab cakes anywhere.

My grandfather always stopped at the Point liquor store for beer in cans for the weekend since Ocean City was a dry town at the time.

Got ice cream cones at Johsons at 4th and the Boardwalk. Heard it burned down in the 70's. To this day I still order a five pound box of Shrivers Salt Water taffy every summer. My neighbors and co-workers here in California swear its the best they have ever tasted. Rose the rides at the amusements at I think 9th or 10th street. and always got fudge at the Copper Kettle    


RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Nancy Gormley
Date: Aug. 5, 2012

Oh what memories I have - Johnson's ice cream at 4th and the Boardwalk, and the silver dishes in which they servded the ice cream, with a ring of tiny pretzels around the top edge, and yes, the sour ball in the bottom of a cone so it would not drop.  I remember that the boardwalk did a dog-leg here back in the 50s and the ocean came in under the boardwalk.  It fascinated me to be on wooden decking right over the water.  We spent every summer of my early life at Ocean Court which I believe is condos now.  Another place fond in my memories is the Mary Hoyer Doll Shop at 8th and the Boardwalk,. I believe.  There was nothing more beautiful than those windows lit at night, filled with Mrs. Hoyer's beautiful creations.  Since I was very sick as a little girl, my Mom and I spent a lot of time in there, with my Mom creating beautiful doll things with Mrs. Hoyer.  There also was a small arcade (in the 50s) which had a double wide, two seater glider on rails.  How I loved that and wish someone could remember where it was and send me a photo.  I have long looked for two Ocean City friends - Ellen Hucke and Melody Bishop.  If either of you is reading this, or if someone reading this knows them, please ask them to contact me via email or my blog.  Thanks!

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Nancy Gormley
Date: Aug. 5, 2012

Justg had another memory - going back to the 50s.  I forget which beach, but at one near 9th street, I think, there was part of a ship sticking out of the water, near the jetty.  Does anyone remember that?  I am sure the ocean has reclaimed it now.  I fondly remember The Flanders and was always going to go there on my honeymoon.  Well, I did go to OC for it but not The Flanders! 

When my eldest son graduated from high school in the early 90s, he wanted to go to "the shore" for a long weekend with some friends and since his grades were good, I said he could go.  I asked for two things  - a phone call when he got there, and one when he was leaving to come home.   All weekend, not one call.  Eventually he walked in the door, looking sheepish, and trying to tell me there were no phones in Ocean City!  The boy must have forgotten I spent all my young summers there and could even tell him where the phones were!  We had many a laugh over that.  

Did Taylor's Pork Roll ever taste so good as on the boardwalk?   One summer I met Joe Finnegan at Copper Kettle Fudge and came home and told my Mom we were going to the Duck Pond. I had no idea what it was but I guess my Mom did because I was not allowed out!   I can also remember being told I could not see "Irma la Douce" but my friend and I snuck in.  Well, a few minutes after we were seated, we heard my Mom and Aunt come in the back of the theater, and slid way down in the seats.  Years later, she told me they knew we were there, but decided not to let on. 

Such wonderful memories, all except the night we were coming back from Somers' Point for dinner, stopped for a bridge opening about the sixth car back.  Someone came out of Somers Point, drunk as a skunk, hit out car which ricocheted into all the cars in front, which then ricocheted back.  The right front wheel of our car went up on the guardrail.  It was awful.  My shoes wound up in the middle of the bridge.  Scary.  I am not real fond of bridges since.  That's the only bad memory.

Oceanic Hotel

Posted by: Patty
Date: Aug. 20, 2012

I just wanted to let the writer know that in reference to the Oceanic Hotel, it did indeed exist!  I worked there in 1972 as a "chamber maid" and my boyfriend at the time, was a cook in the restaurant.  I remember the hand-cranked elevator in the lobby.  The lobby was decorated in red, white and blue.  It was an awesome place.  On our day off, we'd hit the beaches and the boards at night!  So many WONDERFUL memories!  I would love to see some pictures of the Oceanic if anyone has any - I have an old postcard which shows THE OCEANIC HOTEL sign at the top of the building.  I remember it was near Flanders.

On another note, I spent some time in OC every summer - my Grandmother used to live on Simpson Ave. back by the bay until the hurricane hit - she then moved back to PA, but continued to rent different houses every summer at the shore.  I remember her buying the molasses paddles on the boardwalk - boy, were they good!  On Sundays, we'd go to the Tabernacle for Church. I also remember going to a puppet show on the boardwalk - don't remember where it was (actually, I think they were marianettes) - it was in a building - anyone remember it?   So many wonderful tmes there!  Thanks everyone for YOUR memories - I have thoroughly enjoyed reading them all!

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Drew
Date: Sep. 4, 2012

 I surely remember the Oceanic and the Flanders.  I spent all of my youth in that area, my parents owned the guest house at 10th and Ocean.  Yes, the molasses paddles cant be beat, or found, any more.  I worked at Watson's, just down the street, and fondly remember going around that block that included the Oceanic.  They had a beautiful fountain.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

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RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Beavenson
Date: Oct. 2, 2012

My dad grew up at 712 Plymouth Place. When we were kids he and my mom took us to Ocean City three or four times. Since that time I've taken my wife and daughter as have my brother and sister.

My grandfather worked at the old Simms Seafood Restaurant and I can vividly remember Chris's, the speedboat and eating on the waterfront.

What a great place. This year, on what would have been my parent's 62nd anniversary our family will return and celebrate their day on the beach in their memory.

Keep the memories coming.


RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Carol L
Date: Oct. 7, 2012

Anyone remember "THE LINCOLN ON 9TH ST"????  My friend and I would stay there every weekend in THE SUMMER OF 1970. It was a total dive but since we were only 18 we loved it!!!  We both worked for the State in Harrisburg PA.  Couldn't wait for the work week to be over so we could head to ocnj. We would have choco fudge and fresh squeezed oj for b-fast (disgusting).  Great memories. Great summer!


RE:Maria 7/24/2010.

Posted by: Rich Riley
Date: Oct. 21, 2012

The Crosswinds Hotel was the "new" name (late 60's until demolition in the early 70's)  of The Delaware Hotel on the boardwalk between Park Place & 3rd St.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Suzen
Date: Oct. 25, 2012

 Oh the glorious days and nights at the shore!

The first glimpse of Ocean and Boardwalk as we drove through town to our rented bungalow.

Walking up the ramp of the boardwalk on our first day of Vacation and the excitement of seeing the Ocean again!

Spending all day at the beach, heading home for dinner then getting fixed up for the Boardwalk at night.  Tan skin, Noxema, gauze top, flowing skirt and gypsy earrings.

The smells of cotton candy, carmel corn and ocean breeze in the air and the Moon's reflection on the water.

Being 15 years old and the Ocean breeze making my Gauze butterfly blouse dance in the wind

I miss you Ocean City!

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Pierre Lussier
Date: Oct. 30, 2012

Tonight i'm sad i saw the news about Sandy hurricane in Ocean City. I hope it will be ok for the next summer.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Galen Gilchrist
Date: Oct. 31, 2012

 I was just remembering the square ice cream cones with the sour ball cancy in the bottom of the cone. I have never seen another ice cream cone like it, What a treat it was to end a fun night on the boardwalk,  Riding the amusements, perusing the shops, the Seven Seas, and the Mary Hoyer Doll Store, All are wonderful memories of Ocean City in the 1950s and 60s.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Ruth E. Townsend
Date: Nov. 2, 2012

 My dad Bud Townsend and Jim Simms owned Simms' Restaurant. My brother Bob and I would love to hear from anyone wanting to share Simms memories.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Anthony Jade
Date: Nov. 12, 2012

Anyone remember Dot's Pastry shop at 3148 Asbury Avenue?

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Romeo
Date: Dec. 5, 2012

Anthony, pretty sure that Dot's is still at the same address - the cream donuts are the best and I don't generally like cream donuts!

Looking back on the memories being shared I feel I'm a relative newcomer but then I realize that it's been over 30 years since I first discovered OC.  I have a vague recollection of my brother and I taking a bus, having $5 between the 2 of us and sharing something from Gino's on the boardwalk.  Does anyone remember a Gino's being on the boardwalk? 

We started renting the same condo at 10th and Central when my daughter was 3.  Somehow we would manage to host 8 neices in a 3 bedroom 2 bath, but they all had a terrific time and they all still love coming down.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Gary Fenton
Date: Dec. 26, 2012

Worked at Simms summer 66, 67, some of 68.  Great memories.  Started as a dishwasher, then worked with salads and veggies and buckets of tarter sauce, my "supervisor" boss was Jimmy Hashorva(sp), a terrific old Grteek guy.   I remember Bobby Townsend, Jimmy and Janet Simms (and a younger sister, can't recall her name; help!), Rosebud ("Budweiser"), Ginny Seigfried, Nicky Trofa, Kim Kelton, Stan Brittingham (and Nancy, who he married), Walt, Kelly, Jules, Linda, Sally, etc. and some "older" waitresses named Jeannie and Althea.  (Jeannie was a kick, but Althea was all business and zero personality!)

