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Sep. 21, 2010 - Dropbox and a few other freebies!

 My favorite 4 letter "F" word is FREE

Today here is a handful of freebies just for your productivity!

  1. Dropbox   is something I am so excited with. Backup, synching and sharing of files "in the cloud" all brought together to be simple and easy! I think the synching is what i like best-even with more than 1 computer! It's magic :>)
  2. Fossland’s Free Forum for October

    Lose 200 Pounds of Clutter!

    Join me and Unclutter Queen, Sue Rasmussen on
    Tuesday, October 5 at 11:00 a.m. PST
    For a free teleseminar.

    Sue Rasmussen is a Master Certified Coach who teaches people how to clear out what's getting in their way (she calls that stuff clutter) and create a home, a home office, and a life that really works for them. She will sharing her wisdom and techniques that will help you Conquer the Clutter! Register here.

  3. A free website for 3 months is available here

  4. A great 5 minute motivational program is yours every week day at www.realestatecoachradio.com 

  5. And great prices & free help with travel is available for signing up as a preferred client here.

    I'd love to hear what freebies you love!
  6. Conquer the Clutter! Register here.

    Have a Happy Week! It IS up to you!!!!!

    If we aren’t already connected…

    ...or if you haven’t joined my my Facebook business side…please come play!

    ...or come play on FourSquare!

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Jul. 13, 2011 - RE: Dropbox and a few other freebies!

Posted by Jaipur Property

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