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Kojo Show Does Real Estate

Dec. 16, 2009
Categorized in: Local Market Conditions

I don't know of another local radio or TV personality who does a better job of keeping people informed about the local real estate market than Kojo Nnamdi on WAMU. He's had two shows in the last week that illustrate that point.

First he did a show on townhouses and rowhouses that was very interesting. Part of what I like about what Kojo does is that he does the big picture stuff. This piece looks about this important piece of the urban housing picture.

More recently he did a piece on the home buyer's tax credit. It's a more complex subject than most media reports would indicate and it's great that people have another place to go and ask questions. Some of the questions are as informative as the answers in helping me gauge how much people know and understand about the subject.

Take the time to listen to these shows. If you're not a regular listener to Kojo's show, you may become a fan!

Facing the Mortgage Crisis

May. 7, 2009
Categorized in: Miscellaneous

Radio station WAMU (88.5) did a week long series of special programming last week entitled "Facing the Mortgage Crisis". I think the series was misnamed. It should have been called "Facing the Financial Crisis" as it covered a much wider array of information than just what's been going on in the housing industry. (Perhaps it's their nod to where it all started!)

You can listen to all the programs at their web site, as well as join in discussions on how all this is affecting you.

It's good stuff and well worth your time. I especially appreciated the replays of the "This American Life" series on the financial crisis. It's some of the best financial journalism out there.

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