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Grand Fantasia Would Be Run In South Korea

Posted at reterdfgdfgd by sd sd
Aug. 10, 2010


Grand Fantasia Would Be Run In South Korea
We supply Grand Fantasia Online Gold for you heart and soul. The fantasy MMORPG "Grand Fantasia" South Korea operated in Taiwan and Japan will start operating in Korea.
"Grand Fantasia”, the high popularity work in Taiwan and Japan at present also gets warm concern from the players of Korea. The first day of closed beta, while starting to announce candidate testing list at twelve O'clock, the official website visitors surge so as to make an emergency increase in the server. What’ more, its real-time Key words ranked first in the top major search portal, showing its strength. If you want to buy Grand Fantasia Gold please remember us because we offer cheaper Grand Fantasia Gold. We never make our consumers down.
South Korea Liveplex Company said that it would start the first close beta from March 5 to 9.
"Grand Fantasia" with the unique wizard system, cute animation style of the game screen and game characters, the story of a rich variety of background tasks get a lot of popularity. The handbook operators of "Grand Fantasia" named Liveplex shows that many players were satisfied with closed beta. As a result of beta most of players want the Pre-Open Beta Test to proceed as early as possible so I decided not to conduct a second closed beta and directly into beta testing operations. The test is being carried out on the details of operation. We will be ready for anything to make sure game's smooth running.

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