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Licensed Real Estate Agent

Escondido, CA

May 22, 2009

Found this same question asked many times on the Internet but no one was really able to answer it. "I spend a lot of time right clicking to add e-Mail senders to my junk e-Mail and by extension into my blocked sender list. Yet the very next day the same e-Mails get through. They are in the blocked sender list ( I have checked) - they are not in the safe sender list (I have checked) so why do they still get through? "

Licensed Real Estate Broker

Bourbonnais, IL

May 22, 2009

Emails keep getting through because the folks sending them are brilliant.....they change addresses every second...so hard to avoid....but I have noticed the more I block...the less I am getting...good luck


Licensed Real Estate Agent

Escondido, CA

June 12, 2009

I think I may have found the answer myself … at least for my problem. I was following a different thread that I found on this website called: "Do your rules in Outlook sometimes not work?" One of the responses was: "I think that this also depends on whether your rules are stored on a server or locally on your machine." That got me thinking.

I called my exchange server support line and brainstormed the problem with one of their techs. My question was: "does email I get from your server go through my junk mail filter". He wasn't quite sure how to answer to this question even after he put me on hold to talk with his boss.

Although I am not a techie, it started to make sense to me why email I identify as Junk Mail still gets into my inbox. He said that my local outlook database is a carbon copy of the exchange server. Emails received by the serve are put directly into the server inbox without any filtering. When I logon to the server my local inbox is then synced with the online inbox. It never checks any rules ... it just dumps them in there.

Basically, if I understand it correctly, rules won't work if you have an exchange server provider that doesn't check your local rules first, before it puts them in your inbox, including your junk mail filter. Does anyone know of an exchange server provider that may have been able to figure out how to check the rules first?

Information Technology


June 12, 2009

Hi Dave,

I'm not a exchange expert but I would be suprised a email host would offer a service that would prevent customers from using rules.
Are you sure rules are not working in your Outlook? Do you have any non junk email rules that are also not working? If not try setting one up. If you have another email address such as a gmail account try setting up a rule for that address and see if it works.

Also, have you added the send to the Blocked senders list
This is done through Actions -> Junk E-mail -> Add Sender to Block senders list

Another thing to try is to adjusting your Junke E-mail Options to High.
Actions -> Junk Email -> Junk Email Options

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Escondido, CA

June 18, 2009

Good suggestion Brian, I set up a rule and found that it works fine. However, the junk email list feature does not work at all. Again, when I get techie I get dangerous. It makes sense to me that my exchange server may run the check on my rules after it is in the Inbox but not the junk filter test. It is MS and I have heard they have different ways of doing things.

I had already added the big 'Add Send to Block Sender List" button to my Outlook toolbar. Instead of pushing the X (delete) button I push that when I get junk. My blocked sender list is a mile long. My setting in the Junk E-mail Options is set to: "No Automatic Filtering. Mail from blocked sender is still moved to the Junk E-mail folder." But it doesn't. When I clean out my junk email folder the next day there is still "0" junk mail there and maybe 50 in my inbox. 90% of those are all ready on blocked list. Since then I have changed my email address and gotten rid of that problem, at least for now.

Larchmont, NY

September 14, 2012

From my own experience with this (which seems to be on-going), I think that there is a correlation between getting emails on my ipad and my computer. I never had an issue with getting unwanted emails on my computer until having an ipad (and, yes, I have used a strong security filter to help me). I don't know whether it's that --between having a cell phone, an ipad and a computer means that my email server (which is earthlink) doesn't know what to do! As of now, there are no filters for cell phones or ipads--but all of my emails go through one server and then travel to my computer and my cell phone and my ipad. All I know is that I never had any issue with this but NOW, no matter what I do, the emails deemed junk still sneak through. I've even used the "advanced options" in Windows--and created rules according to the "clever" email address morphing that goes on with sites that want to get through no matter what (which, is so annoying!--makes me want to tell them to get a life!). Anyway, I wanted to join the conversation since I am totally frustrated with this issue. Thanks for allowing me to vent.

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