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Nov. 11, 2006 - A Community BLOG


This BLOG has been created to serve as an electronic bulletin board for the 49ers Community. I will be posting periodic updates on 49ers Real Estate and have included below an update as of today. Please feel free to comment on any entries or post comments regarding the community at large. To be removed from the email notification list email me at Mike@TheSchneiders-Tucson.com. To be added to the BLOG notification list please notify me at that email address.

            Good BLOGGING.

- Mike Schneider 11/11/06

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Nov. 11, 2006 - re: A Community BLOG

Posted by Dawn Briggs
Thanks Mike.  We will look forward to future BLOGS.
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Nov. 12, 2006 - re: A Community BLOG

Posted by Ferroll
OK........so what does this have to do about golf?
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A blog devoted to the 49ers CC community in Tucson, Arizona with frequent real estate updates for the community. Any and all comments are welcome regarding 49ers, 49ers real estate, or other community concerns or announcements. For further information, contact me at (520) 250-1233 or email me at MikeSchneider@longrealty.com .


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