Memories include Tony Marts, Bay Shores (Johhny Caswell the Crystal Mansion?), and steamed clams at the Anchorage; even the Dunes which, if I remember correctly, stayed open  till 7 a.m.  Payday parties at the Jolly Roger.  Also, the Chatterbox,  Knorr (Sp) frozen custard, the Tiki (hoagie shop at about 4th and Boardwalk), etc.

Went to Southern Illinois Univ, been in Parks and Rec ever since, in OH, VA, and now NC.

Know there have been some Simm's reunions, but I was unaware of them at the time.  Hope someone might pull one together this summer!  Ruth Townsend, please respond.    Thanks.  Gary Fenton 

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Nan M
Date: Feb. 5, 2013

Anthony, I lived near Dot's Pastry in the 1950s and remember Dot.  I also remember the stand at 34th St. and the beach, the Parkway Pharmacy, the Mary Hoyer doll shop on the boardwalk, Tom Perkins singing at the Music Pier.  My nieces liked the Bird Cage shop on the boardwalk.  Does anyone remember Stan Hurst's hat stand outside Gillian's Fun Deck in the 50s?  He'd embroider your name on your sailor's hat or whatever hat.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Anonymous
Date: Feb. 10, 2013

 How about the "heritage shop" on the boardwalk. Every year we would buy my Mom a gift there toward the end of our stay. The only two floor shop on the boardwalk . Now I believe it's Cloud Nine?

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: dweck
Date: Mar. 12, 2013

Dot's IS stil in operation.

We used to also go to the Dutch Oven Bakery, 40th & West, right after church. It's now Uncle Bill's Pancake/Aunt Betty's Ice Cream. Dutch Oven had the most delectable Butter Cake I have ever eaten.

Many a quarter was sunk at the Aquaport at 34th & Central. Then ducking into Prep's next door. There was a Pharmacy on that corner, too, which became Ocean City Realty for a bit and now is, I think, a restaurant.

No vacay was complete without takeout from Campbell's.

And how well I remember the lines of well-dressed folks waiting for tables at Watson's.

Wonderland was the creme-de-la-creme for rides. We would race to the Indy 500 ride, hope-hope-hoping to finally be tall enough... and year after year we were sent away. When we were finally able to ride, it was --pfft-- no big deal. Loved the Salt-n-Pepper shakers @ Wonderland, when they'd hold you upside-down for what seemed like forever.

Macaroons from George's; Salt Water Taffy from Shriver's; fudge from Copper Kettle; ice cream and waffles from just about anywhere.

Blue Laws - Couldn't buy anything needing preparation on a Sunday. I remember my Dad asking for a dozen eggs and being denied. He tried this chestnut: "What if I tell you I'm going to eat them raw?" No dice.

Village Theater; Surf Theater; Strand. Surf always smelled like a school of flounder had washed up underneath and died.

Sindia wreck - yes. And the Sindia apartments, with their criss-cross staircases and porthole windows in each door.

Kids selling the afternoon paper on bikes: "BULLL-ETTT-TINNNN!" Or mornings: "INNN-KWYYYYY-ERRRR!" The jang-jang-jang of bells on the ice cream bikes.

Such fond memories. =)

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Anonymous
Date: Mar. 25, 2013

What a kick it has been to read all of these fantastic memories!

My parents would take us to Ocean City for a two week vacation every summer from the 50s through the early seventies.

One of my earliest memories was getting lost on the beach at 12th Street. I was maybe 5 years old. My Dad finally found me sitting  with the lifeguards atop the lifeguard stand. Another time I got lost on the boardwalk, and went to the Music Pier to have my parents paged!

I remember my little brother and I digging a hole in the sand and filling it with dead jellyfish, then luring our sisters to step into it.

Later on, as a young teenager, all I wanted to do after spending the day at the beach was get decked out in my sleeveless denim jacket and bandanna, and go hang out in the arcades and The Birdcage. I'll never forget the smell of incense there and the curious paraphenalia in the glass cases. I was still too young to know what a 'headshop' was!

We used to stay at Mrs. Donnelly's at 13th and Asbury, then later at her daughter's place (Mrs. Theno's) at 13th and Central. I remember going to the 14th Street Bakery after Mass at St. Augustine's on Sunday mornings to get these amazing cream filled donuts.

Does anyone remember Dean's pancake house at 13th and the Boardwalk? There was also another Larzelere's at 13th and Asbury where we used to go for out candy and comic book fixes.

Anyway, enough for now. Thanks to all for the fond memories!

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Anonymous
Date: Apr. 8, 2013

This is for Bob and Ruth Townsend and all those who loved Simms' Restaurant. It's been too long since I sat down to a meal there. Where to start? Some of the best food in Ocean City. Wonderful seafood! And those sticky buns in the morning! I loved the ambiance - "Old Ocean City". The polished wooden floors, the old-fashioned tables and chairs, and up on the wall the big print of the SS United States and the SS America passing one another in New York Harbor. An older waitress who often waited on me, throughly professional. The attractive "older" hostess (younger than I am now!) who managed with tact and grace the line of patrons waiting to get in on busy nights. Simms! How fortunate I was to know it.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: M Train
Date: May. 9, 2013

Copper kettle fudge, salt water taffy, caramel corn, wonderland, - salt and pepper shakers - minature golf, penny candy store,

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: gziegler
Date: Jun. 2, 2013

We stayed at the Alvyn Hotel on Brighton Place in the 50's.  They had great food and beautiful rose gardens.  I think there are condos there now.  Does anyone remember it?

I remember Drift in and Sea,  Skee ball at amusement center, Kohl's Custard

Luigi's Italian restaurant with crisp white table cloths and wonderful bread

Riding my bike from Philadelphia and crossing the 9th street bridge for the MS BENEFIT

My mother would say that driving into Ocean City and smelling the salt air was better than medicine 


RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Ralph Warzy
Date: Jun. 18, 2013

Does anyone remember the Purple Pussycat Hotel in ocean city ?

is it still there ?  if not,what happened to the place.  spent many summer weekends there back in the late 60's early 70's.

Fond memories.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Bill F
Date: Jul. 13, 2013

Just got back today from a week in OC ....it's my favorite place in the whole world! Been going since the 60's, when my parents would take me and my sister and brother. Now I go with my wife and young daughter (9 yr old) and how sad it was to see her almost crying when we had to leave. I know that feeling all too well....Stopped on the boards for some last minute gifts to bring with us - Shrivers salt water taffy, Johnson caramel corn, even brought a Mack & Manco whole pie home  ( yea I know it's now Manco & Manco - that just doesn't sound right!!)

Fond memories:

2nd St beach, canvas rafts, coppertone oil (where was the spf?)

Johnsons square dip coffee ice cream, sugar cone w sour ball

Taylor Pork Roll shop, which had giant loaves of pork roll hanging around the perimeter of the restaurant, also this is the place where I fell in love with birch beer

Miniature Golf - the Ocean City course with the Seal spinning the red & white ball on his nose at the 18th hole - standing by the fence and telling folks to hit it on the "second red stripe" for perfect timing to win a free game ( if they won, many folks would give me thier free ticket!)

Playing pinball....hearing the sound of 'matching' or racking up a free game

Water under the boards...as someone else mentioned, seeing the spray come up from the cracks

Glass house, salt and pepper shakers, giant slide with the braided hemp mats

Boyers Marina at 3rd & Bay....fishing for flounder off the back dock with my Dad

Mac's in Somers Point (my parent's allowed me to order lobster tail for my 10th birthday in 1966...I think it cost $8)

Hendershotts very fond memory (usually stayed nearby)  as I was a big comic book reader - couldn't wait for the new Archie - Veronica - Betty - Jughead comics to come out each week

Fresh Amorosa rolls on Sunday morning sold at little grocery store (no longer there) behind Catholic Church at 2nd & Atlantic

Playing ball in this church's parking lot and my little brother broke the stained glass window - Mom had to pay for it

Watched the moon landing on TV in OC in July 69

Bird Cage - I just thought this was the coolest store!!


RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Debbi
Date: Jul. 15, 2013

 In the 70s, we stayed at The Strand for $5/night because The Raleigh was $7.  We arrived by bus at the 9th street station.  All the girls put on their navy blue lifeguard shorts and headed to The Chatterbox.  Those shorts sold everywhere and were the biggest fad.  I just cant remember the name of the big department store everyone went into?

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Debbi
Date: Jul. 15, 2013

 In the 70s, we stayed at The Strand for $5/night because The Raleigh was $7.  We arrived by bus at the 9th street station.  All the girls put on their navy blue lifeguard shorts and headed to The Chatterbox.  Those shorts sold everywhere and were the biggest fad.  I just cant remember the name of the big department store everyone went into?

