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Warren County Real Estate Statistics

Date: Apr. 24, 2008
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Today, finally, I'll get around to talking about the numbers for Warren County.

Inventory in Warren County has stayed relatively stable month over month. There were 560 homes listed for sale in February and 567 in March. No significant difference there. Surprisingly enough, Warren County is the one county where there's very little difference year over year in this number. In March of 2007 there were 558 homes listed.

93 new listings came on the market in February. March was up slightly with 98. There's a significant difference in last year's numbers, however. In March of 2007 there were 161 new listings.

We do start to see some differences with contracts, month over month. In February there were 22 new contracts. In March that jumped up to 34. Of course, that's less impressive when you consider that a year ago there were 52 new contracts.

There were 24 closed sales in March, 22 in February and a year ago there were 39.

Overall, the patterns are similar to what we've seen in the other counties.

Prices in Warren County are down almost 17% year over year. It's worse than Fauquier, Culpeper or Rappahannock, but not as bad as Prince William.

Next week I promise an end to all these boring statistics for awhile!

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Front Royal

Date: Nov. 1, 2007
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Front Royal, Virginia

Located just 70 miles west of Washington, DC, Front Royal is a quaint mid-sized town with easy access to the metropolitan area and is in close proximity to the famous scenic Skyline Drive. Residents of Front Royal enjoy the peace and grandeur of living in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley and can easily hop on Interstate 66 to head into the Nation's Capital.

There are plenty of outdoor attractions in the area, such as Skyline Caverns, Shenandoah National Park and with the North and South forks of the Shenandoah River meeting nearby, Front Royal has been officially designated the Canoe Capital of Virginia. The Front Royal Cardinals baseball team, which joined the Valley League in 1984, hosts home games in Bing Crosby Stadium.

The town was incorporated in 1788 by a group of real estate speculators. Rail service was established 56 years later and was an important transport line during the Civil War and the years that followed.

With such a history, Front Royal is still home for many "long-time" residents with generations of Front Royal family, but recent arrivals and newly arrived residents have started to change the town's demographic to one with more diversity. Now home for about 14,000 citizens, Front Royal is the county seat and largest town in Warren County.

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