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The Connecticut Real Estate Investors Association, or CTREIA, is the largest real estate investors and apartment owners association in the Northeast. Our mission is to provide educational, networking, and business-to-business opportunities for entrepreneurs in real estate.

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CT REIA 10th Annual Holiday Dinner For Real Estate Investors
CT REIA All-Day Seminar With Robyn Thompson, The "Rehab Queen"
CT REIA Meeting with Robyn Thompson: Buy, Rehab, and Sell Homes in CT
CT REIA Fall 2013 Real Estate Coaching Program
Find It, Fix It, Flip It, Or Keep It Workshop

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CT REIA 10th Annual Holiday Dinner For Real Estate Investors

Posted at 5:25 AM, Nov. 20, 2013

December 9, 2013 - 6:00 to 9:00 pm
Crowne Plaza Hotel
100 Berlin Road. Cromwell, CT

CT REIA Members
$29.97 (before Dec 8)
$35.97 (after Dec 8)

$39.97 (before Dec 8)
$49.97 (after Dec 8)

Full details available at http://www.ctreia.com/events.php?a=v&i=619

Make your plans to attend another... Fun Filled evening with friends...

For 10 1/2 years, CT REIA has brought the best real estate investor training and education to our members. Many CT REIA Members and Coaching Students have found great success. Now it's time to celebrate!

Bring Your Friends, Business Partners, Your Mom, Your Dad.

Network with other Investors and Professionals in the spirit of the holiday season.

* Bring plenty of flyers, business cards, and smiles!
* There will be a cash bar.
* This event will be fun for everyone!
* Don't miss the chance to network in a fun, inviting, and professional atmosphere.
* This is the perfect time to introduce yourself to people, gain valuable contacts, and create lasting professional relationships that will lead you to success!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Lots of Prizes - Plus Our 10th Annual Awards - be sure to nominate yourself!

- Rookie of the year: iPad
- Best Creative Deals of the year: Flat Screen Television
- Most Profitable Deal: $100 CTREIA Bucks
- Most Closings: $50 CT REIA Bucks
- Marketer of the Year: $50 CT REIA Bucks
- Volunteer of the Year: $50 CT REIA Bucks
- Vendor of the Year: $50 CT REIA Bucks
- And lots of Raffle prizes

CT REIA All-Day Seminar With Robyn Thompson, The "Rehab Queen"

Posted at 7:03 AM, Nov. 14, 2013

November 23, 2012 - 9:00 am to 4:30 pm
Four Points Sheraton, 275 Research Parkway, Meriden, CT

CT REIA Members: $39
Not-Yet-Members: $49
Tuition includes free lunch and other bonuses

Full details available at www.ctreia.com/events.php?a=v&i=617

Robyn is the nation's leading expert on buying properties at deep discounts, renovating them at lightning speed and selling them quickly for huge chunks of cash.

Robyn has shared her knowledge with thousands of real estate investors. She is coming to Meriden, CT to teach cutting edge strategies that will produce huge profits in today's market.

Robyn has rehabbed over 320 properties in her 15 years of investing and the majority of her profits were made on properties that were in a depressed market.

She will instruct you on

* Her Buying Machine
* Where to Find Properties to Rehab for Huge Profit
* The 9 Types of Houses to Never Buy
* The Rehab Process
* Locating and Hiring the Best Contractors to Get the Job Done
* Prescreening & Controlling The 8 Contractors on A Dream Team
* The Magic Buying Formula to Ensure Huge Profits
* The 3 Critical Steps to Selling Houses in a Down Market
* The 21 Critical "WOW" Factors to Make the Home Sell
* 8 Marketing Strategies to Attract "A" Credit Buyers
* How to Prescreen Buyers in 4 Minutes to Make Sure They Qualify for a Loan

As you can see this will be a knowledge packed day full of excitement and education. We look forward to seeing you at this great event on July 28th, 2012.

BONUS #1: Audio CD entitled "Winning the REO Game" which teaches you how to buy bank foreclosures directly as pocket listings so you can eliminate competition. (a $99 value)

BONUS #2: Audio CD entitled "How to Buy Winning Properties and Avoid the Losers (a $99 value)

BONUS #3: A copy of her marketing "Horsey Letter" that she uses to get a massive response rate from motivated sellers. CT REIA members have used this letter to great success - now you can too! (an $89 value)

CT REIA Meeting with Robyn Thompson: Buy, Rehab, and Sell Homes in CT

Posted at 6:02 AM, Nov. 5, 2013

Full details available at http://www.ctreia.com/events.php?a=v&i=615

CT REIA Members - Free
Not-Yet-Members - $30.00

Are you tired of having more month than you have money?

Are you looking for financial independence?

Are you ready to start a business that will generate huge chunks of cash?

