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Many of us are interested in incorporating state of the art technology in to the professional real estate process. We all have varying skill levels and interests and the thought is that a Technology Group could be an interesting and productive way for all levels of technology skill and interests to come together. New discoveries can be discussed. Questions can be asked (and there are no bad questions). It could be a clearinghouse of sorts where everybody with technology related interests can come together and have an exchange. Easy!
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Does anyone know of a good contact management program that works with Thunderbird? I purchased ACT h... 3,599 views
11/13/09 6:45 PM
Rich Gaasenbeek Profile Image
10/12/15 10:28 PM
I'm looking for a transaction management software package that's appropriate for my use as a single... 2,447 views
2/12/12 2:15 AM
Dee Les Profile Image
10/12/15 10:05 PM
I am wondering what cloud type of storage I should look at. I am looking to save a lot of folders fo... 617 views
10/28/13 8:45 PM
Judy Sepac, MORE, Referrals Profile Image
10/29/13 8:46 AM
I am wondering what cloud type of storage I should look at. I am looking to save a lot of folders fo... 605 views
10/28/13 8:57 PM
Check this link out. I have a listing that the customer doe not have the money to replace the carpet... 616 views
8/7/13 9:26 PM
KTBurton Real Estate Profile Image
8/9/13 11:28 AM
A common question many REALTORS® grapple with is which real estate software/ technology tools to in... 594 views
6/19/13 11:41 AM
OK, what if you could take the speed of the internet, the communication power of SMS Text marketing... 707 views
12/15/12 11:21 PM
Real estate marketplace Trulia's free Android phone and tablet apps now offer 3-D Google Maps displa... 674 views
12/15/12 1:47 PM
IXACT Contact Solutions Inc., North America's leading easy to use real estate CRM, launches several... 761 views
10/11/12 12:48 PM
Sharon Paul, ePro, GRI, SPS Profile Image
11/24/12 3:23 PM
IXACT Contact has, for a long time, been one of the only real estate contact management systems on t... 626 views
10/16/12 10:53 AM
In real estate sales, it can be easy to find yourself chasing dead leads and/ or not converting them... 673 views
10/26/12 8:40 AM
Anyone suggest someone to help with getting me up and running with facebook, twitter, and other soci... 694 views
10/26/12 11:51 AM
Matthew Collis - IXACT Contact Real Estate CRM Profile Image
11/20/12 2:20 AM
Both work the same - neither offer SEO or tags in any way shape or form in order for you to be found... 708 views
11/18/12 3:18 PM
IXACT Contact just launched an exciting sweepstakes on Facebook and we want you to enter! Clic... 679 views
10/30/12 9:14 AM
For those real estate professionals out there who have not yet tuned in to the new Tablet PC technol... 2,983 views
3/31/08 9:22 AM
Kathy Fuhriman Profile Image
6/29/12 9:34 PM