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Jul. 12, 2008 - Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex

When you're hot, your hot. When you're not, you're not!

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Jul. 8, 2008 - My Summer Vacation!

I love that you have come to my blog! I am celebrating the Summer of 2008 by being on vacation. This doesn't mean I am on a long trip, but rather living every day with the giddiness and anticipation of those carefree days I remember as a kid on summer vacation.

My friend, Fran, has dubbed me Princess Singing Heart...a title I am embracing since, until September 22, I am only doing the work that makes my heart sings.

So you may see blogs posts of a more personal nature for the next couple of months, as I unravel from an over-scheduled life to one of blissfulness. If you've come here for business tips...I'll redirect you to my articles andnewsletter archives. I have written enough to keep you busy for the summer, if that's what you are looking for.

Otherwise, I invite you to be part of my summer inquiry of "what is essential to my life being blissful?" and "what isn't?"

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Jul. 3, 2008 - Yes I still love him, though he's 64!

I threw my husband, Bub, a not-surprise birthday party the night before he turned 64 at the Fox and Hound Smokehouse and Tavern at the Foothills Mall. They gave us a great private room with pool tables, couches and great wings and pizza. This started 4 days of celebrating. Bub's birthday wish was to go to Winslow, Arizona and stay at  La Posada , the historic Fred Harvey railroad hotel built in 1930 . Bub chose the route, commissioned me to drive and invited Lily to come along to go back in history!
The day dawned a beautiful, cool Aizona morning. We went out to the tennis courts first, where he beat me a quick 6-0. His practice with my brother last week gave him a bit of an advantage, though we had some good volleys.
Home to pack and load the wagon to get on the road by 9:30. We were estimating arrival at 3 to answer granddaughter, Lily's, constant chorus of  "when are we going to be there?" We headed north from Tucson on the Catalina Highway through the Junctions: through Oracle Junction, then Florence Junction, and Apache Junction.
Bub had found a couple of roads he had never been on (and neither had I ) and wanted to see the country. So we headed towards Roosevelt Lake on Route 88. Looked like it was about 40 miles. Pretty mountains and cactus with bright orange flowers on agave blooms that were 20 feet high. Then the sign said "Next 25 miles unpaved road."  Hmmm.....Bub says,"Oh, that must be what the dotted line on the map meant." LOL
We traversed a 12' wide washboard road with speed limits from 15-25. There were maybe a dozen other vehicles along the way, as we passed Canyon Lake, Apache Lake and Tortilla Flats before we got to the dam at Roosevelt Lake. It was gorgeous, wild country. It wouldn't have been surprising to have turned a corner to see a circle of tipis and indians....but lizards we about the only other life we saw. Though I think we probably had plenty of Indians spirits hanging out. It took quite a while and I had to recalibrate arrival time for the impatient backseat gal.
When we came around the corner to see Roosevelt Dam, I asked Lily if she knew what that was and without missing a beat she says,"The Great Wall of China?"  We got her straightened out but I guess that means she is getting a little geography at school to have knowledge of such things! We'll have to add the Great Wall to the list.
Back on paved 65 mph roads....for a fast clip to Payson. The clouds had been building into beautiful thunderheads and finally opened up. We had planned a picnic under the pines when we got there but had to settle for a pullover between Payson and Pine to eat our sandwiches. Lily was more interested in her slurpee and Bub's Cheetos than her turkey.  The temperature had been 102-106 since midmorning, but now dropped to 70.
It was 2:30.
DVD players have changed the traveling with a child dynamic considerably. I am not sure if this is a good or bad thing. It helped with the incessant,"when are we going to be  there" and "I am bored" but we had to get her to pull the earbuds out and MAKE her look when we saw breathtaking scenery. Not a particularly good trade-off, methinks. I'm loving the concept of living that "it is the journey, not the destination" and having the concept be embraced by Lily would make me feel like a good grandma.
As we drove towards Winslow, through the tall trees of Pine and Strawberry with their antique shops, then down
the mountain, the land became pretty barren and dry. The temperature was back up to 90. A perfect place to site a prison like the one we saw just south of town.  I'd left my directions to the hotel at home, but told Bub we could pull it up on my Centro, but turned out there was no need. Winslow isn't that big and, of course, the railroad hotel is right next to the tracks on the famous Route 66.
La Posada Hotel Restaurant and Gardens didn't disappoint. I've used my Flip Camera to post  a tour of La Posada. This was the masterpiece and favorite building of Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter, the greatest of all Southwestern architects. Really a museum full of art and artifacts, the hotel has been lovingly brought back to life by Allen Affeldt.
We have the Harry Truman room. It's one of the largest of the  rooms. Gorgeous gardens surround the hotel. I'm insired to go home and plant a rose garden. Bub says I'll have to stop travelling to stay home and water it (he's said the same about my desire to own a parrot). I imagine I could buy a fancy timer and set them to automatic.
We relaxed a bit. Lily and I put bubbles in the Jacquzzi tub and let the car kinks melt away. She and Bub walked the grounds while I cleared 125 emails (yes, I am guilty).  Dinner was amazingly magnificent. The Turquoise Resturant was named one of the Top 10 AZ Resturants this spring by Arizona Highways magazine. The Mexican tiled floors, Navajo Rugs and dark wood create just the right atmosphere. Lily got her every wish: from hot rolls to start with, to mac & cheese for dinner, a Shirley Temple to toast with, crayons to keep her occupied, to adjusting the temperature because she was cold. This child is definitely NOT low maintainance!
Bub got everything he wanted too! He choose a Chilean Shiraz from the extensive wine list. Our meal started with a soup duo: Corn Chowder and Mexican Bean soup-light cream on one side of the bowl and dark chili brown on the other. Definitely a taste treat for the palate. I ended up having this 3 times during our stay, it was SOOO good!
Bub's Prime Rib came with fresh horshradish sauce, stemed vegetables, garlic mashed potatoes and gravy and I ordered Wild,Wild, Wild, which brought a trio of game: quail, elk and a corn tamale with grass fed beef. Lily's Mac and 4 cheese was just to her liking.
The piece de resistance was the Chocolate Souffle for dessert, with chocolate Gran Marnier sauce and fresh whipped cream. A candle and Happy Birthday song by Lily embarassed Bub sufficiently to give us glee.
What a great way to spend a birthday. The three days on the road, taking us to places we had never seen, turned out to be a fun, summer adventure. Happy Birthday, Bub! We do still need you, we will still feed you and we still love you though you`re 64!


