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Boom Town, RealPro Platinum and Tiger Leads

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December 26, 2009

I am looking for feedback on these three lead generation companies from people who have actually used them.

If you have used any of the three I would like to hear your thoughts/opinions and if you were happy with the results.

Thank you

Bethesda, MD

December 27, 2009

I have used Tiger Leads previously and it was great. I closed alot of business with the Tiger Leads. It is expensive though, but you know the old adage...you get what you pay for. Long story why I dont use Tiger anymore, but I would if I could...Basically, another agent in my office is the one that pays for the Tigers, we work them and pay him, but he decided to hire his own buyers agents and take a bigger cut.

I am looking for a new system to use, so I would be interested in any feedback on any other program that people have used successfully.

I have a great IDX site that my buyers have raved about, I wonder if I should just use Google Ad Words and lead buyers to my site....probably much more cost effective than paying for a lead generation program.

Lisa Abrams

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