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April 2008

Apr. 8, 2008 - Tax tips from the net can help make filing easier!

The lovable folks at the IRS have created The Digital Daily, a comprehensive and catchy site that includes plenty of tax information and advice, with even a handy address list of where you should file - just in case you've recently moved, or just forgotten.
The hundreds of websites won't take the sting out of signing that check over to the IRS, but they can at least give you tips on how to reduce your tax burden, list common tax errors to avoid, and places on the web to pose tax questions.
Watch as the Tax Prophet deciphers the Internal Revenue Code for the U.S. and foreign taxpayers and professionals alike. . Forms and more forms are here
Most taxophobes will find helpful information in Roger A. Kahan's tax column. And for analysis, Tax Analysts can't be beat.
Time to fill out oodles of forms and schedules--or is it? With your PC and an Internet connection, you can save loads of time, and possibly cash, preparing your tax return. Bankrate's Tax Guide and the Marketwatch Tax Preparation Guide will help.
CNet's Tax Guide has some more helpful hints and some tech tips as well.
The net doesn't stop at federal tax information. If you're looking for state tax information, the Tax Sites Directory is an excellent resource.
Need forms for another state or your state? Click on any state to access directly download the tax forms on the States Tax Forms website.
Who isn't confused? It's no wonder mere citizens are in the dark. Even the pros get bewildered. At Tax Hawk select "tax tips" to access a list of the top 10 tax tips and more.
Microsoft offers this tax workshop site. There's editorial on every conceivable tax topic and tons of other resources, like how to file for an extension or what to do if you can't pay.
For those looking for tax tips from a well-known source, the venerable H&R Block chain of tax preparers also has a virtual tax office, where you can find a local office and loads of free advice.
And for those who have used the 1031 tax-deferred exchange and have some questions, visit the Field Guide to 1031 Exchanges Any other questions, please email me.
Tax World offers the art of discovery, the language of taxes, tax advocates, and a plethora of useful information. And for Tax Preparation Tips, MSN Money has a list of resources.
For helpful online good advice and tips, state addresses and state links, check out 1040.com.
TaxWeb is a consumer-oriented source for federal, state and local tax-related developments and provides you with the latest Federal and State news and developments.
Smart Money's Tax Guide features a tool that will help you calculate your taxes on Stock and Mutual Fund sales and what to do if you've lost your statements. It also features tax basics, insights, advice, resources and worksheets.
The only way kids will learn to manage their money is through their own experience and guidance from their parents. In other words, kids learn from trial and error and role models, just like the rest of us.
  • Get Real Math in Every Day Life. If your kids ask "When are we ever going to use this in real life?" You'll find the answer here!
  • Strong Kids.com Take a look in the Toolbox for interactive calculators to help you with your investing needs. Use "The Ladder" to figure out if you are on track to afford any item that you want to buy. Check out "The Tape Measure" to see how a little amount of money invested each month may grow over time. Also, put on your Hard Hat and take the Mutual Fund quiz. Learning in a fun way.
  • CNNMoney.com has a 101 help sheet for your kids. They'll tell you the Top 10 Things you and they need to know. There are 24 "lesson guides" for all ages, including teens. These are not only guides for them, they're helpful guides for you!
  • Fool.com will help teach parents and kids the sweetness and the perils of investing.
  • The Kids and Money Book guides you through financial milestones: allowance, saving, banking, investing, budgeting, credit cards, first jobs and getting to and through college. It helps parents who are financially knowledgeable--and those who are not--tackle tough issues, including single parenting, blended families, shoplifting, gambling, overspending, and when to bail out the kids. Now that's a tall order!
  • He's the star of the Money Savvy Generation! A new invention ... a better piggy bank? Yes! Business Week gave this bank a thumbs up for the "Big 4" concepts of money management.
  • Building Kids Good Money Skills and the Money Instructor. As soon as your children can count coins they can start. Numerous techniques for teaching children savings and investing skills.
  • Moneyopolis The place for money-sharp kids, or those who want to be. Totally fun!
  • YoungBiz Start a business 101, Manage Your Money 101 For Teens
Two good software programs for preparing your tax and managing your finances are Quicken's TurboTax and H&R Block's Tax Cut.
Bankrate offers important Tips on How to Chose a Tax Preparer.
Brand New for '06 The Motley Fool Tax Center Their tax experts take a look at the major changes you need to know this year, and gives you the tax strategies, tax preparation services, and tax advice, all listed by category.
The mad rush to get taxes prepared and filed is on and many more of you will use your home computer to complete this necessary evil. But evil may also lurk beyond the grasp of the IRS in the form of a keylogger. Keyloggers allow remote users to capture every keystroke made on an infiltrated computer, which can be devastating for someone that prepares their tax return on an infected computer. Get up to speed on what you should do before getting started on your taxes this year by going to DataDoctors for advice.
Are you audit bait? Find out how not to be! Bankrate and World Wide Web Tax will give you tips on how to avoid an IRS audit in the first place. And, if you're already involved in a Tax Audit, how to survive.
Does the pain feel like root canal? Cleaning the gutters? Figuring your tax liability? Then let Money.com's Tax 101 help you through the pain.
Are You On Thin Ice? You've probably just received all your tax papers and are starting to dread another tax season. Maybe your travel & entertainment records are stored on your Blackberry. What happens in an audit when all you have to show is a bunch of bits? TaxResources will help you know what to do and how to maximize your Tax Audit Protection. A former IRS tax attorney shares his secrets and strategies on IRS TaxAudit Help .
The best strategy is the one you embark upon today. Where to begin? Let these sites show you the way. The Best Moves to Make Right Now. Check out the experts before you commit to Financial Kamikaze. And to be always prepared, Saving Money will help you strategize.
This article was supplied by my old friend Alice Held, copyright © 2008,  All Rights Reserved
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