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Jun. 22, 2008 - Summer Vacation Week 1

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Feb. 20, 2008 - Julia Elizabeth Yellott Turns 1!

On The Personal Side

Julia Yellott, my 2nd granddaughter turned 1 yesterday. She and her parents just returned from 3 weeks in New Zealand. She is crawling fast, but hasn't taken those prized first steps yet. Her mom speaks Swedish to her; we're going to have a bilingual child!

This is such an exciting adventure. Coco Fossland is expecting in May. That will officially make granddaughter #3, presently named Peanut! And then we have two step-granddaughters, Julia's sister Emelie and Peanut's sister Amelia.

So in a little more than a year, I've gone from grandma of 1 to having almost 5 granddaughters. I believe this will be my favorite job for the next 30 years!!!!

Oh, and if you haven't visited Lily's Blog, stop by and leave her a note: www.LilysLand.com.
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Oct. 1, 2007 - An Ideal Day

What does yours look like?
I often ask my coaching clients to write this down. When you have consciously thought about what you'd create, it is easy to start incorporating bits of that into every day!
I was fortunate last week to be in Maine with my wonderful husband, Bub. We enjoyed a week at the Hillcrest Inn.
I'd never been to Maine & visiting all 50 states is on my "100 things I want to do" in this lifetime" goals list. So when I saw the trip donated by Maureen Roloff at Bernice Ross's Really Awesome Women Retreat last spring, I bid and was so excited to be the winner! (and even more excited that the money I spent was donated to CARE!)
So, my ideal day looked like this:
Bub made the coffee and we woke with the sun, which was warmer than usual in Maine this time of the year! Leisurely we enjoyed each other's company, eating a crisp Macintosh apple, some blueberries and yummy Biscotti to dip in the coffee.
I had several business calls while we were gone. While pure vacation is fun, I love what I do and especially that it is portable. I am able to travel more since I can connect from wherever I am (almost!). In September, I was coaching The FSBO Real Estate Game . It is always inspiring to me to coach a Game! Each person calls in daily for 4 weeks straight, getting points from a grid of activities and building their business, systems and personal foundation!
After the call, it was off for tennis. We found the public courts just up Agameticus Road. On Sunday, a few others were there, but during the week, we had the courts to ourselves. Bub always wins (or pouts!) and I always get good exercise. A field of grass and dandelions and the rustling leaves of all the trees surrounding the courts reminded us we were in another part of the world! So many trees in Maine!!!!!! Some had started to turn, but not many. They were beautiful, none the less.
We returned to Hillcrest Inn and I had a client call for one on one coaching that lasted a half hour. I work with people who are totally inspiring….how great is that?
Then we walked over a drawbridge spanning the river to Perkins Cove with it's quaint little shops and restaurants and took our first walk on The Marginal Way! We held hands part of the way and appreciated the glorious day and the sea.
We walked through town and down to the beautiful beach. I had a lobster roll for lunch (the first of many lobster meals!) and sat on a patio overlooking Ogunquit Beach and watched people and seagulls.
I picked up a few shells for Lily and dipped my foot in the ocean, but I believe what my friend Charlie Kentnor told me, "Only children swim in Maine!" There was certainly a vast difference in temperature from what we had found in Florida in July!
