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Mar. 17, 2009 - Help Lily help The American Heart Association!!!!!

You can make a difference in teaching a 7 year old about philanthropy !!!

My Granddaughter Lily is jumping rope every day for a week to help the American Heart Association. She is trying to raise $300 this week, but, I bet, with your help, we can raise even more than that!!! Even a small donation will be appreciated. You can read about it on Lily’s blog or donate directly to Lily’s Donation page! I love that she is learning about philanthropy!
Pictures and an update will be posted on her blog, www.Lilysland.com  in the next 2 weeks.
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Jun. 18, 2007 - All Peru Chronicles

For perspectives from the whole group and many pictures, Frances Flynn Thorsen, is doing a great good of pulling this altogether at www.WebWomenGivingCircle.com

Take a peek

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Jun. 16, 2007 - Peru Chronicles Day 6

Our last day in Huaraz and actually in Peru, seems to have arrived quickly. I am wakened by the sound of suitcases being rolled over the cobblestones. At first, I panicked and jumped from bed, thinking I had overslept and everyone was leaving. As I peeked out the door of my room, I see dozens of teenagers arriving for the weekend and wanting our rooms! So much for sleeping in!

It's a beautiful clear morning and the snow covered mountains and babbling brook are a beautiful way to start the day. Life is sweet this morning at the ECCAME Hotel.

We get scrambled eggs for breakfast along with the rolls, matte tea and cafe con leche. We learn the kids are on a field trip for the weekend-they are giggly and high spirited. Then the bus takes us to the airport. There are 2 flights a day in and out of Huaraz. Crops are planted next to the runways and there are people working in the fields. Very different from the airport "security" we are used to! Our plane is late by about an hour, due probably to the pea soup conditions in the Lima mornings. The plane holds 16 and has one seat on either side. We get a nice boxed lunch and newspaper: waht great customer care!

The CCS staff and van are waiting for us on arrival in Lima and we are taken back to Home Base for lunch. This gives us a chance to pack to go home, check our email and eat lunch. There is one very funny moment at lunch when the platter of meat was being brought from the kitchen and you could see signs of panic on many of our faces. It looked a lot like the guinea pig we'd been feted twice with. We had this fleeting thought they were serving us this delicacy on our last lunch! But, we quickly realized, to our delight, it was chicken legs and wings!

Our afternoon visit began at the EDYFICAR Agency in San Juan de Lurigancho (in southeast metropolitan Lima. The Credit Manager, Marco Guzman, is waiting with refreshments for us (Cookies and juice-no cuy!)  When we had visited with Milo Stanojevich  CARE's country Director, he had explained that the micro-development projects had been so successful, that CARE had problems with the scope of the lending and accounting required, so they had partnered to form an independent bank network to serve this purpose. EDYFICAR is a mircofinance institution regulated by the Peruvian Superindendent of Banking and Insurace. CARE-PERU is the largest stockholder. They operate in 8 cities to serve the entrepreneurs. We asked a lot of questions and discovered how differently things work in Peru. The average loan length is 2-3 years and the interest rate was slightly below the country norm but still surprised us when we heard it was about 3 1/2% per month! Many of the entrepreneurs had taken out loan after loan-some having taken advantage of using the sytem 10 or more times.

We visited 3 families that had benefitted from the loans and had thriving businesses that were supporting them and allowing them to hire others. We saw sophisticated embroidery machines in one house where about a dozen people were working in every nook and cranny to produce baby clothes. At the next home/business there were knitting machines and we watched the sweaters being made for the markets and learned the difference between baby alpaca wool and "maybe" alpaca wool! And our last stop was to see a business making religious, clay handicrafts that were being exported to Germany and to other places. We learned that many of these entrepreneurs began with $500 or less and have paid back and taken ever larger loans to be able to purchase the equipment we saw and to expand. They were proud to show us what they were making. They were living and working in 2 and 3 story buildings that were filled with people and supplies.

What a week! We saw so much that an average tourist wouldn't have been able to see. I know each of us was appreciative at the work that went into planning our trip so that we could really experience first hand the country of Peru.

