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Larry Perry

Information Technology, Vendor


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 In 1978 I purchased my first computer.  I paid about $400 plus tax for it.  There wasn't much to it, but it had a whopping 4,000 bytes of memory and a black and white monitor. There was no floppy drive, let alone a hard drive.  All programs and data were on cassette tapes.  Very unreliable, but it worked most of the time.  I learned to program on that computer.

  Around 1980 I bought a TRS-80 Color Computer, another Radio Shack product, and launched my first advertising campaign near the end of 1982.  The local Radio Shack store had been selling my programs, but it was time to really open the doors and go national.  With a few hundred dollars and some help from my wife in the design and layout of our first magazine ad, we sent off our hard earned money and bought 3 months of advertising.  Well, needless to say, we made money the first month, moved up to a full page, and ended up with two full page color ads.  Double Density Software went up like a rocket.

  Double Density Software has been around pretty much since the beginning of the computer revolution.  I am no stranger to the real estate software business either.  I worked for 3 years with one of the real estate software pioneers here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  I hold a Professional Inspectors License in the State of Texas, and my wife has been in the real estate business for more years than she would like to admit.  We speak real estate around here.

  All that, and we have been around longer than just about any software company out there.  One of the reasons this company has out-lived many others is we will sell no software before it is ready to be sold.  Our flagship software product is called RealeSeller.  It is an add-in that turns Outlook into a real estate specific contact manager, or customer relationship manager.  As of this writing we have been working on the software for nearly 8 years and is currently in verion 3 and is one of the top real estate contact managers available.  The fact that we have FREE, live training for our product puts us far out in front of nearly everyone in the business. 

 Ask anyone who has ever called our support line and they will tell you that we have the best support in the industry!  The people working at Double Density Software have the same commitment to quality and service as I do.  It seems like companies today take advantage of their clients.  I promise you we have never done that, and we never will.  We want to help you become as successful as you can be.  Technology, both hardware and software, can make a huge difference in how successful you are as a real estate agent.  Those agents who have not moved into the 21st century are doomed to extinction. 

  If you ever have any problems or just questions, give us a call.  Someone here will be more than happy to answer your questions and do all they can to help you.  Does anyone remember the saying "The Client is always right" ... we do, and we will do our very best to make you feel that way.  Double Density Software has many thousands of happy clients.  We hope you will join this group of people we have been serving for over 30 years.


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