I shopped for presents at the "Life is Good" Shop and bought most everyone some apparel emblazoned with that logo! On the walk back along The Marginal Way, we stopped and smelled the roses and I smiled and said hello to people. Bub went on back to the Inn to read some, while I sat on a bench overlooking the ocean, and was interviewed on my cell phone by Gabriella for a Realtor Magazine article on budgeting (Look for it in November).
I strolled back to Inn, stopping in Perkins Cove to buy a few more presents (mostly for Lily and Julia!). I LOVE being a grandmother (but you knew that, didn't you?). Sat out on the porch and downloaded some emails on my tablet computer and then picked up a novel for a while.
Bub's daughter,Coco, drove up from New York City with her new love, Frank. We had scoped out the best place for dinner and decided on Pier 77 in Porpoise Cove, a little north of Kennebunkport. Overlooking the water, everything they served was scrumptious. Spending time with family is definitely an important part of my ideal day. When we got back to the Inn, I pulled out the decadent chocolate dessert w had bought earlier at the bakery in town and enjoyed it with a nice glass of Australian Shiraz!
Ah........Life is Good!!!!!
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Sep. 4, 2007 - The World's Littlest Blogger

Lily Yellott has a Blog! I am a proud Grandmother.

Her Blog is all about L words, including our two favorite, Lily & LOVE!!!!!

Her fairy Blogmother, Frances Flynn Thorsen, made it happen. We love you Fran!!!!

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Feb. 27, 2007 - 9 Days Old!

"Never have children, only grandchildren" ~ Gore Vidal

Being a grandmother is definitely one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

Father, Richard, and Mother, Marie are having lots of fun. Julia eats, sleeps and poops! I told them to enjoy it-this stage won't last too long!!!!!

Lily, on the other hand, is thrilled to have a new baby. She went camping with us this weekend. We attacked the cholla forest on our 40 acres. She's a good little desert rat who knows how to pull the cactus out of her shoes without painfully getting caught!


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Feb. 18, 2007 - Welcome Julia Elizabeth

My newest granddaughter, Julia Elizabeth, was born in Tucson at the Women's Birthing Center on February 18 at 10:30 AM to my son Richard and Marie.

At 7 pounds 3 oz. and 19 inches, she is a perfect new addition to the family.

I think that my role as grandmother is my favorite in this stage of my life. Her cousin, Lily, and I were her first vistors and Lily is enthralled with "her new baby." She has built her a "club" in my bedroom that is populated with soft, fuzzy animals and things to suck on, where she intends to take care of her!

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Nov. 27, 2006 - Conflict Management Seen Through The Eyes of a 5 Year Old

Every day I spend with Lily, my granddaughter, I learn. Recently we were driving in the car and Bub and I were having a spirited discussion, as we often do. All of a sudden Lily says, "STOP, I have a problem." Of course, we immediately gave her our attention thinking something was terribly amiss in the back seat. However, it seeemed her problem was with us in the front seat. She has misinterpreted our exuberance for conflict and wanted to resolve it. Where upon she gave us the steps she had learned when conflict occurs:

She said, "Grandma, you guys should not be yelling, this is the way that you fix it when you have a problem:

 You first say 'Stop, I have a problem'

The other person says 'I am listening'

You then say,'The problem is.........

What do you think the solution is?'

Ah, so simple through the eyes of a 5 year old......

Now if we only could get the rest of the world to use this formula,

perhaps some real progress could get made!

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