We went back to Homebase, packed and headed out for out last dinner together at a nice Lima Restuarant recommended by the CSS Country Director, Kique Bossio. We had taken in a lot this week and certainly were getting tired, but we celebrated and toasted out thanks to MORE and to CARE for creating an extraordinary adventure.

The Giving Circle will be "regrouping" in the coming weeks. We want to complete the pledge we made to raise $100,000. That leaves us about $76,000 to go!!!! After seeing the empowerment that CARE is bringing to their projects, I know each of us has passion to share our experience and to continue to share our resources! Thank you MORE!!!!(And especially Peggy for your vision) and Thank you CARE (and especially Amanada and Carol for you dedication!)

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Jun. 6, 2007 - Peru Chronicles Day 1

Last year around this time, I saw a mention by Peggy Northrop, editor of MORE Magazine of their intent to raise $1 Million Dollars for the humanitarian organiztion, CARE. She announced they were asking Giving Circles for their support and would award to the Giving Circle that raised the most money a week long volunteer trip to Peru with CARE and the MORE editorial staff. I immediately knew this was a challenge I wanted to be part of. So, I contacted many friends and we formed the Web Women Giving Circle. We brainstormed, contacted others, and shared with our friends, in real estate, coaching and the general public. You bought premium packages with donations from many great sponsors, bought paintings and gave us money. In all, we raised almost $24,000 and won the prize!

Last week, this culminated in an amazing trip for me and 4 members of The Web Women Giving Circle, Frances Flynn Thorsen, Molly Gordon, Coco Fossland and Dawn Yellott. We were accompanied by Amanda Bolster and Carol Moore from CARE and Peggy Northrop and Julie Mahoney from MORE and Peggy's 13 Year old daughter, Franny. We are wearing our CARE "I Am Powerful" T-Shirts in this picture while visiting a water treatment facility at Huamachuco, Peru outside of Huaraz at about 10,000 ft elevation. But...now, I am getting ahead of myself!

Web Women Giving Circle Members, Amber Riviere, Beth Cross, Jean Mabry, Laura Kovacs, Elayne Beyer, Paulette Long, and our Aussie Inspiration, Karin Hanna choose not to go on the trip but were all part of the reason we were successful. We knew they were with us in heart and spirit. We want to share with you and

Copyright 2007 Peter Frey/CARE.

them a day by day overview of this extraordinary trip, so you can have an idea of the incredible work being done by CARE and an example of how your $20 contribution was actually able to help change lives.

Saturday May 26

We flew in from all over the country to Altanta to fly to Lima. Delta Airlines supports CARE and we were flying on SkyMiles tickets. Coco went in early to see Machu Picchu, and the CARE contingent, Amanda, Carol and Peter, our photographer, flew in the day before to prepare for our arrival. Molly flew in from Seattle, Fran from Pensylvannia, Dawn and I from Tucson and Peggy, Julie and Franny from New York. Most of us were meeting in person for the first time, but the experiences we shared over the course of the week have led to a special friendship. Our flight to Lima was almost 6 hours and it was around 11 PM when we landed. Several other international flights landed about the same time and it was slow going through customs, but we got stamped and to the other side where we were greeted by Kique Bossio, the Cross Cultural Solutions Country Director and a driver. Excited and tired, we took in the sites of Lima as we drove to the Home Base in Surco where we'd be staying for the next 3 days.  We begged that our day begin with breakfast at 8 instead of 7 and our wish was granted. We settled into our bunk beds and were soon fast asleep.


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Jan. 11, 2007 - Joeann's Whistle-Stop Tour Schedule


Our Pledge to CARE is $100,000      So Far, we have raised   $21,340.41

Your donation makes a difference   

WED  1.03.2007-- The Cresentia Valley Communicator (host Jeero Habeshian)

THU   1.04.2007--  "The Thanks Ranks" (host, Grateful Lisa says,"  I'm delighted to have you visit with The Thanks Ranks here in Atlanta, and invite you to share your experiences over a bottomless glass of Table Wine of the South (a.k.a. sweet tea). :-) "

Visit the ones you missed:

