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How Virginians Think About Virginia

Sep. 23, 2011
Categorized in: Miscellaneous

I still can't figure out where this study or the underlying data comes from so don't make any big lifestyle changes based on this, but here's some information on how we feel about ourselves.

This survey asked people how they felt about their state in six areas: Natural Beauty, Things to Do, State Economy, Environmental Friendliness, Education and Medical Care. Here are the grades for Virginia:

  • Natural Beauty                      B
  • Things To Do                        B
  • State Economy                      C
  • Environmental Friendliness   D
  • Education                              C
  • Medical Care                         C

Overall, people seemed fairly pessimistic. That's not surprising given the overall economic gloom and doom we're all living with at the moment.

I do think Virginians were a little hard on themselves regarding the State Economy. While it may not feel this way (especially if your house is under water) our economy in northern Virginia actually looks pretty good compared to most of the country.

How would you grade us?

P.S. My home state of Minnesota fared pretty well!

New FHA Requirements

Nov. 7, 2008
Categorized in: Mortgages


There are new requirements in place for FHA and Rural Development loans. Since FHA loans in particular are very popular in this market, and since these requirements effect rural properties that have been vacant at least 30 days, this will have a significant impact locally.

Effective immediately, if properties have been vacant for 30 days, well and septic certification tests will need to be done. And, while some of this testing is already fairly standard in contracts, the testing required here is expanded.

Well tests must now cover:


Nitrate, Nitrite

Total Nitrates and Nitrites

Fecal or E Coli Coliform

Total Coliform

The survey must show that the well is 50 feet from the septic and 100 feet from the drainfield.  Wells should be no more than 10 feet from the property line.

These are not bad requirements and I've believed for quite awhile that well testing should be more extensive than the basic Coliform Bacteria testing that's the standard currently.

So, this seems like a good thing for buyers. Another reason to like FHA these days.




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