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Paula Bean

Licensed Real Estate Agent, Real Estate Educator

License # 0329320


Paula Bean
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About Me

Paula Bean is a native born Orlando resident and has been a veteran in real estate since 1979. Profiled in the Wall Street Journal, the Orlando Sentinel, and other major publications, Paula is proud to be one of the very first e-PRO Technology Certified agents since it's inception.

Paula is also a member of the Real Estate Cyberspace Society, as well as an ACRE® (Accredited Consultant in Real estate) a real estate educator, trainer and motivator who loves to help other agents live up to their potential and help consumers have a fun and memorable real estate transaction. .

Aside from being a trainer to agents all over the U.S and Canada, Paula is also a short sale and bank owned properties specialist, as well as helping consumers to do loan mods on houses that have gone down in value, while their payments go up.

Although she owns approximately 100 domain names,and is actively working to bring them all online with their own sites, some of her current and active web sites include http://www.HomeOrlando.com WaterfrontLivingInFlorida.com http://www.MyReConsultants.com and - coming soon - A blog: SpillingtheBeansOnRealEstate.com where there will be interactive communciation between agents and consumers on the truth about how real estate REALLY works, mortgage infomation and future trends on the industry.

Real estate is an ever changing market with many diverse personalities, emotions and cultures. A challenge for those who strive to perfect their expertise and help others will find very rewarding.

Paula's mission statement::

" Real estate is not about the money you make (although you do have to put food on the table and pay the bills). It is about helping people. "If you put people first - concentrate on helping people get what they want, make new friends, help someone change their life, that is more satisfying than the money, but in so doing, the money and happiness shall come to you. "

Personal motto:
"Experience isn't expensive . . . it's PRICELESS! "

If I can be of any assistance don't hesitate to call, email or pay a personal visit while you are visting Walt Disney World ;-)




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