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Janice E Schankel
Date: Jul. 27, 2013

 I not only worked at the Birdcage, my brother, Dan Davis owned it. I also worked at Gurtudes clothing store and was in the baby parade. I have the best memories of living on 4th street and surfing almost every day. My friend, Jimmy Johnson died in the Johnson's icecream shop in 1969.

I recently visited friends there from OC, Md, and felt right at home again.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Linda Suter
Date: Aug. 6, 2013

 Can't tell you how happy I am to have found this site, it's nice to hear so many people have similar memories to mine!!  My family went to OC from the early 60's thru the early 70's when I graduated, and we always stayed in the same apt. on the corner of 14th st. behind Bob's place.  I honestly thought I was in heaven that week, and, always planned on working at the College Grill  in the summer when I went to college, unfortunately that never happened.  Would love to know if anyone can tell me where I can get a picture or an artist's sketch of Bob's Place and the College Grill, would really like to find one.  Thanks !!

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Yvonne Lewis
Date: Aug. 16, 2013

 Does anyone remember the name of the restaurant that was on 59th street?  I think it was called the Beachcomber, but not sure.  Any pictures?  I remember going there many times when we visited Ocean City.  

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Karin
Date: Aug. 19, 2013

Summered in OC from the womb to 1966.  My grandparents had

an apartment (today called a condo) at Ocean Court Apartments at 3rd and Ocean.  Both my brothers were "Beach Boys" for Berts for many, many summers. Gillians Fun Deck, Kiddie Land, Johnson's Popcorn, the Taffy Place were you could watch Taffy being made.  My grandparents made me go to the Tabernacle on on Sundays -boring.  Bike riding was allowed on the boardwalk in the early mornings.  Chris' - rides on the Flying Saucer and Pony.  Beached at Coast Guard Beach.  My first love at age 12 in 1962.  I could go on and on.


RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: BJ
Date: Aug. 25, 2013

 I worked in Ocean City for three summers while I was in college, 67,68,69. The summer of 69 was when I worked at Simms. Mr. Townsend and Mr. Simms were so good to us and I loved working for them. Iremember so many of the places mentioned here that I spent the afternoon reminiscing about that wonderful time.  My college roommate and I as well as another college friend shared an apartment that summer and because we had Sundays off we would go to the bars in Somers Point , Bay Shores, The Anchorage and then the Dunes til dawn with our friends from work.  I remember watching the moon landing at the house next door because we didn't have at tv in our apartment. My husband worked in Cape May and actually proposed to me at Bay Shores at the end of that summer. 

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Tori
Date: Aug. 30, 2013

I worked at Simms Restaurant the summers of 1973-1978 with many  wonderful college students. I remember Althea very well.  She was an institution at Simms. I remember interviewing with Mr. Townsend for the job at his home in the winter. I remember having to carry all the plates on my arms. I remember pay day parties. I remember for one pay day party we rented a large boat and most of us got sea sick 

I remember a really cute boy who collected parking money at a little booth behind Simms. We all rode bikes to work and after our shifts, a lot of girls, including me, would stop and flirt with him. 

Great summers!

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Hockey bob
Date: Sep. 1, 2013

 I used to come to Ocean City every summer in the 60's.  does anyone remember an old WWII plane at the airport that you could climb through?  What kind of plane was it.  I thought it was a bomber.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Anonymous
Date: Sep. 1, 2013

Hockey Bob...It was a B-25 twin engine bomber!


RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Lee Banner
Date: Sep. 1, 2013

Labor Day 50 years ago, I was a Bert's Beach Boy at the 16th street beach, in front of the now long gone Sindia Motel. That was my third summer with Bert's, what a blast it was. The following day, Berts shut down most of thier stands, as the island emptied out, and Beach Boys returned to school. I wasn't, so for the next two weeks, I ran the stand at 9Th street beach. The weekend after Labor Day was so busy, Bert's had to truck out more beach chairs and umbrellas when I ran out!  Wonder what ever became of "Poncho" Hib Gareth, who I worked with my first year. Most of all Mary Elizabeth Bordogna, a very special young lady who was at the Sindia 61 to 63.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Bill Fearn
Date: Oct. 20, 2013

I haven't seen any comments about the Surf Theater and the amusement center next to it. I think they were located around 12th or 13th street on the boardwalk. The Surf Theater seemed to specialize in Sci-Fi and Horror movies.  The interesting thing about the amusement center was the giant Skee Ball machines they had.  I haven't seen anything like them anywhere else.

I also remember staying at the Sindia Apartments (17th street?).  They were named after a ship that sank of the OC beach. Parts of the ship were visible, sticking out of the beach, for many years.  During a summer we stayed there (early to mid 50's), I remember my Dad taking me out in the ocean, when there were sandbars pretty far out.  The only way he could get me there, I couldn't swim much then, was to put me on his shoulders and walk out through the deep parts (pretty much up to his neck), and then when we got to the sand bar, the water got real shallow and I got off his shoulders and could stand in the water.   I thought that was so cool since I was so far out in the ocean!

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: j s bohan
Date: Dec. 14, 2013

Help me. No one believes me when I tell them this story so I need verification.

The arcade at 6th street had a game (circa 1950). Throw baseballs at holes in heavy canvas. If you got it in a bell rang and above the canvas a piglet came out of a cage into a small passageway from which there was only one exit and it was onto a sliding board. Down the slide came the piglet squeeling and found his way back behind the canvas through a hole directly under the slide.

Insane, no? But so much fun to see.

There must be someone who remembers this.


RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Lee Banner
Date: Dec. 18, 2013

I remember the small "Arcade" you are speaking of. It had an open air setting with a Canvas top. On a nasty wet or windy day, Canvas sides would be laced on. At closing, a Canvas front would be laced on too. They had a Basketball Hoop and Ski-Ball in addition to the Baseball throw. Young HighSchool and College types, would wind up and throw their best fastball. A Piglet was part of the Baseball toss for a short time, but game continued on for years. I started grammar school 1950 in Ocean City. I have a vague memory of the piglet, but was able to confirm it with my 90 year old mother today. When I mentioned it to her, she started laughing, said how she enjoyed watching the litle pig years ago! 

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Lee Banner
Date: Dec. 18, 2013

I remember the small "Arcade" you are speaking of. It had an open air setting with a Canvas top. On a nasty wet or windy day, Canvas sides would be laced on. At closing, a Canvas front would be laced on too. They had a Basketball Hoop and Ski-Ball in addition to the Baseball throw. Young HighSchool and College types, would wind up and throw their best fastball. A Piglet was part of the Baseball toss for a short time, but game continued on for years. I started grammar school 1950 in Ocean City. I have a vague memory of the piglet, but was able to confirm it with my 90 year old mother today. When I mentioned it to her, she started laughing, said how she enjoyed watching the litle pig years ago! 

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ..Summer of 1969.

Posted by: Alex Petrone
Date: Jan. 26, 2014

I am collecting information on OCNJ to finally write the book I was meant to write now that I am 63 and with Cancer. Our neighborhood from the Philly burbs Swarthmorewood, "The Wood"had the old surf shop store front as our summer time hellion house known as , "The House of the Rising Sun." the year was 1969, Man Walked on the Moon, Veit Nam,  Motown and Jerry Blavitts Disco morphs into Psychedelia and  Rock n Roll, Drugs and "Go ask Alice" , Hippies, Protest on  College Campus/s, Virgins to Visigoths, Flower Power  .....

All tit bits from your time during that Summer please send...

Our house was located 9Th & Bay...next block down from Hickman's Seafood Restaurant take out. There was an empty lot /used car lot, next house down was a boarding house owned by a widow. IF ANYONE REMEMBERS THE NAME OF THAT BOARDING HOUSE PLEASE SEND THE NAME TO ME. All I can remember, the name of the boarding house was the widow's last name...That's' were I want to start the book...Memorial Weekend Saturday morning. I came from our house next door climbing up the stairs to the second floor. Where several of my friends were staying cause they were down for the weekend and not a member of the House of the Rising Sun. On the radio, muffled by the walls every step anticipating what I will find in their room...What mischievous tales that the boys will tell at breakfast. Is there a girl in the bed with them i?  I gave Mrs. Schwartz my word of honor, promise that  Knuckles nuclear, Manny, and Beav are not like the rest of us. They do not have a high energy libido and the Beav, has had the same GF since  ninth grade and  KN was so smothered by his mother that girls really didn't interest him because they refused to wait on him had and foot. Later on, up the road a piece. Tommy finds that woman a St. Bernard's college. We will have to get into those antics at another time and place . KN ends up on a sad note which we will illustrate in another chapter or book. And Manny had such a baby face that girls just overlook him except a great woman later on who became his wife, Donna Brown, who gave him 4  beautiful daughters, a girl friend of his younger sister. Last summer, we dressed Manny up as a little kid with short shorts, beryl creamed pushed up pomp adore with one of those blow up duck head life preserves around his waist to give the money envelop to the beer distributor delivery dude for a case of beer at Snowball Mom's summer house in Margate, NJ. Unfrocking believable the damn delivery guy took the little boy dress up facade like a pig takes to corn mush, oink! Well, now Shirley & Lee's, 'Let the Good Time Roll,' echoing through my head getting louder and much too loud as I approach the door of there bedroom..A flashback of the notorious Blavitt Philly dancers from Shae Shae Ballroom brings a smile to my face as I knock and turn the antique crystal door knob. Mrs Schwartz' boarding House has it's own Jersey Shore Victorian architecture. She kept the place squeaky clean and meticulous and the furniture complimented that period. It was the first time, I set my eyes on Persian area rugs in the parlor and dinning areas. Also, the bedroom that I arranged for them with Mrs.Schwartz. who was a sturdy widow of German decent and was cordial and when she laughed exposed a gaped smile. I won her over when I discovered she was German. Since I had three years of German at Ridley and carried a" A" in the class later bomb out at Temple my first semester of my frosh year cause of the course load, playing college football and a high school sweetheart at home which dumped me when I failed the hell out of Temple University. What a hootie she was. Redeemed myself  with A's at St.Bernard's even at the 200's level courses. They had Mr. Toddros , an Egyptian teaching us and he had a tough time instructing us German grammar in broken Egyptian English. So, he asked me to teach a number of classes for him when we were heavy into the grammar element of the German Language.    

