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Reincarnation of the Haunted Restaurant

Date: Apr. 21, 2007
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Los Gatos Ghost Tour
115 North Santa Cruz Avenue in Los Gatos is once again a "live" restaurant. The lovely old Queen Anne Victorian house has quite the history.  First it was a residence, later a mortuary, and eventually a restaurant.

I grew up nearby and as a teen, I just could not imagine eating there. We used to joke about the refrigeration system!  Eventually, a wedding reception for dear friends was held within those walls, and in my 30's I broke my vow to never eat in such a creepy place. 

And I didn't even know it was haunted! 

Trevese Restaurnt, 115 N. Santa Cruz Avenue, Los Gatos, CAThere are many, many ghost stories surrounding the former Chart House. Some of them are even funny - like the ghost at the bar who likes to ring up huge tabs in the middle of the night - drinks they didn't even serve at the place!  (Yes, a party ghost.) 

When dining there one Christmas eve about 5 or 6 years ago, I asked a few of the people working there if they had any stories. I got an earful, but my children got a bit freaked out - and we found that later going to the basement to use the restroom became a hurdle of insurmountable heights. (I have now learned NOT to ask about ghosts in front of my kids, especially if the bathroom is in a particularly remote area. They are teens now but still don't appreciate Mom's hobby.)

Anyway, the Chart House did serve great food, and Trevese Restaurant, Los Gatos, CA.    Is this place still haunted?there was no shortage of ambiance, but it just could not seem to make much of a profit, so after a decade or more, it closed. I do believe it's due to the locals knowing its history.   The next tenant in was also a restaurant, and it was named Chart's. It did not have a very long run, however. It closed and once again the "for lease" sign went up.

I did a quick peek at Google on this spot earlier and discovered that a tourist did a U-Tube Video of the former Chart House between the last tenant and this one. 

So a new chapter begins as the spot once again opens as a restaurant.  I don't know what type of food is served there, but ... I'm dying to find out.

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re: Reincarnation of the Haunted Restaurant

Posted by: Maureen McCabe
Date: Apr. 21, 2007

I'm back!  I love it.  I think I would be attracted to a restaurant with a ghost.  Yes I would probably need to be accompanied to use the restroom.  What a pretty builidng too.

Good luck to the new restauarant!

re: Reincarnation of the Haunted Restaurant

Posted by: Teri Lussier
Date: Apr. 21, 2007

Funny story. someday your kids will appreciate your hobby, and think of the great stories they will be able to tell their kids about you.

Lovely pictures. The blog looks great!

re: Reincarnation of the Haunted Restaurant

Posted by: Patricia
Date: Apr. 23, 2007


Mary, I love your blog.  I will have to get my family to visit this restaurant the next time we are visiting relatives in California. 

re: Reincarnation of the Haunted Restaurant

Posted by: Jonathan Washburn
Date: May. 1, 2007
Mary, sounds like the place to take my wife! Sara and I love restaurants (hotels, cities, etc) with a history and story. Do they do anything interesting for Halloween??

re: Reincarnation of the Haunted Restaurant

Posted by: Mary Pope-Handy
Date: May. 1, 2007

Thanks all for the comments!

Jonathan, I have never known this restaurant to even advertise the fact that it's haunted, and in the past they haven't done anything special at Halloween. But I think it's a very good idea. (Wonder if it has a ghost of a chance??)

RE: Reincarnation of the Haunted Restaurant

Posted by: Nichelle
Date: Apr. 21, 2008

I loved Mary's article. I just heard about Trevese and am planning on visiting the restaurant tonight. After reading, I now plan on using a restroom at a friend's house before I go to dinner. :-)  I am a local and over the years I heard about the Chart House being haunted. Never stopped me from eating there and enjoying their wonderful Alaskan Kingcrab Legs. I can't wait to see what Trevese has in store for us tonight.

RE: Reincarnation of the Haunted Restaurant

Posted by: Janie
Date: Jun. 23, 2008
My son was the manager of the short-lived restaurant that was there between Chart House and Trevese. He has some really hair-curling stories about being alone in the restaurant at night closing out the day's business. I don't believe that anyone had told him about the "haunting" before he arrived there, so he wasn't biased and looking for ghosts. But there were there--the main one was a little girl. His first sign that something was afoot was that there were some large wine bottles that were part of the decor that always seemed to have the labels turned around to the back. He would straighten them, go downstairs to do the books, ( all alone in the building) and when he would come back upstairs, they would be turned to the back again! He kept us all gasping one night with stories like this one. Wonder if it's still happening, or if the new decor has scared her off.

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