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RE: some cool Sixties sounds

Sep. 13, 2006


Just checked my e-mail and found a link to some cool Sixties sounds I wanted to share.

I wasn't near my blog so I decided to try out the new RealTownBlogs feature that allows us to e-mail a blog entry and have it automatically upload to our blog.

Here goes:   http://oldfortyfives.com/TakeMeBackToTheSixties.htm

I like to listen to Sixties music on my runs with grandson Justin.


User Comments

1. re: RE: some cool Sixties sounds

Written by: Carole Cohen
Sep. 13, 2006
This was really great, and thankfully they showed all the excerpted songs and their artists at the end because I couldn't remember the zombies  for She's Not There to save my life!  Thanks for the smile!

2. re: RE: some cool Sixties sounds

Written by:
Sep. 14, 2006
Thanks John, I went to the sites, currently at work, suddenly I was getting sucked into reading and listening to music.  I will continue this later tonight but being a 56 year old I do remember those simply days, thank you for the smile on my face. God Bless Tom Champion, tomchampion.realtownblogs.com, tchampion@bicoastalmortgage.com

3. re: RE: some cool Sixties sounds

Written by: Vicki Lloyd
Sep. 16, 2006
Wow - great trip down memory lane!  I studied, danced, made out, and everything else to that music! Vicki Lloyd
High School Class of 1968  

4. re: RE: some cool Sixties sounds

Written by: sean reilly
Nov. 15, 2006
Uncle sean enjoys walking bear the dog listening to 60's music....i thought you only listened to les miserables and phantom of the opera!

5. re: RE: some cool Sixties sounds

Written by: Mike Barnett
Jan. 26, 2007

JR..., the link has changed..


But music from the 60's? ... I thought you would have listened to music from the 40's or 50's ;-)


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