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Homeless Shelters in Jacksonville, Florida

Date: Dec. 27, 2007

Blog entry updated on 12/4/2008.

Homeless Shelters in Jacksonville - I am attempting to provide accurate information here. Please verify by calling or visiting the site. I have not personally visited the sites. Most of the information is taken from The Florida Times-Union listings under Charities.

These are homeless shelters for people. Homeless Shelters for pets are listed under a separate entry.

Salvation Army, 15 E. Church St., Downtown Jacksonville. Opens a shelter when weather is cold for homeless. If that fills up, people MIGHT be moved into the Salvation Army building at 900 W. Adams. St. During severe weather, people may stay regardless of whether beds are available. (T-U 1/2/08)

Circle of Love Ministries, 13519 N. Main St., Jacksonville, FL  32226, 904-751-1034. Helps the homeless and has a discipleship ministry long-term shelter for men only.

P.O. Box 28425, Jacksonville, FL 32226. 904-696-3105.

Needs donations of money to help with electric & insurances, toilet paper, paper towels, pasta, copy paper, vegetables, and a volunteer cook.

Family Promise of Jacksonville, PO Box 40363, Jacksonville, FL 32203, 904-354-1818. Helps homeless families with children. www.familypromisejax.org.

Mission House, 800 Shetter Avenue, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250, 904-241-6767. Day facility helping the homeless from Mayport on the north to St. Johns County on the south. Provides meals, showers, clothing vouchers, medical care, case management and referrals.

SafeHouse of Jacksonville, 3325-8 Plymouth St., Jacksonville, FL 32205, 904-425-4228. Helps with food, clothing,direction and support. www.safehousejax.com.

The Suzbacher Center, 611 E. Adams St., Jacksonville, FL 32202, 904-394-1646. Provides services to homeless and at-risk-men, women, and children. Open dining room when temperatures go down to 40 degrees. www.sulzbachercenter.org.



Terry Health Center, 611 E. Adams St., Jacksonville, FL 32202, 904-359-0457. Privides primary care and dental services to homeless and at-risk- men, women, and children. www.sulzbachercenter.org.

City Rescue Mission, 426 South McDuff Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32254, 904-387-4357. Provides emergency and recovery services to people in need, and helps homeless get back on their feet.

Waste Not Want Not, PO Box 119, Orange Park, FL 32067, 904-215-3150. Collects and provides food to organizations serving the homeless and hungry, low-income families and seniors, people with disabilities and at-risk youths.

Trinity Rescue Mission, 622 W. Union St., Jacksonville, FL 32202, 904-596-2420. Homeless Shelter for men, women, and children. www.trinityrescue.org.

Needs donations of toys for kids, clothing, blankets, towels, toiletries and money.





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RE: Homeless Shelters in Jacksonville, Florida

Posted by: Joe McElroy
Date: Dec. 12, 2008

7 months ago I came to Jacksonville to assit my mother .After she lost her home. I came from ther city of Boston, which do to the economy and the housing problems. I thought and  I hoped I would  be able to assist my Mother.

  But that has not been the case. I am not asking for a Handout, I just need some help in the right direction.   I am willing and able to work A.S.A.P . If it matters I have no criminal background. Thank You for  your time.

RE: Homeless Shelters in Jacksonville, Florida

Posted by: Joe McElroy
Date: Dec. 12, 2008

I just need some help,  Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RE: Homeless Shelters in Jacksonville, Florida

Posted by: Mary Slaughter
Date: Dec. 17, 2008

Some of you are requesting help in private comments. I do not know where to refer you other than  to the contacts here. I am posting all that I get here. If you would like me to post on my blog so maybe others can comment and refer you to someplace that might be of help, please do not mark your comments as private.

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