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Apr. 7, 2009 - I want to take a vacation!!!!

Tuesday Travel Tip:

I Can Afford a Vacation This Year, After All!

There is nothing more heartwarming than a thank-you note from
a long-time Tuesday Tips reader:

“Joeann, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I had no idea it would be possible to take a vacation with my family this year. We are facing challenging economic circumstances and the numbers did not work! Now I am considering a choice between renting a condo resort in Orlando for less than $10/day per person, and a Dream Trip Cruise of the Caribbean. I never imagined a vacation could be so reasonably priced.”
-- F.M., Jersey City, NJ

Save time and money by visiting http://joeannfossland.rovia.com. Sign up for free as a Preferred Client and you’ll get the guaranteed lowest price plus lots of benefits!

Bub and I have already taken two vacations this year! Want to hear more? Join me and Frances Flynn Thorsen for one of our weekly travel webinars - Full schedule is updated regularly at www.joeann.com/fosslandsforums.htm.

This week, we’ll be answering questions and giving you answers on Friday…

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Jan. 21, 2009 - Fun in Los Cabos. A WorldVentures DreamTrip!

The Top 10 Reasons I loved
WorldVentures DreamTrip to Los Cabos

Here’s a glimpse into our fun on the sunset dinner cruise in front of Los Cabos’s Window to the World.

If you want to see the rest pictures, they are on Dawn’s Facebook page

    1. The price…at $269 per person for 5 days, 4 nights……. it can’t be beat
    2. The Royal Solaris Resort was really nice and all inclusive- I didn’t have to carry money; the food, the drinks, even the tips were included!
    3. The kids loved the mini club- activities all day long. They had a waterslide and lots of activities so we could go veg and read by the ocean.
    4. The price! I love being able to travel affordably!
    5. The beach was beautiful and uncrowded and we took long walks!
    6. The friendliness of everyone we met!
    7. The whales frolicking off the shore!
    8. The flying bat mantas jumping, being chased by dolphins! The girls swam with the dolphins.
    9. The value for the price (or did I mention that already?)
    10. The new friends!

My business plan for 2009 includes a trip every month this year. I have another DreamTrip scheduled for next month to the Caribbean with my brother, Andy, and his wife, Judy! WorldVentures is about “Making a living….. Living!”

Are you ready for a vacation? Where are you going next? How long has it been since you’ve been on vacation? Isn’t it time?

Save yourself time and money: Please take a look at my travel website next time you need to book travel. Sign up as a preferred customer and you’ll be guaranteed the lowest rate! Can’t get much better than that!

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Sep. 30, 2007 - People Watching on The Marginal Way

This scenic walk in Ogunquit Maine is a little over a mile long and meanders along the edge of the sea up along a cliff. Many benches dot the walk, making it inviting to sit and just watch the waves crash on the granite rocks below.
The first day we were here, we walked from Perkins Cove towards Ogunquit's beautiful 3 mile long pristine beach.
As we walked I noticed, while some people were chatting as they walked, most had fairly serious looks on their faces.
So, later, when we walked back to Perkins Cove I decided to say hello and smile at each person as we passed. I was surprised that about one third looked away & pretended not to have heard my greetings. Women were more likely than men to say hello. But I wonder if my husband hadn't been walking behind me (grumbling that I should stop-I sounded like a parrot!) would more men have said hello?
There were people who happily replied and seemed happy I'd smiled & greeted them. I got smiles, "hi's" "hello's" and one "howdy". Others seemed a little uncomfortable but responded, I imagine, to be polite.
Isn't it nice that the most pressing activity I have this week is to do a survey of responses to hello? Life is good!
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May. 17, 2006 - 2006 Trip to Paris!

Click Here to View my Paris 2006 Photo Story!
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May. 2, 2006 - Ah,Paris!

Gardens & flowers are all in bloom! We walked all morning through all the gold encrusted rooms at Versailles. Amazing opulence. After a wonderful seafood salad, we walls along the Seine! then meet Alain & Jeanine for tea at Angelina's

Walk along the jewelry & parfum street. Margaret samples The $585 per half ounce perfum which stinks!

At sunset, we visit Sacreur Couer and overlook the whole city:

Dinner overlooking the city in a cafe in Monmartre and then walked home



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May. 2, 2006 - The Good Life

Day 3

Gorgeous, warm sunny day! We visit Versailles in the morning. Quelle Decadence!

then Champagne & chocolate with lunch

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May. 1, 2006 - Paris in the Spring!

Monday was chilly (50) and rainy,but we toured on the bus rouge to the major sites. Since it was May Day, Most museums & stores were closed. We walked to the Opera, where a political rally Was being staged. Then saw the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs Elleyse the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. Lunch of Champagne, Oysters & French onion soup was followed by a nap! oh, the decadence! Mais tres bon. Dinner with Danielle and her sons, Oliver & 9io and her sister, Michelle was wonderful Italian!

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Apr. 29, 2006 - My first night in Paris

We had a wonderful dinner hosted by coach

Alain Carden & his beautiful wife, Jeanina ate at Restaurant Georges in The Pompidou

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Jan. 31, 2006 - Relaxation on the Beach in Kona Village


I preferred a beach chair, but Lily was setting the tone for our 7 days of fun in the sun and the sand. They have done a great job with sunscreen too, because nobody got burned....except for some posteriors of the gals (Leah, Dawn and Judy) that went snorkeling and forgot their behinds!!!!

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Jan. 30, 2006 - Whale Watching from Kona Village

The glass bottomed boat went out 4 times a day and was included in the amenties at Kona Village. We saw dozens of whales. While we could watch them breeching from shore everyday, it was fun to get up close. We missed the dolphins this year. Last year there wer hundreds of spinner dolphins, jumping and spinning in the air. One day we didn't go out in the boat, they showed up, but, alas, we were busy playing tennis and missed it.

Brother Andy played on my team and he and I beat Bub one day!

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