 If you remember our house, members, our parties or the incidents that you interacted with us please relay. apetrone51@yahoo.com  

I would like to hear from The Queens, Port-of Call maids, Trofa,  Buster Cambrian and  Peggie one my GF that summer.


RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Alex Petrone
Date: Jan. 26, 2014

Wrote this later in the night with starry eyes, need to use the spell check more often than not. It was just a smidgen and will develop the characters further that I introduced half way through the passage.

 Hope I didn't offend anyone...


RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: pitypat
Date: Mar. 24, 2014

 Yes, I remember the College Grill well since I was a waitress there from about 1962-66.  I recently came across a photo of me with Jiggs and Babs Nugent . I still summer in OCNJ and reside in the Southend full time.  I have all of the same wonderful memories that others have shared and many more.  

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Saul Shocket
Date: Apr. 5, 2014

The College Grill was a magic place in 1965. At that time, I drove a 1961 green Austin Healy Sprite which I usually parked in the dirt lot behind the CG. I ate there most days, after being introduced to the iconic restaurant by my good friend Gigi Carrier, who waitressed there.

7 nights-a-week  plus wknd sessions at Bayshores, & after hour gigs at the Dunes, kept me pretty busy that summer, as I played tenor sax for the incredibly insane but legendary Tito Mambo (DeLaCruz) & the Messiahs of Soul.

At summers end, the band packed up & resumed our road travel schedule. Apparantly, though, I had left with an unpaid CG tab. When Gigi informed me of that fact, I think I mailed them a check. At least I hope so.  That was 49 yrs ago, and the College Grill is now long gone, but interestingly, the memories remain strong.

For me, leaving OC/SP at seasons end produced a feeling that I could best describe as empty, though always with the possibility of returning for another magic summer. As most of us have learned, those summers inevitably come to an end, but not necessarilly the memories/emotions that accompanied & grew from our experiences at the Jersey Shore during the summers of the 60's.


RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: "anonymous # 2"
Date: Apr. 25, 2014

 Hi Saul,

Though I can't say I remember you personally, "Anonymous #1 and myself did work at the college Grill the summer of '65 that you refer to.  The only memory that I have, that YOU might remember, is I'm pretty sure it was the "kick off" of the season and Memorial Day weekend at Bay shores.  Dear 'ol Tito did an outrageous and amazing dive off of the dock behind Bay Shores into the bay as the music played wildly !!!  WHAT a memorable performance !!!  In addition I can't remember how we even got in there since we all were underage.  ;o~  I think our heads were spinning and we were wondering what we had gotten ourselves into with our summer jobs.  I always say it was the end of "Happy Days" and "Woodstock" hadn't started yet ......    

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Saul
Date: Apr. 27, 2014

Hey annonymous, tnx for the response. Although I must have been with Tito at the Batshores dock for his dive, I don't remember that. What I do remember was  around that time, we played at maybe the same spot u speak of. Could also be the same crazy event you're thinking of. If so, I remember it a bit differently.

To introduce the 1965 Summer season at Bayshores, Tito announced that he'd walk on water. This was Easter, and as u might remember, Tito looked vaguely like a demented version of how Jesus has been portrayed in paintings. Actually, the official name of our group was ATHESUS AND THE MESSIAH'S OF SOUL.

Tito, I mean Athesus, unbeknownst to the large crowd of onlookers anxiously awaiting this publicized feat, earlier had some risers installed just under the water. Everything went strangely well, as Athesus, accompanied by myself on froze tenor sax, clad in robes and sandals, strode out to sea. Nearing the last riser, he slipped and fell, immediately losing his Godly countance as he flailed about obviously unable to swim. A I was choking on my mouthpiece with laughter, Tito, I mean Athesus was pulled from the water. And so began the 1965 Summer season at Bayshores. Anyway, that's how I remember it. S





RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: gretchen b. collins
Date: May. 18, 2014

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Rick K.
Date: May. 27, 2014
My memories of Ocean City start in the late 60’s working at Wonderland Pier. We would open at 12 noon or the late shift to midnight. We had a baseball league with Gillian’s Fun Deck, Watson’s Restaurant, Play land Amusement Park and Scotch Hall Restaurant. We would play at 5th street on Saturday and had some great players from various schools from South Jersey and Philly. Bike rides in the early morning trying not to be hit by the old people who had no business on a bike. Collecting bottles from the trash cans for the deposit, 2 cents for a small bottle and a nickel for a quart bottle. Spending the money for candy and punks we would light and burn any bug that was near us. Body surfing waves and being bounced of the ocean floor by the big breakers. Riding our bikes behind the city truck spraying some type of fog to kill mosquitos. Never knew what they were spraying. Whiffle ball games on the beach and passing the football in the ocean. Trying to make those spectacular catches to impress the girls. Wake up the next day sore only to be healed by lunch time. The sad thing was we didn’t realize these would be some of the best times of our young lives and never took time to appreciate how much fun each day would bring. Oh did I mention climbing under the life guard boats and pushing sand up to create a private place to fall in love.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Rick Abandond
Date: Jun. 8, 2014

 Worked the summer of '62 and '63 at The College Grill at 14th and the Boardwalk. We were the constant rivals of Bob's but, of course, thought we were cooler. Bill Symonds, the owner, hired the most gorgeous co-eds as summer waitresses. And I believe the name of the nautical-themed shop of the boardwalk someone brought up earlier was the Smuggler's Shop run by a NJ teacher named Sam and his wife.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Saul
Date: Jun. 14, 2014

Does any one know what the story was behind the College Grill's closing, & when it closed?

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Amanda R.
Date: Jul. 23, 2014

 Hi, I am 31 years old and have never met my biological father. I have grown up in ocean city & surrounding area all my life & still reside here with my family. My mother lived in ocean city with her family before I was born. She had a short relationship with a guy named Mike (Michael) in 1982. I was conceived sometime probably may of 1982. Her name is Rebecca. She was 19 years old at the time & doesn't recall a last name. She does know that he worked at an arcade on the boardwalk on the corner of 8th street. This arcade no longer exists. My birthday is January 30, 1983. Anyway, it would mean the world to me if I could just get some answers. Is there any chance anyone remembers an arcade on or around 8th street in that time frame? Thank you so much.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Robin Tierney
Date: Aug. 2, 2014

So many great memories. I lived there summers til the mid-1970s at my grandparents' and other relatives' store, Boyars Market, on Asbury near 13th. Loved the pretend buildings at the Village Theaters, Glenns Toys, Shrivers taffy, Morrows peanuts, Litterer's oj, the music pier, Birdcage, mini-golf and hole-in-ones, the Sindia ship remains, Bob's and College Grills, vanilla cokes, red pepper flakes and oregano needed for Mack & Manco's pizza, cable tv and Philly newspapers, Bert's, Gillian's, Playland, Skeeball....

