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MLS Reports or Data...

(4 weeks ago)
Hello, I am just starting out in property investing, and I'm looking to find or figure out where to go to find SOME data from the MLS (Multiple Listing Service?) reports. Is this a paid source? Is it not a public domain content list? I'm looking to determine things like which houses in my area sold... Read More

RealTalk on Facebook!

(1 month ago)

Ashley Ruble-English

Writing/Editing , San Diego

Did you know that RealTalk is now available via Facebook? If you haven't already joined the group, go ahead and visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/RealTalk.RealTown/ and request to join the conversation! Also, if you are a member of Association staff, you can join... Read More

RE: Referrals

(1 month ago)

Sharon Paul, ePro, GRI, SPS

Licensed Real Estate Broker , Oak Island

I agree with Bernard. If there is no getting the referral source back, I'd head out the door to another firm so fast it would make the PB's or BIC's head swim. Best of Luck. Read More
The U.S. lawmaker who wrote a Dodd-Frank Act provisionthat imposes bank-like capital standards on the insurance industryintroduced legislation to ease the requirements. Insurance Products at Dyman and Associates Senator Susan Collins, a Maine Republican, said at a Senate Banking subcommittee... Read More
In January I submited an offer for a client thru the listing broker on a fannie Mae forclosure thru Equator. The asset manager did not produce a signed purchase agreement until February 24th. The purchase agreement indicated a deadline of January 29th for response. The listing agent and asset manager... Read More

purchase price adjustment

(2 months ago)
How much is the purchase price of a home likely to be lowered if it has a history of sewer backup problems? This residence has had 2 significant sewer backups over a 6 year period. Clean up and repair has been done, but that is no guarantee that all issues are resolved. In light of this... Read More

Matthew Collis - IXACT Contact Real Estate CRM

Information Technology , Toronto

In this article we'll discuss three signs that indicate you really "know what you're doing" when it comes to effective real estate contact management. So if you're wondering if you can improve in this area, or are just curious to see how we'll you're currently doing,... Read More

Cash Buyers

(2 months ago)

Cash Buyers Needed

Home Buyer / Home Seller , Decatur

We have a huge inventory looking for serious cash buyers who are looking for off market properties. Not looking for buyers reps. We need the cash buyers only no direct to none of that. Our inventory is fresh and exclusive. I have a winery in italy up for sale property in Milano Rome Multi's... Read More


Licensed Real Estate Agent , Bowie

Author: Steve Queen Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act for Bowie MD Residents In 2007, Congress passed the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act to help people who were down on their luck financially because of the loss of their homes. The tax break... Read More