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Is Outlook the best contact manger for me?

Oct. 22, 2011
Is Outlook the best contact manager for me? For most people the answer is yes...

Droid Phones and Outlook... what to do?

Mar. 7, 2011
Short discussion about google phones and the problems syncing the contacts and calendars.

View and Control your computer from iPad - Free

Feb. 4, 2011
Here is a way to remote control and view your computer from your iPad and it won't cost you anything.

The Decline and Fall of Internet Explorer

Dec. 17, 2010
The decline of Internet Explorer usage over time compared to Safari and Chrome.

Use Outlook to automatically reply to email messages

Sep. 27, 2010
Use Outlook to automatically reply to email messages

Hardware available for the iPad

Aug. 4, 2010
Keyboards, headphones, bluetooth, and other hardware that plugs into the iPad.

RealeSeller does Apple ... Real Estate with iPhones & iPads

Jul. 18, 2010
RealeSeller and MobileMe combine to bring real estate to the iPhone & the iPad

Getting Ready For Office 2010

Jun. 2, 2010
Microsoft is releasing Office 2010 this June. Should you upgrade? A new copy of RealeSeller will be ready when it is released.

Help - While trying to send a huge attachment in Outlook it got stuck!

Sep. 26, 2009
Tagged with: email, outlook, realeseller, stuck
Some email messages can get stuck in the Outbox for several various reasons. The most common cause is when the email is very large (several megabytes). Most of the time this is due to a large attachment.

Microsoft Security Essentials

Jul. 16, 2009
Microsoft announced something to take the place of the security scanning part of OneCare... they call it Microsoft Security Essentials (code name Morro).

The New Google Outlook sync plug-in bombs

Jun. 19, 2009
A couple of days ago Google announced a new application that they said would take the place of a Microsoft Exchange Sever. Well, as soon as I read that I started laughing.

Microsoft Office 2010 - A first look

Jun. 2, 2009
Tagged with: office, outlook, realeseller
A quick look at Office 2010 with a couple of pictures. It looks like a nice update.

The Microsoft Live Workspace

May. 19, 2009
The Windows Live system. It's a complete system, and currently free. You get Email, a calendar, contacts section, online photos, and more.

We're on the edge of another revolution

Apr. 30, 2009
The Solid State Drives (SSD) will very likely replace our current mechanical hard drives, and all the heat they generate

How to upgrade your old Outlook database to the latest version

Apr. 23, 2009
How to upgrade your old Outlook database to the latest format

Make your own virtual tour videos for FREE!

Apr. 8, 2009
Photo Story 3 is perfect for making your own virtual tours.

Run MS Office and RealeSeller on a MAC

Mar. 27, 2009
Once Windows is on the MAC, you can install MS Office. After that, you can install RealeSeller and it won't know the difference. While we may at some point in the future write a version of RealeSeller for the MAC, it won't be any time soon.

The Local MLS is not Dying... or The Emperor's New Clothes.

Mar. 19, 2009
And who are the majority of your buyers these days? That's right, those younger "internet savvy" buyers are not going to be satisfied with that tiny crumb of information exposed by that little local MLS IDX system

So you want to move away from TP...

Mar. 4, 2009
Tagged with: data import
Since one gets locked in to a yearly contract with TP, it is sometimes difficult for customers to move away from something they have to make a monthly payment on. But, many have just moved and taken the 'hit' because they want something they currently ar

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