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Prospecting for listings

Licensed Real Estate Broker

Asheville, NC

October 20, 2009

The do not call list has revived the door to door prospecting.  Anyone having any luck?  I do expires and people who are home are friendly, but appear to be uninterested.  But most of the time no one is there.  Any suggestions?

Licensed Real Estate Broker

Millersville, MD

October 21, 2009

With the current market, it makes more sense to be prospecting for buyers vs. sellers. Try to expand your networking, i.e. your Chamber of Commerce, Local Community groups, etc. Just my opinion.


Falls Church, VA

October 22, 2009

There is an age old saying in our business - "If you list, you last!" If you have For Sale signs out there as a listing agent, you will naturally attract buyers. So I would continue to focus on prospecting for listings for more immediate results - even in today's market. As John pointed out, expanding your networking is great too, but it is a softer approach and usually takes longer for it to start paying off.

Door to door prospecting is a great approach, but as Ilona mentioned, many times no one is home due to dual income households. So you need to invest in some terrific door hangers to leave behind to show you were there. Depending on whether you are with a large national firm who already offers an array of door hangers or you are with a small, independent firm, there are several companies offering good ones. Feel free to contact me and I will pass on some that I have identified.

While working "Expireds" is one of the major prospecting techniques in real estate, I personally feel there is a better door to door technique to use for prospecting for listings that I am presently teaching as a CE Instructor here at the Northern Virginia Association of REALTORS. I would be happy to share that since it is a great way to combine staying on top of the current inventory while also incorporating prospecting too.

Remember... prospecting is a "numbers game". The more people you reach, the better the chance of finding that one person who will want to work with you.


Win Singleton, CRB, e-PRO
Associate Broker
Northern Virginia Real Estate, Inc.
1018 Shipman Lane, Suite 200
McLean, VA 22101
(703) 536-7631
Licensed in Virginia

Licensed Real Estate Broker

St. Charles, MO

October 22, 2009

I agree with both of the previous posts:

Listing agents really are lasting agents. I work on FSBOs and Expireds on a regular basic.

You need to work on getting buyer leads. Good listing should give you some buyer leads. But now I've added a twist. I prospect for buyers and CraigsList and get a regular stream of new buyer leads to stay in touch with until they are ready to buy.

Linda Grissette * Prudential Select Properties * St. Charles, MO * mailto:Linda@Grissette.com * http://www.SelectLindaG.com

PS. If anyone is interested, I'm selling my system for getting leads from CraigsList. Check out the "Internet Success Kit" on http://www.RealEstateMarketingHelp.com

Licensed Real Estate Broker

Glenview, IL

October 22, 2009

What is the door to door method you use? Are your door hanges generic or are the specific to the area you are prospecting?

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Winchester, KY

October 23, 2009


I would love to hear about you techniques for prospecting. I am in central Kentucky and am always looking for ways to push my career forward.

Jody Long


October 23, 2009


Is your technique something you can share here or by e-mail? Thanks for your generosity in offering to share.

Betty Morgan


Licensed Real Estate Broker

Asheville, NC

October 23, 2009

Hi Win,

Based on the number of requests you are receiving, you may be posting your door-to-door technique in this forum. However, if you choose to send it out to individuals, I want to be sure that you have my contact information.

Many thanks for sharing.

Debbie Francis, GRI, ePRO, GREEN
Prudential Lifestyle Realty

Licensed Real Estate Broker

St. Charles, MO

October 23, 2009

Renee asked about my door hangers. I create my own postcards and door hangers. I don't want to use something that sets me apart. The most recent ones I developed were for FSBOs and Expired Listings. One is a positive message about how well the market here is doing and my company in particular. Another is about what it takes to sell a house and the other one is only for first time homebuyer price range homes that talks about my being a specialist in first time home buyers (I even have a website, http:///www.JustForFirstTimeHomeBuyers.com and how I have a database of future homeowners because of my unique Craigs List posts. The FSBO ones also include my website http://www.ByOwnerHelpCenter.com and the Expired Listings one have my website http://www.SellItNextTime.com

Linda Grissette * Prudential Select Properties, St. Charles, MO * mailto:Linda@Grissette.com * http://www.SelectLindaG.com * http://www.RealEstateMarketingHelp.com

Licensed Real Estate Broker

Sacramento, CA

October 24, 2009

You need to be a walking, talking bill board. Let everyone know you are a real estate agent.

Were a Realtor pin or a company name badge everywhere. When you send emails always use a company stationary or create one with outlook that has your picture and logo.

Lastly go online and put your name out there everywhere you can for FREE!

Always mention your specific market in Kentucky. The Internet likes specific and it is the best way for Real Estate Agents. You want buyers and sellers from your market area.

We have a section related to buyers agents and we have allot of Real Estate Agents that list their profiles because it is FREE!

Come join them and create your profile for Kentucky.


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