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Ocean City, NJ Memories ...

Shoemaker Lumber CoThat's my Grandfather, Charles Homer Shoemaker, standing out in front of the business he owned with his brother ("Uncle Art") - C.H. Shoemaker Lumber Company. (That only LOOKS like a 3-legged horse). The Lumber Company still exists, although under different ownership, at 13th Street and West Avenue in Ocean City, N.J.

I can remember when trains (The Pennsylvania-Seashore Line) used to stop there with all kinds of deliveries, and recall stories of how my Grandfather would do all the math in his head - no calculators then (OR Sales tax).

I'd like to hear YOUR memories of Ocean City - and they don't have to be "ancient history". Just use the "Post A Comment" link below - you might get invited to become a "Guest Contributor" !!

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Memorial Day in Ocean City, NJ

Date: May. 28, 2010
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When I was a kid growing up in Ocean City ... On Memorial Day we'd put on our Little League uniforms and parade to Memorial field where there'd be a Memorial Day service. Selected Little Leaguer's would place wreaths on the markers as each Veteran's name was called. Afterward's we'd walk to the fields at 6th Street and the FIRST games of the season would be played.

 This year Ocean City's Annual Memorial Day Service is scheduled for Monday, May 31 starting at 11 a.m. at Veterans Memorial Park, 5th and Wesley Ave.

The 2010 Memorial Day address will be given by Lt. Col. Peter F. Rapetti, Jr., an Operations and Intelligence Troop Command Officer. The Honor Roll naming those who died in the service of the United States will be read by Bob Marzulli, Commander Elect, American Legion Post 525 of Ocean City. Brandon E. Gheen, VFW Commander, will toll the Memorial Bell. In the event of inclement weather, the service will be held in the Tabernacle Auditorium across the street from Veterans Memorial Park.

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Kayaking the Back Bay

Kayaking is a great way to explore the back bay area of Ocean City.   We've expanded our fleet to four kayaks, one being a double, and another is designed for fishing ( not catching .... just fishing ... we're still figuring out the catching part).

We usually launch beneath Ocean City's 34th Street bridge, and once we've crossed the Inland Waterway I'm satisfied to just drift with the current through the twists and turns of the pathways - although the kids seem to prefer racing, splashing and ramming.

It's a great way to get some exercise and experience the wildlife in the wetlands. As soon as the weather's warm enough the kayaks end their hibernation beneath the house and make their appearance on the waterways. For fishing I prefer the trek to Corson's Sound, away from the traffic of the inlet.

Leave the cell phone at home, grab a paddle and a life vest and discover the Tideland Treasures that lie just west of America's Greatest Family Resort.

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My Favorite Ice Cream Event

Date: Mar. 22, 2008
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"Fan Appreciation Day at a la mode Ice Cream Parlor " - It may be 49 degrees and a bit cloudy, but it's a PERFECT day for Ice Cream at the shore - For the past ten years a la mode Ice Cream Parlor at 55th Street in Ocean City has thanked it's patrons by doling out FREE ice cream on the Saturday preceding Easter.

Already considered by many as the BEST homemade ice cream in Ocean City it always draws a crowd, even if they ARE dressed in winter jackets.

For many families it's the kick-off to the "pre-season" at the shore. Those chores around the shore house don't seem so burdensome when you know there's ice cream in the mix.

If you missed out this year be sure to add it to your 2009 calendar and stop by to say hello to Ginny, Caroline and the crew !

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The Boys of Spring ...

Date: Mar. 17, 2008
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Growing Up at the South Jersey Shore meant rooting for the Philadelphia Phillies. I shared the passion with my grandfather, who took me to my first professional baseball game in Connie Mack Stadium (Shibe Park).
Many evenings, and Sundays, have been spent with an ear to the radio following the Phils, even in the lean years.

Eventually we became a family with a partial season ticket plan, making the one hour drive to the Vet and Citizen's Bank Park about 20 times each year.

After last Season's finish we just couldn't wait for the season to start - so my three sons and I are making the venture to Clearwater, Florida to watch the Phils play a pair of Spring Training games. It's sure to build memories that'll last a lifetime.

Opening Day looms just a few short weeks away - which is a SURE sign that Summer is right behind. Nothing beats a day at the beach, or an afternoon on the water with a hoagie and a Phillies broadcast on the radio.
*** Follow the Spring Training Excursion and 2008 Phils Season at OCLifesABeach.com
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My Favorite Beach

As a kid we spent our summer afternoons on the Surf Road beach, that is, when we were lucky enough to go - Just because we live here doesn't mean we spent EVERY day at the beach ... and since we were just kids we didn't really have any say as to WHAT beach we went to - If Mom's friends went to Surf Road that meant WE went to Surf Road. until I was about 12 that was the only beach I knew of, outside of the beach right next to the Longport bridge (which we thought was real cool because at the right tide it had a gully).

When we were old enough to ride bikes to the beach on our own we discovered the North Street beach, which became my favorite beach because it had a stand where you could get a soda or a snack. We'd grab our bikes and ride to the beach balancing our rafts over our heads with one hand (we rode rafts then - not boogeyboards).

Now that I've got my OWN kids in tow (who wouldn't THINK about riding a bike to the beach) I've claimed 36th Street as my beach. It's a short drive from my current home, it's guarded, and I CAN walk there from home, stopping on the way to grab a snapple and a snack from Acme or WaWa, or Blitz's.

The BEST beach is whatever beach you visit ... it's a great place to START your day, spend your day, or finish your day.  Remember, a bad day at the beach is better than a GOOD day at the office ...

See you at the Beach !

Jim Marshall, CRS, ePro, GRI ... Beachcomber
email : Jim@JimOCNJ.com

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