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Buying Property versus Equipment

Oct. 15, 2011
Categorized in: Commercial Real Estate
Tagged with: broker, buyer, high price, taxes
Not using a broker hardly ever saves one money, it often costs more. Buyers overpay, but think they got a deal.

Development Issues, Why are we chasing the same "tails"?

Aug. 19, 2011
Categorized in: Commercial Real Estate
Tagged with: company, development, small
Development, we all want it, and want it big, and often forget the small start up, and every company was once small....

Fear and Loathing in Commercial Real Estate....

Blog by Gary Seidel
Beloit, Wisconsin

I have been lucky enough to have three interesting careers. Manufacturing, Sales, and Commercial Real Estate. The most important one was being a Paperboy, so much for engineering school.... I run my own Commercial Real Estate company in Wisconsin. In my spare time I have developed a number of websites as well, try to stay in shape, and provide a high quality service to all of my customers and clients. Links: http://www.wisconsinbrokernet.com http://www.illinoisbrokernet.com http://www.pointonecommercial http://www.agencynet.us http://statelinebusinessnetwork.com/


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