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Irv Boyd
Date: Aug. 20, 2014
My parents used to take us down to OC in the 1960's. We had owned a duplex on LBI in 1960-1962, but lost it during the 1962 storm. Went down there on my own in 1974 & 1975 and worked both summers at Shriver's. We went down for the month of August in 1968; rented the whole house on the corner of 1st and Corinthian ... what a summer and what a month. After MLK & RFK was Miami & the Siege in Chicago. My father made my brother and I get jobs the month of August. My brother got a paper route delivering the Bulletin, and I had my first round with the salt water taffy industry at another taffy place on the Boards up around 10th or 11th street; does anyone remember the name of that place. I got paid $1 an hour to walk around tables packing taffy into boxes. In '74 & '75 I got to run the machine - 'Rosey' in the front windows at Shriver's with Wayne Adams. After work, we'd hit the Dunes to get our hands stamped for later free admission, head back to either the Anchorage or Gregory's, and then back over to Dunes till Dawn after they closed - occasionally to Mother's. Good times, didn't save any money but had a great time.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Irv Boyd
Date: Aug. 20, 2014

Worked at Shriver's in 1974 & 1975 with holly Boyd (no relation to me), Wayne Adams, and Pam & Chris Gotwals whose grandparents had a home down in the Gardens.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Pam gilham
Date: Aug. 26, 2014

I have been going to ocean city since I was 17 in 1974 I remember watching the girls and guys riding to work on their bikes at dinner time with their pink uniforms and starched aprons and thinking how I wished I was them. When I got married and had our son we spent many summers there again in the 80s we sayed at the Bellvue hotel they had kitchens for families with children that you could rent. it had a stove refrigerator and some cupboards. There was a great dining room with lots of tables with tablecloths. The lobby had the only tv in the hotel and each night they showed movies that our son and us would watch.agter walking on the boardwalk We would sit on the big front porch and watch people coming and goi g from the beach. The double glass front doors were always open and you could smell the salt air in the lobby. 

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Lee Oldershaw
Date: Sep. 6, 2014

Ocean City was one of my childhood haunts. My parents would rent a room in one of the multi-story guest houses for a week starting from probably 1939 when I was 2 yrs old. I remember the boardwalk lights blacked out so Uboats couldn't silhouette ships against them. The beach had tar from sunken ships for decades after that.
Gillian's Fun Deck was a favorite. I see it's much expanded and has several locations. The merry-go-rounds ( MGR ) were much faster in those days before OSHA. They had a small Ferris wheel, bump-em cars and tilt-a-whirl which usually made me sick. There were several other amusement locations then that had huge, fast  MGRs. The music pier was where I probably heard my first classical music. A small classical orchestra often played there. The Flanders Hotel pool was open to the public for a fee and their high diving board was a .challenge of fear. It was probably 10 ft. high.
Beach erosion was a problem then and the surf was frequently under the boardwalk at the north end. Sometimes surf splashed up through the boardwalk. They kept re nourishing but they never put dunes up like it appears now on Google Earth. There were hamburger shacks on the beach behind the boardwalk. There was nothing better than a juicy one with a pinch of nice crispy sand.
Back then after I was about 10, my parents just turned me loose on the boardwalk at night. Late one night just before Gillian's was about to close when I was about 15, I was riding the MGR with only a pretty 15 year old girl on the other side of the MGR. I was too shy to approach her but the young guy running it was putting the gold ring in the arm so she would get it and he could talk to her while he gave her the free ride ticket. He kept it in his shirt pocket. When he inserted it in the arm, I would skip a ring and then I would get it instead of the girl. It didn't let me to meet the girl but it made him mad. Such was the lot of shy nerdy kids.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Cindy
Date: Sep. 27, 2014

Boy did this website ever take me back!  Family first started going to OC in the 50s, then started renting houses for a month in August in the 60s, almost always near 26th Street beach.  Many people have spoken of the boardwalk food, so won't repeat it here, but i'd always go back to Philly in September a few pounds heavier! 

Some other memories:  My parents taking my brother and me, just kids, to hang out on the sidewalk outside the clubs in Somers Point to hear Mike Pedicin play (and so they could stock up on alcohol from the numerous liquor stores there!)

Renting bikes to ride the whole boardwalk early in the morning; surfing at 59th Street (and feeding my friend coffee soaked donuts at the restaurant there after his wisdom teeth were pulled).  Younger years walking up to 34th street market with my cousins to buy sodas (cherry or cream, big decision!) and comic books -- no TV in our rental. Always at least one ride on the Flying Saucer before the summer ended.

Going crabbing with my cousins every year in the tidal streams near the Dunes in Somers Point.  My mom tried cooking them once, but couldn't handle putting live crabs in boiling water, so after that we would always put the crabs back in the water at the end of the day, and then go get crab cakes takeout at Cambell's seafood take out.

Does anyone remember the leather shop around 10th and Asbury (give or take a few blocks) in the summer of '67?  That was my refuge in a difficult summer.

Working at Prep's pizzeria the summer of '68, living on the top floor dorm of a boarding house a few blocks off the beach, where I heard the Big Brother & the Holding Company record for the first time! 

It really was a magical place, and we had so much independence there as kids.  Thanks everyone for all your reminders!


RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Lee Banner
Date: Oct. 11, 2014

In the late 50's and early 60's, I noticed some popular ways big Football players kept in shape. Early mornings in Ocean City would see them on the beach, lifting the 50 gallon trash drums and dump them in the town trucks. Another was being an Ice Man, they would be carring large heavy blocks, of ice slung over their back with tongs. You would see them going onto the boardwalk, climbing stairs and so on for the delivery. From snow cones to chilling fish that was the way you got your ice.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Mary Walsh
Date: Oct. 13, 2014

 Hello everyone, 

So nice to hear everyone's memories of ocean city. And it was so nice to know that someone remembered Deans Pancake and Waffle House. My family owned Deans for several years and those years were some of the best years of our lives. 

If anyone reading this remembers working there or have friends who worked there or just remembers the best pancakes --- please email me. 

My family and all of deans employees had a wonderful relationship and would love to hear from u. 










RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: John Sim
Date: Nov. 24, 2014
When I was a child in the late 30s and early 40s my mother would take us to Atlantic City for the day. We would ride the Reading RR, windows open and soot blowing in. I believe were called "shoeboxers." At the age of 16 (1951) I asked my mother if I could go to Ocean City, and work for the summer. To my surprise she said yes. Her and my dad took me down in the car, we went to the boardwalk and started walking. I was carrying a suitcase, and I was looking for a job. Saw a sign in the window stating "Dishwasher Wanted." It was Simms' restaurant. James Simms the son of the owner hired me and put me to work the same day. Don't know if he hired me because my last name is Sim, I wish I knew more about my Scottish background, we may have been related. Simms owned a boarding house for the male workers and I stayed there. The pay was $35.00 for a 6 day week, some meals and the boarding house. Most of the other workers were college kids, and the girls were beautiful. When the job of bakers helper became available I asked for it. This is where we made the great cinnamon buns, and the two foot long loafs of rye bread. The following summer (1952) I worked for my mother, but every Friday night I would hitchhike to OC for the weekend, hitchhiking back on Sunday night. In 1953 I went down to OC early and got a job at Chris' restaurant. Again a 6 day job, basically as a runner as they called it. On Thursday my day off I would work for tips on one of Chris's fishing boats. He had two fishing boats, both converted PT boats, one was to catch fresh fish for the restaurant, the other was the party boat. The Flying Cloud was also a converted PT boat. The fishing boats each had two Packard engines, but Chris had a third engine mounted in the cloud. In it's initial run with only a few people aboard it was clocked at near 95 MPH as it went past OC. Chris, had a sense of humor. On Sundays people would come down to OC wearing their suits and fancy dresses, and what better to do, take a nice boat ride. Chris always was the pilot on Sunday. He would go out the bay then head south in front of OC, when he reached the end of the island he would bank the Cloud to turn it around, but he didn't let up on the speed. The spray would come completely over the boat drenching everyone. I can still remember all the complaints, and Chris just laughing. I lived in a boarding house where a bunch of the lifeguards lived, I believe it was called the "A" House. There was a very beautiful girl that all the lifeguards knew, she would walk the beach all the time. I was much younger than her (3 years) so I never got to meet her, but I remember her. Her name was Grace Kelly, her family had a house at around 32nd Street. This summer was to be my last great venture as I entered the Army right after the summer ended. Living in the mid-west makes it a little hard to visit OC, but I have been able to get back a few times. Small memories: The smell of peanuts roasting at the Planters shop. The dances at the hall around 1st Street. Not having a car and riding my mother's old bike all over OC. Falling in poppy love with a girl who worked at the Taylor Porkroll shop, and spending a lot of time necking under the boardwalk, they even wrote a song about the two of us.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Anonymous
Date: Dec. 7, 2014


Tnx for the well written and interesting description of a1960;s OC summer. Your words brought back the special feelings we all experienced.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Allen
Date: Jan. 15, 2015

 There was an OC restaurant with a PA Dutch Kitchen theme back in the 50's/60s? What was called "Pennsylvania Dutch Kitchen" or something else?

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Rick
Date: Jan. 30, 2015

 I remember going to a  drive-in hamburger place on the corner of 9th & Simpson. I think it was called The Round-up...does anyone recall?

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Lee
Date: Apr. 26, 2015

A lot of us have in our mind, an Ocean City that doesn't exist anymore. For me, that change occured in1957, when the green wooden Tabernacle was taken down. The park like grounds with Cedar trees an loose stone paths, are gone too. The concrete box that replaced it, has been made worse over the years, with other buildings built there. I could sit on our 5th Street porch, enjoying the "park" across the street, the train going across the Strand, and every now an then, the bridge going up. All long gone, except for many a fond memory! What has changed for you?

