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Gary Large

Licensed Real Estate Broker, Real Estate Educator


Gary Large
17 Elm Street
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(973) 538-7655 ext 301
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About Me


Gary Large began his Real Estate career in 1974. His first three years were memorable for their lack of any significant production!
In the spring of 1977, he joined a firm affiliated with the nation's then largest Real Estate franchise company, where he took the opportunity to attend his first formal sales training.
The training was a turning point in his career. He immediately began to implement what he had been taught and went on from there to be selected the franchise company's Rookie of the Year for 1978, as well as being selected to attend a Train the Trainer program and was awarded a training position with the franchise company. For two years he trained more than 2,000 sales associates all across the United States. Also, during that time, he became a partner in his firm.
In 1980, the partners sold the firm to a growing multi-office company. Gary was asked to become training director, a position he held for four years during which time the company grew from 7 offices and 200 associates to over 150 offices and 5,000 associates in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut.
In 1984, Gary took over the firm's New Homes Marketing and Sales division, which up until then had failed to penetrate the builder market in any significant way. He instituted a new approach to builder business that was unique to the area, resulting in a significant increase in the number of builders hiring the division to market their subdivisions.
In 1986, he was asked to bring his builder program to Sarasota, Florida in support of the company's newly acquired Florida offices. For two years, he worked in Sarasota, steadily building the firm's new home business.
In 1988, the firm recalled Gary to New Jersey, where he was asked to take over a failing residential branch office where he made tremendous strides in turning that office around. His success brought him to the attention of the nation's largest independently owned Real Estate company and in 1989 they recruited him to join that firm.
During his first year, he handled various corporate projects. Then, in December of 1990, he was asked to take over a residential branch office in a key market area that was experiencing a decline in market share and a loss of many of its best associates to competitors.
Gary managed the office for five years, during which time he took it from a staff of 28 associates and a position of 157 in the 200 office company, to a staff of 50 agents whose production earned the office the position of 21 in the company during his last full year as manager.
In June of 1995, he was asked to take over one of the company's flagship offices. Under his management, the office was consistently one of the top listing and selling offices in the Morris County, New Jersey market area, and consistently ranked among the top three offices in the organization. Gary was recognized for his efforts as Regional Manager of the Year in 1996.
In 2001, Gary was recruited to join New Jersey's second largest independently owned Real Estate company, Prudential New Jersey Properties, working as its Management Development Specialist, identifying, recruiting, hiring, and training candidates for management positions with the firm. Today he manages the company's Morris County Regional Sales Center.
Throughout his career, Gary has served in many capacities for the local, state, and national Realtor associations including 2003 President of the largest Association of Realtors in his home state of New Jersey. He is the 2010 1st Vice President of the New Jersey Association of Realtors. He is a NAR certified mediator and is also a licensed New Jersey Instructor, specializing in teaching the New Jersey Broker's Prelicensing course.
Gary brings to the table, a solid foundation in basic selling skills, an extensive training background, excellent platform presentation skills, a coaching oriented management style that brings out the best in sales managers and associates, strong recruiting capabilities, and a proven track record of turning around declining production. He has direct experience with state of the art Real Estate management, compensation, recruiting/retention, and training systems, and is an accomplished public speaker.
He and his wife Tammy reside in Indian Lake in Denville with their daughter Stephanie.


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