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Mar. 1, 2011 - Hit a Home Run this Year: Start With Spring Training!

 I’m not too much into sports (you may think it sacrilege to live in AZ and not know whether the Cardinals are a football team or basketball!) I did grow up in Baltimore, though, with the “then” Champion Orioles and Colts and knew which was baseball and which football…. Sports gives us some great analogies for having a winning business. Let’s take a look at this today.

What does it take to be a winner?

1.    It starts with a plan. We’ve talked about this, right? You have your plan in place for 2011 (or you need to go get my Awesome Year Plan right now!)

2.    Then there is Practice! In baseball, there is Spring Training. I’d like you to consider what practice & training you need to win this year.

a.    Do you need to brush up your skills with a class? In most states, it is very inexpensive to go back to GRI Classes after you have your designation. If it’s been a few years, likely there have been changes or there may be elective courses you never took that will give you solid skills. Or how about the new e-PRO Course? It is an elective for the CRS, RSPS ABR, CIPS and RSPS (Resort & Second Home Specialists!

b.    Or, perhaps you need a new tech tool! Are you using a tablet computer? An iPad? Do you have a great website?

c.    What are you doing to increase your effectiveness with clients? Do you have a mastermind group or a coach that helps you stretch, stay accountable and feeds you nuggets to help you be creative and unleash new ideas?

3.    And, of course, then there is The Game! How are you doing so far this year? We are almost 1/6th through the year. Are you on track for your goals? Have you been productive, rather than chasing your tail busy?

Take a few minutes and see what’s working and what isn’t. Take action on one step this week to improve your game. Sometimes, it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the to do’s and ideas, and then do nothing. Instead, pick 1 action right now and do that this week. Pick another next week. By the end of the year, you will have made 52 improvements in yourself and in your business. Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare??? Be a tortoise this week! 

And, if you are in Arizona, you have a great opportunity to REALLY bring your game to the next level by attending the 2011 Winter Conference themed BASES LOADED on March 9-11 in Prescott! For only $50, you get 3 days of exceptional breakouts, presentations and even a RE BAR Camp! Lily helped me explain why you should go! 

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