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Upcoming Local Food Events

Spring is here and that means an abundance of local foods are beginning to be available. Yippee!

The Local Flavor Farm Buyers Club is hosting a Meet Your Farmer Event tomorrow, April 10th at 14828 Lee Highway in Amissville. Stop by between 2 and 6 p.m. and enjoy tastings from:

  • 100% Grass-fed beef from Mount Vernon Farm in Sperryville
  • Pork & Lamb Sausages from Blue Ridge Meats in Front Royal
  • 100% Grass-fed, raw cheese (aged 12 - 24 months) from Oak Spring Dairy in Upperville
  • Fresh Salsas & Mustards from the Remington Pepper Company in Remington
  • Fresh, locally-roasted Fair Trade Coffee from Central Coffee Roasters in Sperryville
  • Tasty Chutneys from Virginia Chutney Company in Washington, VA
  • ...and much more!

There will also be wine tastings from Gadino Cellars.

As if that wasn't enough excitement, a week from today Great Harvest Bread Co. opens their doors in downtown Warrenton next Friday, April 16th. Become a fan on Facebook and watch their progress!

Happy Eating!

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Plant A Row

Date: Feb. 26, 2009
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The good news is that spring is coming! You can see it in the buds on the trees and the bulbs poking their shoots above the ground!

The bad news is that the economy is likely to make it a rough spring and summer for a lot of people locally and around the country. 

The good new is: you can help!

Fauquier County is going to participate in the Plant a Row campaign. This is a nationwide effort started about a dozen years ago. Local gardeners are asked to plant one extra row to feed local hungry families.

I'll be coordinating the local effort here in Fauquier. Most gardeners produce more than they can eat in a good year. Why not do it deliberately this year and help your hungry neighbors?

The guidelines are simple. Clean off the excess soil on vegetables but don't wash them. This helps them stay fresh longer. Keep in mind that these vegetables will need to stand up to some local travel and handling. The fresher they are, the better. Please don't donate the damaged, rotting fruit and vegetables.

Signing up to help is simple! Just send me an e-mail at Julie@JulieEmery.com and let me know you're participating. I'll add you to the e-mail distribution list and get you some information on where to drop off the fruits and vegetables. 

Once you drop the produce off it gets delivered to local food banks, pantries and distribution centers.

If you don't garden we can still use your help! You can help us get the word out! We'd be happy to give you flyers you can distribute or post in places where lots of people can see them. We'll also need volunteers to help transport and sort produce during the growing season. Let me know how you'd like to help and we'll put you to work!

We can't fix the entire economy. But maybe we can make sure no one in Rappahannock goes hungry this year!


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Local Farmers Markets



As you're making plans for your weekend, don't forget to stop by one of the local farmers markets. Here's a list of some that I've been frequenting:

Nokesville Farmer's Market - I just discovered this one but already love it. Hours are 8 to noon on Saturdays. They take "local" seriously at this one. All vendors are from Prince William or Fauquier Counties.

Warrenton Farmer's Market - Great excuse to get into old town Warrenton. This is their 33rd year. See them downtown Saturday's from 7 a.m. to noon or on Wednesdays out on Lee Hwy from 7 a.m. until 1.

Culpeper Farmer's Market - At the corner of Main and Commerce every Saturday from 7:30 to noon. I've been very impressed by the great selection of heirloom vegetables here!

Clevenger's Corner Farmers Market - This is the newest addition having just opened last Friday. This is at the intersection of 211 and 229 in Amissville. They're open Fridays and Sundays from 4-7 p.m. for all you non-morning people!

And...I hear there will be a new one in Sperryville any day now! More to come on that.

If you've got others you'd like to see mentioned here, jump into the comments and let everyone know!


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Local Food Sources


There are lots of good reasons to buy your food locally. First of all, it's nice to know where your food comes from, who grew it and where and what went into it! Buying your food locally supports area farmers and helps maintain the rural character of our area. And, when the food you eat doesn't have to travel thousands of miles to your table, you're helping make our country more energy efficient. That's good for the environment and good for national security. Why wouldn't you eat local?!

Here are some local food sources in the Virginia Piedmont Area.

Fresh and Local CSA
Deliveries to Metro-VA, Metro-MD, DC and Shepherdstown, WV
Products available include biodynamic vegetables, grassfed beef, pastured pork, eggs and organic Kona coffee.

Ayrshire Farms - Upperville
Products available include organic heritage beef, pork, pastured chicken, organic turkey and eggs

Blue Ridge Beef - Upperville
Products available include pastured beef and pastured eggs

Bellemeade - Sperryville
Products available include pastured beef and pastured eggs

Toni Bragg - Warrenton
Organizes ZOOKS delivery from PA
Products available include Dairy Products (milk, cream, yogurt, cheese, kefir), eggs, chicken, duck, beef and produce.

Cibola Farms - Culpeper
Products available include pastured bison, pastured beef, rabbit, pastured chicken, free range pork, goat meat, lamb and turkey.

Mark & Fran Deren - Fort Valley
Products available include cow milk, cream and yogurt, goat milk and eggs

Drinking Swamp Farm - Haynesville
Available at Freericksburg and Irvington Farmers Market
Products available include pastured goat meat products, lamb, veal, cheese.

Field and Flower - Washington, VA
Products available include salads.

Golden Acres Orchard - Front Royal
Products available include apples.

Harmany Highlands - Flint Hill
Products available include pastured beef.

Heartland Harvest Farm - Mt. Solon
540-885-3133 or 540-885-7172
85 Curry Road, Mt. Solon, VA
Products available include chicken, lamb, beef, pork, eggs and turkeys.

Clarke County Farmers Market - Berryville
Town Parking Lot, S. Church Street, Berryville, VA

Hedgebrook Farm - Winchester
Products available include cowshares, pumpkins, apples, peanuts and assorted seasonal produce.

John Kiser - Sperryville
Products available include pastured pork.

Majesty Farm - North Garden
Products available include cow shares, goat shares, beef, pastured veal, chevon, eggs and other seasonal items.

Manassas Milk Project
703-791-2421 or 540-349-0818
Products available include cow shares.

New Hope Farms - Castleton
Products available include pork.

Over The Grass Farm - The Plains
Products available include CSA, year round salad mix, eggs, pastured beef, cow shares, grass finished lamb, honey, homemade jams and jellies, wool and yarn.

Petal to the Metal Farm - Bealeton
Products available include pork, lamb, eggs, live rare breed poultry, seedlings and produce.

Piedmont Organics - Linden
Products available include CSA.

Polyface Farm - Swope
Deliveries available to Sperryville and Springfield
Products available include pastured poultry, Salad Bar Beef, Pigerator Pork, pastured rabbit, pastured eggs, pet food.

Rucker Farm - Flint Hill
Products available include cow shares, goat shares.

Smithfield Farm - Berryville
Products available include pastured beef, pastured veal, pastured chicken, pastured pork, pastured goat and pastured eggs.

Stoney Lonesome Farm
Products available include CSA

Summerfield Farm Products - Culpeper
Products available include veal, lamb, venison, chicken, game birds and beef.

Touchstone Farm - Amissville
Products available include pastured lamb, wool and yarn.

Waterpenny Farm - Sperryville
Products available include CSA, meat deliveries from Polyface, and fresh produce available at local markets.

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