Robyn ThompsonIf you answered yes to any of these questions, retailing ugly houses is for you! Robyn has taught thousands of students how to achieve financial independence by investing in distressed properties. Robyn has made retailing homes a science and she knows every technique imaginable to locate profitable deals, renovate distressed properties at lightning speed, minimize holding costs, and qualify good credit buyers and expedite closings so you can collect a big check.

Learn Robyn's trade secrets for buying and repairing distressed homes, as well as selling and cashing out investment properties, designed for both novice real estate investors and seasoned professionals! Robyn has taught hundreds of students already, and now you have the opportunity to learn everything you need to know to begin retailing houses and making money in your hometown.

You Will Learn
* How to find the profitable homes that need renovation
* How to find and control the contractors to get the job done
* How to sell houses quickly for huge chunks of cash

5:45 - Networking
Network with other investors and real estate professionals in Connecticut.

6:00 - Early Bird Workshop

6:30 - Speed Networking & Member Deals
Organized so that you get to meet the people you need to meet! Hand out a lot of Business cards, so bring a lot!

7:00 - Member Deals
Bring Your Deals for Our Deals segment.

7:15 - Robyn Thompson
Find out how to buy, rehab, and sell single and multi-family homes in Connecticut for huge profits.
 - See more at: http://activerain.com/blogsview/4240884/ct-reia-meeting-with-robyn-thompson-buy-rehab-and-sell-homes-in-ct#sthash.tLYR3Rih.dpuf

CT REIA Fall 2013 Real Estate Coaching Program

Posted at 5:55 AM, Oct. 29, 2013

Full details for this extensive program are available at www.ctreiacoachingprogram.com

The CT REIA "Fast-Track" Coaching Program teaches how to profit from real estate in the local market. It is known for creating a high number of successes amongst its students.

Topics covered include:
* marketing
* deal analysis and structuring
* negotiation
* creative financing strategies
* maintenance and renovation skills
* tenant management
* closing documents
* contracts

Students have used these strategies to buy their first home. Many participants buy rental properties for positive cash flow and tax benefits. Many of our students have also improved Connecticut neighborhoods by purchasing ugly vacant houses, renovating them, and selling them for a profit.

Find It, Fix It, Flip It, Or Keep It Workshop

Posted at 5:58 AM, Oct. 10, 2013


Full details available at http://www.ctreia.com/events.php?a=v&i=609

Your Real Estate Investment Profits Will Soar With This 3 Day WORKSHOP

Finally Hammer Down the Nuts & Bolts Critical Information & Principles Currently Holding You Back From Wealth-Creation - With soaring taxes, a dicey stock market and fear that your head will be next on the chopping-block at your job, you have just ONE last card to pull if you plan on securing the financial future you and your family deserve...real estate investing.

And with record-low interest rates, the writing on the wall is all but screaming out to you, "NOW IS YOUR TIME TO CASH IN!"

Problem is, you may not know where to start...you may be afraid of losing the money you've worked so hard to save up...or you may be afraid that you don't have enough money to invest.

If That's Your Case You MUST Attend This Workshop

The "Find It, Fix It, Flip It, Or Keep It" Workshop is designed to give new investors an opportunity to learn in detail the basics of getting started and following a proven, simple step-by-step investing process that works specifically for Connecticut investors - as proven by us and hundreds of our students. If you are a new investor or simply new to the CT REIA association, plan to join us for this workshop.

At this 3-Evening Workshop, you will learn the simplistic ABCs of: Wholesaling, Rehabbing, Selling Quickly and Holding for long-term income...and how to easily decide which you should do in every situation!

You'll be Able To

* Create a Lead Generation Machine - So you quickly fill your units
* Work with Realtors as Part of Your Buying and Selling Strategy - You can profit and save time from their leg-work
* Be Able to Find Great Investment Properties - We'll show you how to spot the cash cow deals that only trained eyes see
* Inspect Properties With Confidence - So you never have to realize your worst nightmare of buying a ‘money pit'
* Evaluate Every Deal - Using a simple formula that's worked for decades
* Make Offers with Confidence
* Learn How to Wholesale Properties
* Estimate and Manage Projects with Confidence - Eliminate management headaches so you can buy, hold and prosper
* Deal with Contractors - Get things done fast, right and at a great price every time
* Learn the Art of Retailing
* Learn the Keeper Business (AKA Landlording)
* Create a Sure Plan to Create Wealth
* Whether you're a beginner who's clueless about where to start, or you've got more strategies swarming in your head than an agitated bee hive, or you're a real estate cash-flowing pro, this 3 Evening Workshop will help you prosper using reliable, sustainable, time-tested secrets.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If by the end of Day 1 you don't believe you've this information will help you make at least $10,000 in the next 12 months then simply request a refund and we'll provide it! No questions asked, no problem. We're that confident so don't wait, RSVP right now!

