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What is so Great About the N.A.R. Convention?

Sep. 15, 2008

What is so great about the NAR Convention???
I haven’t a clue. In less than two months over 25,000 real estate professionals will converge in Orlando Florida for the mega National Association of Realtors Annual Convention. Why they would do this is beyond me. All those professional people eager to learn the latest in cutting edge technology and network like it was a State Dinner or something. Like they’re gonna help you make some money. What do they know? I like my little world, my cave…
Who cares if there is a hands on technology learning center with computers and instructors for hands on learning. Didn’t we already finish school? Who ever thought a computer could help organize my business or help me keep appointments? I am always amazed at watching younger people making those silly things do dumb stuff. Sheesh! I might just have to spend some money getting some of those programs and then actually use them. In my mind, if it ain’t broke…
And those seminars… Why would anyone sit there to learn what other people are doing? Like what I am doing isn’t good enough? Who care what the top CRS instructors are saying on CRS Day? I might just learn something that will make me actually work. And what is with all of those people passing out business cards? Don’t they know those things cost money? Talking in their groups, discussing ideas and getting acquainted. Wouldn’t they rather be watching TV or something? No thanks, I like my cave just fine.
While we are speaking about group activities, why do they have Lionel Richie, Kool and the Gang, Lance Armstrong and Joe Theismann events? Isn’t it easier to just buy their CDs or DVDs and think about watching/listening to them sometime? And why are they taking us to Universal Studios for a Realtors Night Out? Isn’t it just hype to get us to watch more movies? Sheesh! I’m getting tired just thinking about all of this stuff.
Well, I just don’t get it. It makes no sense to me who would want to come to a convention like this but maybe I’m mistaken. Maybe there is something useful to be found here. Just in case you think there might be…
Oh, by the way, I will be attending the convention from Friday, November 7th through Monday. Let me know if you are coming and maybe you can can help me from my misery…
Oh, and if you are looking for some convention tips:
·         Wear very comfortable and supportive shoes
·         Map out your activities in advance and be prepared to make adjustments
·         Bring many business cards (500+)
·         Read Susan Roane’s “How to Work a Room” before coming
·         Bring a foldable wheelie hand cart from Staples for carrying around all of those “Freebies” from the Exhibition Floor
·         Arrange for someone else to conduct your business while you are away. Be in the moment!
·         Always remember, what happens at a convention will become public information


User Comments

1. RE: What is so Great About the Nar Convention?

Written by: B. Walker
Sep. 15, 2008
I will be there. Can't wait!

2. RE: What is so Great About the Nar Convention?

Written by: Tim Kinzler
Sep. 15, 2008

30,000 people from 40 plus nations

Great speakers and artists performing for our group!

Orlando has a host of incredible recreational centers, sea world, Disney World, Bible World, Universal Studios, Cape Canaveral, Bush Gardens to the west to Tampa, oceans east and west 45 minutes to 1 hour away!

Darn good vitals with over 3000 plus restuarants

home of Florida Association of Realtors headquarters!

International night out, WCR and CRS nights out

how much more could you want for such a small feee!

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