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John Hamilton

Real Estate Educator , Licensed Real Estate Broker


John Hamilton
145 Vanceville Road
Eighty Four
Postal Code
Work Phone
(724) 228-8440
Mobile Phone
(724) 344-7029

Professional Biography


            John Hamilton
·        Licensed Pennsylvania real estate broker for over 35 years
·        For past 15 years…presented training program nationwide on sales, negotiating and motivational topics
·        His most popular workshop is, “Negotiating: What’s Mine Is Mine, What’s Yours Is Negotiable”
·        John was the 2002 President of the International Real Estate Educators Association
·        He conducts over 125 seminars annually to business, banking, auctioneer, manufacturer representatives and real estate Boards/Associations
    John's book KEEP Negotiating has become a desktop favorite for active real estate agents everywhere


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