FRI    12.09.2006 -- Born To Blog  (host Frances Flynn Thorsen)
WED 12.13.2006 --
Wynne's Realty Blog (host Wynne Achatz)
TUE   12.12.2006 -- Get Known Now (host Suzanne Falter-Barnes) 

FRI    12.15.2006    Women, Art, Life: Weaving It All Together (host, Tammy Vitale)
TUES 12.19.2006 -- Luxury Clues (host, Bernice Ross, Ph.D., MCC)
TUE   12.19.2006 -- Michael Trust Realty (host, Michael Trust)
WED  12.20.2006 -- Nevada (host, Chris Shouse)
THU   12.21.2006 -- Northern VA Real Estate Notes (host, Julie Emery)

FRI   12.22.2006--   Southern California Home (host, Shelly Slovin)

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Jan. 4, 2007 - The CARE Blog Tour is Grateful to Lisa

I am so excited to visit today with Grateful Lisa at her blog,

She says,"If you consciously put yourself on alert for it, every day we encounter people, places, things or experiences that make our day a little brighter. Here I show my gratitude, and add them to "The Thanks Ranks"."

Her attitude of gratitude just blew me away! Go see her....

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Jan. 3, 2007 - CARE Blog Visit to Jerro Habeshian

On the road again!!! Happy New Year

I am so happy today to visit a brand new blog just launched by Jerro Habeshian.

He made me feel welcome during our interview

and he is going to be having great real estate information for

people in the La Crescenta, La Canada, & Glendale CA communities.

Visit Jerro today!!!!

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Dec. 22, 2006 - The CARE BlogStop Today is with Shelly Slovin at his Southern California Home Blog

His blog does a great job of providing information for home buyers and for those folks that are relocating. You'll benefit from the real estate resources and tips found here. 

I am excited to visiting today. Shelly just played The Real Estate Game last month and was generous in sharing tips with other players! An all round nice  guy! He'd sure be my agent of choice if I lived in Southern California! Go visit his blog today and you too can play with us. The Virtual champagne is chilled!

Thanks, Shelly for being a great host!

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Dec. 21, 2006 - The CARE Whistle Stop Today is at the Northern VA Real Estate Notes Blog hosted by Julie Emery

I am excited to be in the Northern Virginia, DC area this morning. I grew up in Baltimore, so it looks like "home" as I knew it as a kid! What fun.

And, I am excited to be visiting Julie Emery whose blog,Northern VA Real Estate Notes is an ongoing dialog on real estate news, opinion and trends in Northern Virginia and the greater Piedmont area. She's keeping folks up to date on that is going on in her market and how it fits with the national trends and doing a darn good job!
Thanks, Julie for welcoming me on this Blogstop!

We are spreading the word about ways to make a difference this Holiday Season and I am heartened by the warm response from Julie and the others who have been part of the Tour to give back! My love to you all!!!

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Dec. 20, 2006 - The CARE Whistle Stop Today is Nevada hosted by Chris Shouse

I am so excited to be visiting Chris Shouse today at her blog, Nevada 

She welcomed me with a perfectly chilled bottle of Virtual Moet & Chandon Dom Perignon Rose Vintage 1996, served in an Orefors crystal flute, with FRESH Pacific Oysters and Shrimp flown in for the occasion!!! Additionally, she had a bath be drawn prior to my arrival, with champagne caress bubbles and bath oil.

How much better can it get????

Well, if you go visit Chris, you'll see....

she is the person you want to educate you about travel in Nevada and beyond!

And, speaking of travel, if you have missed any of our stops so far...you can still go visit:

FRI    12.09.2006 -- Born To Blog  (host Frances Flynn Thorsen)
WED 12.13.2006 --
Wynne's Realty Blog (host Wynne Achatz)
TUE   12.12.2006 -- Get Known Now (host Suzanne Falter-Barnes) 

FRI    12.15.2006    Women, Art, Life: Weaving It All Together (host, Tammy Vitale)
TUES 12.19.2006 --
Luxury Clues (host, Bernice Ross, Ph.D., MCC)
TUE   12.19.2006 --
Michael Trust Realty (host, Michael Trust)

You have 10 more days to make charitable contributions for 2006...

and even a little means a lot!

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