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Anonymous
Date: Apr. 27, 2015

 My family ties to Ocean City, NJ go back to the days of Peck's Beach, when my great great grandfather and his mother and aunt lived there awaiting his father's return from the sea. (He never returned...last name was Ireland which was later changed and my g-g grandfather then had his mother's maiden name.)  On my mother's side of the family, one of the founders, Dr. William B. Wood, was my great grandfather.  Fast forward to my lifetime of summers in OCNJ beginning at 14th St. At my grandparent's house, and then at 34th St.  I remember being in the baby parade, going on the rides at Gillian's Fun Deck and walking the boards every night of every summer of my childhood.  I took tennis lessons at the Rec Center and swimming lessons at the Flander's.  My friends and went to the dance at 6th st. Every night, walking to and from 34th St.  We had to be home before the traffic lights started blinking yellow.  Different times..My Dad rode the train every day to work.  In the '60's I worked at Voltaco's 34 th St.  Thank you to the Taccarinos and Volpes for great summer jobs!  (I later worked at the 10th st. Store)

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Jim hoyle
Date: May. 31, 2015

 I remember fishing off the 59th street pier also the Friday night movies at chapel hall ( 55 th st.) get there early for a good seat.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Dottie
Date: Jun. 20, 2015
My God, what memories flooded me reading everyone's posts! Thank you. Ocean City is where I find the fondest memories of my childhood. My parents bought their first property in 1965 and 2 more after that, so my earliest years started in April going down to "open" apartments till October to "close". Fortunately for me, I was too young to be of much help so I got to go play while my brother and sisters put up awnings and cleaned linens and kitchenware. Our place was on the North end of the island at 2nd St. My memories include racing up the boardwalk to the little news & candy store next to Johnson's ice cream to buy the latest Archie comic books. Feeding the seagulls loaves of bread on the beach before the "season" started and playing hide and seek with friends (locals of course) among all the vacant homes. Before the start of every season, I would get a new bike from Tom Oves because my dad and he were close friends and would store his bike rentals in our garages over the winter. I remember "sneaking" into The Flanders with friends because it had the coolest pool (but boy did it smell in the corridors!) I remember my dad and brothers stealing the "for sale" signs at 3rd and Park when word got out that they wanted to build a high-rise there! The Gardens Plaza eventually was built and it was a sore discussion around our house for years! I remember how proud I was t become "Captain" of the female mascots for the lifeguards at 2nd st. beach. Glorified gofers we were but we got to go in their boat and dive off when they would take it out once or twice a week to watch swimmers. We were the envy of all the other kids! Then there was the annual Life Guard races and our guards won! *Looking at you Bruce Wigo! At the end of the season they would take us all to Wildwood for a night of rides and fun. I remember jumping off the boardwalk at 4th street into the ocean before the Johnson fire which would change the boardwalk design. My season would come to and end the day after the Miss America Pageant Parade on the boardwalk in Atlantic City. My mother would never miss it, even if it meant I started school a few days late! My first job was at 15 working at Varsity Beach North (now Brown's) at St. Charles scooping water ice, boy dis I get a muscle in my right arm that summer! The next year I graduated to Varsity Beach South working at the popular hamburger stand at 2nd St. Oh the fun we had there! Bruce Symonds (owner of Varsity Inn on 8th St) was just starting college and we all worked for his dad George who hung in the back all day flirting with the ladies. Just about every night was spent at the Ancorage with their 7 beers for $1.00. I still keep in touch with a few from that era! I could go on and on.....Drift in and Sea, The Bird Cage, Rodger's (before Gilly's), 7th St. surfing, 9th St. Pavilion, College Grill, etc..... Memories that so many on here have shared. Thank you for filling Saturday morning with warmth!

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Kasey
Date: Jun. 27, 2015

 Wow, came across this site purely by accident and what a treasure of memories!  Swimming at Flanders, hanging out at the pavilion listening to the "hippies" play guitar (as my dad called them), the freedom of riding your bike to any beach, ice cream, pizza, arcades, a teenagers dream circa 1975. Meeting "college" boys, working at Lamont's, crabbing, Campbell's, the fearlessness of walking the boards after midnight, shopping on Asbury Ave., meeting the nicest people in the world and crying all the way home to Philadelphia at the end of every summer!

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Patti
Date: Jul. 9, 2015

 I have truly enjoyed reading all of your comments. It has brought back many wonderful memories! My family summered in Ocean City in the early 60's. We then lived their year round for a few years. I attended 3rd grade at the Wesley Ave School, then the new school was built. Does anyone remember being taught the " Ocean City Song"..... It started off " Ocean City we are proud of you"........? I still remember every word. Also a great Danish bakery...Kaj's? We went to after church on Sunday's. Riding my bike to Staintons. I also remember a great little Italian sandwich place on 11th St?? They made the best tuna hoagie!Night in Venice during flood tide.....watching all the boats and standing ankle deep on the dock.

the dilapidated boat on the Bay where "mr Cooper " lived

looking forward to reading more of your comments

Patti O.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Judy Reif
Date: Jul. 15, 2015
I remember my parents would rent a house we called" Cecilia" around 49th and West - back then all that was across the street were the bull rushes and when the train would pass it would rattle the whole house! We would watch for the prop planes passing over the bull rushes spraying for mosquitos. Tom Perkins an Ocean City local would sing at the Music Pier and we would dress up to go!!

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Anonymous
Date: Jul. 21, 2015

 Do you remember the Smuggler Shops owned by Sam McDowell with Iron Mike, He resides in a museum in Key West, Sam was  a Temple Grad art major on the football team went to school with my mother Janet Bickley Barfoot, My Grandfather Harry Barfoot taught at Lincoln HS head of athletics and my father Harry Jr. Went to Frankford HS where he met my mother. The family spent every summer from the early 20's to 1978 when dad sold the house at 18th and Wesly. Sam is still around a famous artist in Carmel CA. He does scrimshaw knives and paints, active in his late 80's. I'm the youngest of the 4 we all learned to swim in the Flanders 3 pools  which are no longer there. Every Sunday we would get Hickmans Seafood to have a family dinner at the house, I being young from the 60's had no appriation of seafood.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Lori
Date: Jul. 22, 2015

 I just found this site and am really enjoying reading everyone's memories. Some things I remember,  others sound wonderful and I wish I could have experienced them.  Most of the stores that I remember from the 70's - 80's or 90's are unfortunately gone. I loved the Heritage Shop,  Drift in and Sea, Fisherman's Wharf, and The Connoussieur.  I just visited OCNJ about two weeks ago and found out Old Salt had closed.  That broke my heart!

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Hockey bob
Date: Jul. 23, 2015

 Where was the shooting gallery on the boardwalk?  The one with the bb's and you shot at the boats in the water or the moving targets.  Always my first stop on the boardwalk in the 60's.  Thanks.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Erik Wanberg
Date: Aug. 2, 2015

 Staintons, in the late 70's and early 80's, was a favorite shopping destination for my dear mother, and of course Yours Truly! I was born in 1975, and mom shopped there often throughout my young life. I remember the carpets, very colorful, and I loved to crawl underneath the circular clothing displays, hiding in the middle and waiting for mom to find me. How often did I hear "Erik Michael Wanberg" please report to the customer service desk? Perhaps it was time to go home!

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Anonymous
Date: Aug. 3, 2015

 Thank you

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: PM Simmons
Date: Aug. 10, 2015

 I recently wrote an e-book, currently on Amazon, called  One Summer in Ocean City and Selected Poems (by PM Simmons). The first part is a novella about four young women spending the summer in Ocean City and working in Somers Point at the beginning of the 1960s. It is a nostalgic look at this bygone era at the shore and at the mores of an earlier time. The second part is a selection of poems. I would welcome any commenats from anyone who might read the book.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Anonymous
Date: Aug. 16, 2015

I'm definitely going to order PM Simmons nostalgic 1960's OC Novel.

From another perspective, I too have recently published a memoir which covers my 1965 Summer as a musician working Bayshores, and the Dunes with the wild and infamous Tito Mambo. So if you're looking for even more 1960's OC magic, check out You're Saul? I thought you'd be bigger. My book can also be ordered on Amazon or B & N, both in paperback or e-book.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Dan
Date: Aug. 19, 2015

It is very interesting reading all these comments. I made a list of things that I remember that are not there anymore, and a list of things that have been around since my childhood, which I treasure and appreciate the fact that they are still there!

