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An informational source for people who are relocating, with a particular focus on moving to the Carlsbad area of North County San Diego (and nearby coastal communities), with advice, guidance and true stories to help you on your way and make it a great journey, from a REALTOR� with plenty of personal (4 major moves, most recently from Boston to Carlsbad, California) and professional relocation experience. Are you running into problems selling your home? Need to find a new one quickly? Never moved before and haven't a clue? You'll find some great tips on how to solve your relocation issues here. Or ask me a question any time and I'll share some solutions or tell you where to get more information. CA BRE Lic. #01490977

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Getting Organized - Preparing Your Home To Sell (Part 3)

Here we are at the end of our discussion on preparing your house to sell. Since you need to pack to move, Kathi shares her tips on how to use this need during the purging phase of getting organized as you continue on your journey of learning how to addSpace to your life.

In case you missed them: Part 1 - Get Organized: Preparing Your House for Sale;
Part 2 - Get Organized: Preparing Your House for Sale

Pack to Move

As you purge your excess, also pack the items that will move with you. As you pack, group like items together. Consider how they will be stored and organized within your new home. Think about their “home”, where they will live, within your new home and place them in a box marked and destined for that location.

If you are unsure about an item’s destination and can’t figure out how to mark the box, consider what type of activity relates to using it. For instance, if you discover a grill cover, tongs for grilling, bug spray and outside chair cushions, they might be destined for the same area, your fabulous new deck! Items that will live together in your new home should also live together in the same box until unpacked. Place the heaviest items on the bottom of each box to avoid damage enroute.

Preparing your Carlsbad house to sellMark each box clearly with the room destination desired so that the movers can do most of the work for you. This also helps you locate items if you need them in a pinch before they are officially unpacked and stored.

Reload Your Closets

If you are simply purging and not moving, stop before you reload your closet or cupboard. Consider each item and whether it should actually keep living where it was found or if it would serve you better in a different location. Things end up in the craziest places by default when life gets busy. Take a moment to reconsider before you tuck it away into the same space.

There is Help Available

Professional Organizers thrive on this kind of challenge. We love this process! If you feel overwhelmed and under-motivated, help is a phone call away. As a Board Certified Professional Organizer, I can expedite this process and make your home or move less stressful. Call me direct at 760.840.9997 to discuss your challenges and I will explain how the Professional Organizing solution works. You can also visit my website to view actual client ‘before and after’ storage solutions .

 Moving On

After you have sorted, packed and purged your closets and cabinets, you are ready to strategize for the actual move. Or maybe you will enjoy your newfound space so much that you will decide that your house really isn’t too small, it was simply packed with too much stuff! No joke, I have witnessed this phenomena with actual clients!

Next up, we will cover the big day – the move and how to best prepare for this dramatic shift in scenery!

Kathi Burns

Founder - addSpace to Your Life!



If I can provide more information about the housing market in general, or otherwise assist you in your homes search, please contact me by phone or text at (760) 840-1360
or email me at JDowler@remax.net.

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Posted: 6:00 AM, Jan. 30, 2008
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