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Rules of the Road

Violations could result in your being removed from the Community
  1. Refrain from obscenities
  2. Don't violate any laws, including copyright, antitrust, licensing, defamation and libel, as well as, state/federal/local laws and regulations affecting electronic communications. This probably includes the REALTORS© Code of Ethics, if you happen to be a REALTOR.©
  3. Don't violate client confidentiality. You never know who might be listening. Messages can be forwarded, left on printers, etc. Change names to protect the innocent, and you. A general rule of thumb is "don't put anything in an e-mail message that you would not want published on the front page of the New York Times."
  4. Absolutely no copyright violations when posting. This means writings, software, etc. "Fair use" and reprinting with permission is OK, but that's it. Reread point #2.
  5. No personal attacks or defamatory remarks. You can disagree and still treat the other person with dignity.
  6. No personal attacks or defamatory remarks. Send them a private message rather than a public disparagement.
  7. Be concise, unless conciseness isn't called for.
  8. Don't post personal messages to one or two people on the forum. There are many others who will be reading this Digest. Use direct E-mail to respond to one person unless the response would be of interest to many of our participants. One of our goals at the InternetCrusade is that each of us make many new friends all over the country.
  9. If you use them, disable vCard electronic business cards and any Return Receipts.
  10. Before you reply to something in the forum, proof and edit before sending and make sure you only quote a few lines rather than the entire digest/posting to which you respond.
  11. No blatant advertising or marketing allowed. It's ok to let other members know what you do in your signature or tagline, especially if you are contributing to the conversation. Anyone that drops in out of nowhere and posts an advertisement to the community may be removed at the discretion of the Community Admins.
  12. Signature and tagline should be brief, no more than 5 lines especially if you post to the list frequently.
  13. You understand that RealTown may repurpose and redistribute material you contribute and you grant RealTown and InternetCrusade a perpetual license to republish the material at their sole discretion.