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 My name is Robert Steele and my company Internet Brokers Group Real Estate Media Network has been providing a hand picked team of Developers, Marketers, Programmers, Designers and Project Managers, all seasoned veterans when it comes to Real Estate Media Technology, Website development and Custom Real Estate Marketing Systems for both Brokers and REALTORS® in Canada since 1994.


14 years ago when the Internet Brokers Group Real Estate Media Network first began evolving it wasn't even a thought in most REALTORS® minds that today in 2008 search engines like Google, Yahoo and local Real Estate Portal websites would have become one of the primary real estate research tools used by both buyers'and sellers’ searching for local real estate. well it did happened and now you need to compete both Online and Offline with local real estate marketing and lead generation systems to be successful as a REALTOR® today.


Everyone wants to be at the top position of Google,Yahoo,MSN and others for their most important local real estate phrases and to gain exposure. You will soon learn that you need to be marketing on many of the social networks in order to attract buyers as well However, just like a good game of Black Jack, it takes both knowledge and skill of the game to beat your competition. Imagine playing Black Jack for the first time. What do you think your chances are of winning? Your chances probably aren't so good.


Internet Brokers Group Real Estate Media Network has been involved in developing custom Real Estate Marketing Systems both online and offline now for over 14 years and has been involved in the development and launch of over 3000 websites including the very first completely Virtual Real Estate Franchise in Alberta. (No Bricks and Morter).




Being involved in the development of close to 3000 websites since 1994 and several exclusive real estate software applications IBG has become seasoned and able to consult with you and help mold and customize the Technology systems you now need for your office and personal websites based on your specific Brokerage and REALTORS® needs as each office and REALTOR® is quite unique as we all know.


We have been able to bring overheads down, help with new REALTOR® recruiting and generate more online Buyer and Seller leads and Mortgage leads while decreasing the bottom line and increasing your ROI with lead generation and Extreme exposure to both listings and REALTOR® profiles.


Your listings will appear on thousands of websites instantly 60 minutes after you broker load listings to your board.


I was the Director of Technology for and International Franchiser HomeLife Realty Services and stepped down in 2007 after 4 years to pursue custom marketing solutions for both REALTORS® and Brokerage Offices.


I'm currently the Director Of Technology for MaxWell Realty in the province of Alberta and several other real estate firms.


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