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Central Florida Real Estate Blog - Marc Grossman, GRI

January 2008

Real Estate - What Is It To Me?

Jan. 29, 2008
This is a great business. There is nothing really simple with buying and selling real estate because of all of the complexities involved in what many of us may feel is a simple transaction. The rewards that we acquire are bringing all of these individ

Orlando, Orange County, Florida – Employment & Economy

Jan. 24, 2008
Orlando is generally known for being a tourist destination and as such we've had basically more of a service-oriented economy for many years. But as you've read in the previous article, there is more to Orlando than just the theme parks. Don't get me wr

Orlando, Orange County, Florida - The City Beautiful

Jan. 24, 2008
The City of Orlando, Orange County, Florida is known as The City Beautiful and comprises over 100 square miles. When people think of Orlando and Central Florida, the first thoughts that probably come to their mind are Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando

Foreclosure Plan – Is this a Panacea or a Step in the Right Direction?

Jan. 11, 2008
he is proposing that the federal government administer a program that would refinance these properties facing foreclosure with a fixed-rate mortgage interest of 3.5%.

Central Florida – Now is the Time to Buy!

Jan. 11, 2008
Yes, you heard me correctly. Now is an excellent time to purchase that Central Florida home that you've been dreaming about! You don't believe me, well then read on.

Life and Real Estate – What Do You Want and Where Are You Heading?

Jan. 11, 2008
What do you want out of life and real estate? This is not meant to be a personal blah, blah, blah, but it's also the only way I know how to relate the way I see things. Call it Marc's semi-educated outlook, if you wish

Vacant House Safety

Jan. 11, 2008
This is about vacant house safety because of a situation that I had to deal with over the last several days. Obviously, this person was quite tenacious.

Apopka, Seminole County and Orange County, Florida

Jan. 11, 2008
Apopka is located in Central Florida just Northwest of Orlando straddling both Orange County and Seminole County. Apopka is very accessible to all areas of Central Florida due to the major roads that traverse it.

Central Florida Real Estate Blog - Marc Grossman, GRI

Altamonte Springs, Florida

This blog is an avenue to relate information and sites that may be of interest to you in regard to real estate. There will be miscellaneous meanderings about me and opinions in regard to real estate and the Central Florida market in particular.


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