Things not there anymore:

The diesel trains

The A & P at 16th street

6th and asbury 1 bay fire station

Newspaper boys on bikes

Chris's Boat and Seafood

Hogates - the first thing you saw when you came in 9th street

Staintons Annex at 8th and West- lots of toys and knicknacks for 10 cents

Jernee Manor- 36th and Central- Part of the building was an pld lifesaving station with a cupola and revolving searchlight. They had carpeting that ran across the alley to their annex

34th street beach grill

Exxon gas station at 34th and central

Parkway Pharmacy at 34th and asbury

Aquaport  34th and asbury

Campbells seafood

48th street market and laundramat

52nd street market

Top Of The Waves Hotel 55th and Central

Stewarts Gulf Station 55th and Asbury

59th street fishing pier

Dairy Queen 34th street

The marsh behind Asbury Ave from 36th street to 50th street (West ave was built there when I was 9 in 1969)

Christian Brothers at 31st and Central (4 houses going up now that are twice the size of the surrounding houses)

Sindia Wreck visable from around 17th street


Roberts Ice Cream next to Gillians Fun Deck (Site of current water slide)

Villiage Theatre (very interesting entrance- looked like a Hollywood back lot with false storefronts)

Candy store on Boardwalk (Johnsons?) between 5th and 6th. Burned down around 1970



Huge Flanders Pool

Smugglers and Connesuer Shops

HUGE Paul Bunyan at Golden Galleon Golf (with tiny model store nexr door)

Glenn Toys (Sale every August with lines stretching down the boardwalk for blocks)

Copper Kettle fudge (Guys in windown churning the fudge)


Things that are still there




Shorts variety store 55th and asbury



Tuckahoe Inn

The Anchorage



Dots at 33rd and Asbury


Thanks to all who put memories on here! Its nice to remember how it was

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Dana
Date: Aug. 21, 2015

Perhaps I missed comments about these things, but here goes:

From the 50's and 60's

The airport, it's oil/sand runway, the small white building with a porch. On the porch was a Dr.Pepper machine and old lounge chairs where Lou the elderly airport manager sat. My dad was a pilot and we used to fly to OC then taxi the plane over to Walnut Ave on dirt roads through the phragmites and unload our suit cases at the house! There were no runway lights, so if my dad heard a plane approach the runway after dark, he'd drive over and shine the headlights down the runway so that the pilot could see. One of the passengers on such an occasion was a young Jerry Blavatt!

Dana's Pastry Shop was where you could see a lovely shell collection, hear the wooden floors creak and select a lopsided, but most delicious cake from the glass cases. Cinnamon buns were the real deal.

Pete Jumps ice cream cones with "jimmies".

Boyar's vegetable stand...outdoors at the old butcher shop and grocery store.

The sand lot at the "triangle"...Bay Shore Dr.  sadly is now a manicured grassy landscape...no more ball games for kids and teens.



RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Anonymous
Date: Sep. 3, 2015
The piggies were located on the boardwalk side of 'Playland' next to the shooting gallery. It was called the "pig-a-dilly circus' Robert Sakson

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Peggy F
Date: Sep. 15, 2015

love reading all the memories from the late fifties through the late sixties. It was the greatest place to go on vacation every summer. One thing I remember that no one has mentioned. A very large machine that made and wrapped salt water taffy. It was in a glass enclosed room.  Ring a bell with anyone? 

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Allen
Date: Sep. 24, 2015
Salt Water Taffy, probably Shrivers https://www.facebook.com/Shrivers-Salt-Water-Taffy-Fudge-139090128811/timeline/

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Cheryl Breeger
Date: Oct. 17, 2015

My family and I would spend at least 2 weeks in Ocean City every Aug. from 1960 through 1972..We lived in Upper Darby,Pa and I remember my brother Gary and I being so very excited once my dad drove over the Penrose bridge...on to Ocean City!!!  We always stayed in a dark green shingles 2 storied house on Asbury Ave..I believe in the 4800 block or so... My aunt and uncle lived in a house across the street. What memories!!! Campbells Seafood,Tuckahoe Inn, renting bikes,Chris ' s Dock and speedboat rides, that orange juice place on the boardwalk and of course that soft sand beach!!! I live in Florida now and I can't believe I actually swam all day in that FREEZING water when I was a kid!!! Lol  Someday maybe I will visit again..

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Bill Cattell
Date: Nov. 1, 2015

 My dad and mom use to take me to Ocean City as a kid.  I always loved the Wooden Paddle - they had the BEST Rum Raisin ice cream.

There was also the really cool hobby shop that had a display of a WWII battle scene.  That got me interested in collecting and paiting HO scale soldiers and tanks.

There was always the best pizza from a few different places.  I really miss getting to go the shore.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Lee
Date: Dec. 13, 2015

Carol L. Oct. 7, 2012

I had friends who rented a small apartment at the Lincoln in the Summer of '70. As best I can recall, facing the bay with 9th St. to your right, it was a ground level apartment on the far left of the building. Wasn't most of the building empty? Yes, a total dive but at 18 who cared?

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Don S
Date: Dec. 18, 2015

As a nine year old spent the summer of 65  on Brighton Place. Had my first vanilla and cherry cokes at Johnsons Ice cream They used real vanilla and cherry syrup kids. Anyone remember Lazalears at third street? I too remember at high tide bodysurfing under the board walk. The cost to rent that third floor from Mem day through Labor Day? 500 dollars. Remember nothing really other than vacant lots past the blinking flasher at 25 th street? I was fortunate to own from 97 thru  06 3100 block of central Ave. I really cherish the summers spent there and long for those days. This is what it means to get old

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: jsb
Date: Dec. 26, 2015

 No one believes the story of the pigs when I tell it. 

At 6th st in what is now Gillians there was an arcade. One of the games was to throw a baseball and try to get it in one of the holes in a canvas drape. If you did, a bell would ring and above the drape was a row of bars and behind them a space/corridor that fronted small cages. In the cages were piglets and when the bell rang the cage above the hole opened and the pig came out. He/she would go back a fort a bit but the only exit was to a sliding board that went from the cage level to the floor level. The pig would squeal and eventuall end up down the slide from where he would run around the floor space until he/she found the little exit under the slide. 

Can anyone confirm this lest I be accused of "false memories"



RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Bob Bernstein
Date: Mar. 31, 2016

 Hi all, I enjoy reading all the memories!

One thing I wonder about, and no one seems to comment on it.  Back in about  63 or so, I remember what appeared to be "ruins" of buildings on the beach.  This was on the south end.  We always stayed at around 42nd and Central.  A daily event was our beach walk and whenever we went south we'd come upon these 2 foot high concrete wall remains with rebar sticking up out of them.  

I used to imagine a block of buildings were wiped out by a storm or something, but I never knew the real history.




RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Greg Rager
Date: May. 3, 2016
I turned 70 yesterday. Been a looooooooong time. When I was 11-14, my mom and I used to come to Ocean City every summer on Vacation. My memories of the Boardwalk are the taffy pulling machine in the window, the rickshaws, and Taylor Pork Roll sandwiches. We stayed at the Fountain View motel, which at the time, was owned by Mr. & Mrs West (wonderful people who lived on premises). I know the Fountain View still exists, and we hope to stay there this year when we visit. I also remember eating breakfast every morning at a little restaurant called the Hen House. I can't remember the street location and/or intersection where it was located, but it wasn't too far from the motel. Anyone know where it was? THANX!

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: marilynryanhall
Date: May. 15, 2016

purple pussycat hotel 1975..ANYBODY OUT THERE??? I worked there with a bunch of great people.Would love to hear from someone!! Also any "Sam the Band" fans... 

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Michael
Date: Jun. 11, 2016

 wow what memories. Worked at the college grill in 72 then shirts and things for Gabe Bush and at coastal state bank for Phil Diberardino. Work all day and party all night the Sandbar Tony Marts The Anchorage and the Dunes til Dawn then go to work in the AM . 76 best time of my life. My mom still lives there.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Randy Mazzoni
Date: Jun. 16, 2016

 Bob Bernstein that was the storm of 1962 that wiped out the ocean city beachfront homes you're speaking about. 

1985 in Ocean City

Posted by: Eric Moyer
Date: Jun. 19, 2016

 I am working on a movie script set in Ocean City in the summer of 1985. Anyone care to share any memories from that year or from the 80s in general?

Was there any annual competitive events that teens would participate in? I know about the message in a bottle contest.

I know Back to the Future played at The Strand from July 3 on...anyone know what played at the theater before it?

Also hoping to find pics of the mummies/monsters that used to terrorize everyone from the roof of Playland. Anyone have pics?






RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Maryellen
Date: Jun. 29, 2016

 My grandparents, who were originally  from Philadelphia, owned a sundries store called Maier's on Asbury Ave.  The store sat on a corner but I am not sure of the side street .  The store had apartments above which they would rent out in the summer.  The store also had a soda fountain...served ice cream, made grilled cheese, "jersey subs", etc..  When my dad came home from the war, he helped run the business.  My dad met my mom in Ocean City (she was from WV) they married in 1947, and Mom also worked in the store.  I was told my family knew the Kelly's, because they would  frequent Maier's.  If anyone has the original address, or knows if the building still exists, I'don't like to know, or if anyone remembers Maier's.  My grandparents sold the business in or around 1955 and moved to Fl.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Maryellen
Date: Jun. 29, 2016

 My grandparents, who were originally  from Philadelphia, owned a sundries store called Maier's on Asbury Ave.  The store sat on a corner but I am not sure of the side street .  The store had apartments above which they would rent out in the summer.  The store also had a soda fountain...served ice cream, made grilled cheese, "jersey subs", etc..  When my dad came home from the war, he helped run the business.  My dad met my mom in Ocean City (she was from WV) they married in 1947, and Mom also worked in the store.  I was told my family knew the Kelly's, because they would  frequent Maier's.  If anyone has the original address, or knows if the building still exists, I'd like to know, or if anyone remembers Maier's.  My grandparents sold the business in or around 1955 and moved to Fl.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: George
Date: Jul. 8, 2016
Bob Bernstein, one of those was the house we rented every summer for several years. Wesley was a small road behind the houses. After the storm our house had been moved across Wesley and deposited on top of the small hot dog hamburger stand that served beach traffic. And yes I was also one of the Lifeguard mascot gofers who would get hot dogs for the lifeguards.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Lisa
Date: Jul. 21, 2016

Anyone remember the Flanders snack bar?  They had the best fruit punch! 

