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What is "Ask the Experts"?

"Ask the Experts" is a group that RealTown created specifically for people seeking advice from Real Estate Professionals. Please keep the conversation in this group real estate related-- whether it is about buying/selling a home, real estate specific computer software, real estate marketing tips, local zoning laws-- it should be real estate related in some way. Questions from both Real Estate professionals and consumers are welcome. Please note that this group is public, but it is also moderated, so your post may not display right away.

If you were looking to post something non-real estate specific, you might try visiting one of our many other groups.

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No one is as smart as everyone

Q: Who are the "Experts"?

A: RealTown experts are experienced real estate professionals who have decided to share their knowledge and join our "Ask the Experts" group. These real estate experts are successful real estate agents, real estate brokers, real estate attorneys, and real estate authors.

Q: How does "Ask The Experts" work?

A: When a question is submitted, an email goes out to all members of our "Ask the Experts" group. If one of our experts is able to answer your question, you will receive a reply by email and the response will be posted to the group.