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"Ask the Experts" is a group that RealTown created specifically for people seeking advice from Real Estate Professionals.

Please keep the conversation in this group real estate related-- whether it is about buying/selling a home, real estate specific computer software, real estate marketing tips, local zoning laws-- it should be real estate related in some way.

Questions from both Real Estate professionals and consumers are welcome. Please note that this group is public, but it is also moderated, so your post may not display right away.

Participation in this group is a great opportunity to showcase your expertise and help others.
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Did you know that RealTalk is now available via Facebook? If you haven't already joine... 1,129 views
3/20/14 12:41 PM
What is "Ask the Experts"? "Ask the Experts" is a Group at RealTown.com. The purpose of th... 3,925 views
6/6/08 5:00 PM
Mike West Profile Image
7/2/09 10:02 AM
My friends have fallen behind on house payments by a couple months. She lost her job and lost unempl... 2,664 views
7/18/14 4:12 PM
I want to know difference between freehold property and leasehold property. 942 views
6/26/14 4:30 AM
Christopher Ferdrick Profile Image
6/30/14 12:02 PM
I am a Broker working in NY. I would like to know, and based on the particulars if I can sue a selle... 867 views
5/29/14 5:08 PM
I need a 2nd inspection for comparison by a licensed Pool Inspector that provides a report in a prof... 971 views
5/3/14 8:49 AM
Can you please tell me how to create a website for each property I am listing? Thanks! Emi Cacace 2,656 views
4/9/14 5:01 PM
Ashley Ruble-English Profile Image
4/23/14 12:53 PM
Should the home remarks on the MLS be too the point or should you be a creative writer? I keep getti... 882 views
4/19/14 3:22 PM
Bernard Gibbons Profile Image
4/19/14 3:22 PM
Hello, I am just starting out in property investing, and I'm looking to find or figure out where... 1,024 views
3/24/14 6:51 PM
In January I submited an offer for a client thru the listing broker on a fannie Mae forclosure thru... 997 views
3/11/14 10:39 AM
How much is the purchase price of a home likely to be lowered if it has a history of sewer backup pr... 940 views
3/7/14 5:55 PM
I worked in a sales office and had a referral source that sent me several buyer clients. I was able... 951 views
3/1/14 8:47 PM
Sharon Paul, ePro, GRI, SPS Profile Image
3/1/14 8:47 PM
1) I tried to search the threads for "camera" in the search bar under the real town logo and it retu... 1,015 views
1/17/14 4:25 PM
Millie Profile Image
1/17/14 4:25 PM
What is the best site to obtain a 1800 number? 637 views
12/17/13 3:55 PM
Any recommended math books for quick refreshment on overall real estate problems that can help bette... 856 views
12/6/13 2:38 PM