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Saul Klein

Business/Management , Licensed Real Estate Broker

License # CA Lic 00523998

About Me

Graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy (1972) Served on Active Duty for 5 years aboard USS Mount Vernon (LSD 39) and USS Elliot (DD967) Bit by the Real Estate Bug in 1974, licensed in 1975, Broker License in 1977.

I love to write (as often as I can), fish (hardly ever any more), run (almost every day for 30 minutes, even in Saskatoon), work in the garden with my wife Janie, have conversations with my granddaughter Ryan (12 years old), and vacation in Honolulu at least once a year if possible (Hawaii is my hobby, check out http://RoyalHawaiian.com).


Saul's Notes

A collection of notes and observations by Saul Klein, CEO of Point2 Technologies and InternetCrusade.

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