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Cheryl Breeger
Date: Jul. 25, 2016

 Yes about the piglets!!! My mom lived in Ocean City after high school graduation in 1948...She would tell us about them and how popular it was..She lived in Wildwood during WW II too. Told us about a chair "thingy" that would take you for a ride over the waves???A Rollercoaster type ride but with one seat ?? 

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Jay Smith
Date: Jul. 31, 2016

Have just stumbled into this site and bookmarked it.

Graduated OCHS in 1963. Parents ran the Wyoming Hotel at 724 Ocean Ave.

Posters have resurrected many memories of the town. I was just there a month ago - 1st time since 06.

I could answer a bunch of questions but many were asked in 08-09 so maybe they have already been addressed. I did not go thru the entire thread.

Having said that, I've checked the 'notify me when new comments ...' box.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Lee Banner
Date: Aug. 6, 2016

 Jay Smith, OCHS 63 would have been my class, if we hadn't moved away. I went to Kindergarten at the Wesley Av school, Sept. 1950. The brick building, always reminded me of a miniature castle. The build outs on each side in front, kind of gave the look of turrets. My classroom was, on the second floor right front. The big bay window, had a seat running along the front, with storage underneath. That is where my favorite school toy was kept, a big yellow metal truck! I recall, we were given a small  box of milk, before getting on our blankets for nap time. Were you in that class? Lived only a block away, think the number was 432 on Central. I walked to school by myself, didn't have to worry about cars in the off season, there weren't any ! That house is long gone, replaced by a condo. Next door lived my best buddy Richard Adams, his father was a Fireman. My Grandparents lived around the corner on 5th Street. We visited so much, plus spent part or all of many a Summer with them, it was like I never had moved.  The 5th Street house, is still owned by a family member. Its been in the family for 100 years or more, only if it could talk! Lee Banner

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Anonymous
Date: Aug. 10, 2016

 Does anyone remember the name of the seafood restaurant on the boardwalk in the late 50's early 60's. I can only remember it was white with a green roof and had old pine wooden tables in it, idk I was young but that's what I remember. I thought the "Drift in and Sea" nautical/ gift store on the boardwalk had the coolest stuff. I worked one summer in college at "Talk of the Walk" on the boardwalk. It was next to Henrys and I think I had a little crush on Henry that summer.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: jimmy b
Date: Aug. 31, 2016

 The name of the resaurant on the Boardwalk at 8th Street was 


RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Jay Smith
Date: Sep. 2, 2016

 Lee, we had to be in the same class.

Last time I looked, eons ago, the building housed the police department.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Kirk Davis
Date: Sep. 6, 2016

I grew up in OC until moving away in 85, although my mother continued to live there for years. We moved there in 1960. My father owned the Mobil station at 9th & Asbury Ave. Then a Shgell Station at 6th and West.  Both are long gone. While I could write pages on what it was like  about 1965 he hired girls to pump gas for him, dressing them in Halter tops, hot pants and white go go boots.  At the time this was a HUGE deal.  I am hoping to find pictures and or any of the girls who owrked there.  I believe that some stayed at the Whilimiena(sp) between 10th & 11th on asbury.  Others stayed acroos the street next to the drug store.  Please contact me at kirk97132 at Yahoo.com

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Jay Smith
Date: Sep. 6, 2016

 Kirk, your Dad Ron and I were friends although of considerably different ages. I remember the girls and would hang out at the station then some of us would go to the Point later.

He'd keep my pychadelic '57 Chevy wagon running and air-chisled the top to make a one of a kind car.

He also painted my Triump Vitesse. It was almost dry when one of his guys leaned on a fender. His palm print was permanent.

Fun times

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Anonymous
Date: Sep. 10, 2016

Jay, Altough I was pretty young I have a lot of memories from back then.  Yet they 57 chevy wagon & triump are not among them.  SO tell me would I know you from anything else?  Going back to those early days I remember a girl named Nina who was dating a guy named Mark Ciccone(sp) maybe you knoew Bobby Russel, Jimmy Sundstrom.  Hell back then even JImmy Dee was hanging aound with his 57 chevy at times....I am sorry to say I have no recolecction of you.  Any chance you might dig up photos?


RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Kirk Davis
Date: Sep. 10, 2016

Ya know it musta been Joe Kooch who painted your car.  I do remember him painting a few vehicles back then. FUnny how stuff comes back to you out of the blue. 


RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Springhead
Date: Sep. 10, 2016

 Purple Pussycat Hotel - I used to be the manager for the last few years it was open.  Worked there 5 summers for Bob Davis, an amazing mentor.  Business was sold in late summer of '77, it burned down in the winter and was replaced in the spring.  Lots of memories for sure, met lots of cool and interesting characters and reminisce about them from time to time

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Jay Smith
Date: Sep. 23, 2016

 Back to Kirk.

I only have a photo of my '57 Chevy Wagon.

Where might you know me from? I ran the White Whale coffee house from about 64 to 66. Folk Rock came in in 67 and messed up that scene. The hot place then was the Purple Dragon.

Girls pumping gas at Mobil Station circa 1965

Posted by: Kirk
Date: Sep. 24, 2016

Jay.....even though I was a young brat, I was always hanging out at the station, the girls all loved the bosses son.  I remember a lot of guys from back then, besides growing up in town.  You were a bit older than I was.  You might remember a snot nosed kid always getting told to get outa the shop and not to hang out with the girls out front.  Thanks for checking your pictures.  All the searching on the internet and I cannot find any reference to the girls workiing the pumps.  Tpp far back in time I guess, Kirk

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Jay Smith
Date: Sep. 24, 2016


I was born in March of 45. Maybe that helps.

I can scan the 57 Chevy pic if you'd like.

I thought I'd be alerted to new posts to this thread, but haven't been.

So I just check in periodically which explains my delays in response

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Jay Smith
Date: Sep. 25, 2016

 I never mentioned my day jobs.

I was an announcer on WSLT (OC) and WFPG (AC-Steel Pier) 1964 or 5 til 1970.

I may be off on the White Whale and Purple Dragon Years. I forgot I ran "The Place" at 624 Asbury. One of the 2 years I had that was the year of Woodstock. I started heading up there with a group but we got word that things were not going well so we detoured to the Newport Jazz Festival.

RE:Jay; Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Kirk
Date: Sep. 29, 2016

Jay....... I guess we are just a little too far apart in age summer of '70 I was going into 9th grade.  By then dad had the Shell station at 6th and West. It was Raab denist office for a while after he died. I have no idea what it is now.  Thanks for offereing to scan the picture of the car, but if I don't remember it now I doubt if seeing it will help.  If you know of anyone who has photos from then, please send them my way.  Thanks a lot, Kirk Davis


RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Jay Smith
Date: Oct. 16, 2016


In 70, I was 25 and married in the Methodist church at 8th & Central.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Rob Eckenrode
Date: Dec. 9, 2016

Wow such great reading, brings back a lot of memories! Thanks!I  I worked at Lynn Newcomer's parking lot on 14th street between Ocean and Wesley Ave. Used to wax my surfboard while I was working, kind of a chick magnet, never rode it, scared to death of it. Lunch time walked down to Bob's beach level stand to get a hot dog and a birch beer. I would see "Jiggs" at the College Grill and we would talk too darn long, that meter reader from Vineland NJ really knew how to talk. He used to cry out "Hey Boy" no matter who you were. The diving suit as I read in an earler post was standing in front of the Smuggler Shop the owner had a row boat and every morning went out to sea for a paddle! I loved the extra "wide" Ocean City Sentinel Ledger" newspaper the real wide paper, hard to hold and read. I could go on for hours, more later!

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Jay Smith
Date: Dec. 16, 2016

 That's great, Rob. Good ol' Jiggs.

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Nonna Mouse
Date: Jan. 3, 2017

Here's a picture of Jiggs from the sumer of 1965. Hope this works!

RE: Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Posted by: Michael
Date: May. 23, 2017

atel mom just passed recently. 55 yrs of vacations and living there have come to an end. What great memories😞😞😞😞 

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