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An informational source for people who are relocating, with a particular focus on moving to the Carlsbad area of North County San Diego (and nearby coastal communities), with advice, guidance and true stories to help you on your way and make it a great journey, from a REALTOR� with plenty of personal (4 major moves, most recently from Boston to Carlsbad, California) and professional relocation experience. Are you running into problems selling your home? Need to find a new one quickly? Never moved before and haven't a clue? You'll find some great tips on how to solve your relocation issues here. Or ask me a question any time and I'll share some solutions or tell you where to get more information. CA BRE Lic. #01490977

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Learning About Neighborhoods

A common question buyers ask is "what is the best way to learn about neighborhoods?" THis may be particularly important if you are not familiar with the area.

Finding the neighborhood that feels right to YOU is very personal. While you can describe to me, or YOUR agent, what you want, only you can really tell is a particular community "feels right."

People have different ideas of what is important to them in a neighborhood, and most issues are best discovered on your own (e.g., the way an area looks adn feel, proximity to desired amenities, traffic, is it friendly, demographics, safety, etc.).

Sometimes price will determine what neighborhoods will be suitable (this may be true in expensive areas, like Southern California, or if your budget is limited), or access to certain schools or other amenities may dictate where you will want to live.

In this day and age you have the Internet to help you do your research on things like schools, shopping, crime, demographics and ahost of ther issues that may be important to you.

But to really get a feel for the neighborhoods that feel right and meet your requirements you will have to spend time exploring them in person - spend significant time in the area, driving or walking around and getting a feel for the community and the people who live there. You can also stop in at some houses if you wish and chat with some of the neighbors, although some people aren't comfortable doing this. You might visit the area at different times of the day or on weekends if traffic and noise is a concern.

Bear in mind that as an agent there are some things we cannot discuss because of potential discrimination issues, e.g., what school is the best, which areas to buy in due to the presence of different religious institutions, or the demographics of the community, or the crime statistics, and so on. We are prohibited by law from directing folks to or away from areas based on these kinds of factors, so please be understanding if we say we can't provide the precise information YOU would like to have. Those are things that you can investigate if they are important to you.

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If I can help in any way to provide you with some other on-line resouces, please let me know.

Posted: 1:08 PM, Dec. 12, 2010
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