CT REIA Members: $249
Not-Yet-Members: $274

Register now at http://www.ctreia.com/events.php?a=r&i=609

Apartment Owners Association Of Connecticut

Posted at 5:07 AM, Aug. 27, 2013


September 11, 2013 - 7:00 to 9:00 pm
Crowne Plaza Hotel
100 Berlin Road, Cromwell, CT

CT REIA & AOACT Members: Free
Non-Members: $30

Register at http://www.ctreia.com/events.php?a=v&i=599

Insert from the Hartford Courant - April 1, 2012
New home construction is struggling to get its footings in Connecticut, but there's a building boom in the making for one kind of housing that you might not expect: Apartments.

The driving force: Apartment vacancy is expected to fall to less than 3 percent this year in the Hartford area, making it one of the strongest markets in the country.

It's 2013 and We Are Looking Forward to a Year of Profitable Property Management. Meet other property owners and managers ... share ideas ... find new acquisitions.

Here is the lineup

Love It or List It
Thinking about selling your building? Think it's a dog? Wondering if the grass is greener somewhere else? CT REIA members and Realtors will share how they evaluated their property to decide if it was time to sell OR to keep it.

Rents Are on the Rise! Are You Getting Your Fair Share?
Rents in 2013 are climbing higher ... are you getting more for your units. Coach JoAnne Brissette will share with you strategies for increasing your rents by 20% and decreasing the length of your vacancies.

Prevention is the BEST Medicine ... When it Comes to Inspections
Discover how to prepare for building, fire, and health inspections. Reduce the cost of repairs required. Learn how to build a positive rapport with these officials.

Deal or No Deal ... Bring Your Deals and We Will Help You Structure Them
Listen in as some of our most successful members describe their profitable cash flowing acquisitions.

With cameo appearances from CT REIA vendors and experts.

3rd Annual Connecticut River Cruise For Real Estate Investors

Posted at 5:51 AM, Aug. 15, 2013

August 20, 2013 - 4:30 to 8:00 pm
Eagle Landing State Park
Haddam, CT

CT REIA Members: $45 

Guests & Not-Yet-Members: $55

Register at http://www.ctreia.com/events.php?a=r&i=561

Fun - Network - Make New Friends - Set Up Deals
Make new business contacts and enjoy the views of the beautiful and historical Connecticut River. Bring lots of business cards.

The Best Fun I Had
"That was a blast. It was the best fun I had on the river all year! Thank you for putting it together."
- Rich / CT REIA Member

* Open to all Connecticut and New England REIA's members
* Private charter
* Hors d'oeuvres AND Entertainment [BYOB]

The "RiverQuest" will depart from Eagle Landing State Park in Haddam at 4:30pm sharp and we're back at the dock at 8pm. (Beer and wine is permitted on board.)

Tax Sale Intensive: The 5 Types of Properties Easily Flipped or Bought

Posted at 10:43 AM, Aug. 5, 2013

 August 13, 2013

9:00 am to 4:00 pm

CT REIA Members: $39
Not-Yet-Members: $59

Full details available at www.ctreia.com/events.php?a=v&i=593

The 5 Types of Properties Easily Flipped or Bought for Huge Profits at Every Tax Sale in the Country

This is a follow up to our monthly meeting on August 12th. Be sure to attend whether or not you can attend the monthly meeting. This is a one day intensive training on:

* Tax Sales (and all the terminology that goes along with it)
* Entity Structuring ... most people have it all wrong
* The 5 most profitable deals you can find at tax sales
* How to choose the right investment for you based on your capital position and your stage of life
* How to use breakthrough software to sort through thousands of leads and uncover the exact prospects you want to focus in on
* How to profit from tax sales

This training is usually reserved for Bob Diamond's high-end coaching students. However, because of CT REIA's relationship with Ed and Bob Diamond, they are willing to share this.

* Strategy for finding the 5 most profitable deals at tax sales
* How to make money by "wholesaling" them AND by buying/holding them
* Sorting through thousands of leads to find the EXACT ones you want to go after

This is NOT a repeat of MONDAY night - you want to come to both!

During this training, you will understand the terminology you need to know, including: tax sales, tax auctions, tax liens, tax deeds, redemption periods and more.

* You will discover where to purchase and where not to
* How to choose the best strategy for the amount of money you have available to you (your capital position) versus the risk you can tolerate (based on your stage and age in life). You can use tax sale properties to create a balanced portfolio that helps you get to your financial freedom position.
* How to make money from property you don't want to keep
* How to make positive cash flow PASSIVELY on properties you hold onto

The Diamonds are making millions of dollars a year using this system ... and they want you to have the same success. They are also looking to partner with you on the properties you don't want to keep.

This is absolutely not a system or property type you know about, because up until now you could not find these and with this software you can. 24,800 properties go to tax sale a day. This is the software that helps you find the proverbial needle in the haystack!

CT REIA Monthly Meeting: Invisible Fortune at the Tax Sale

Posted at 6:47 AM, Aug. 2, 2013

August 12, 2013
5:45 pm to 9:00 pm
Four Points Sheraton
275 Research Parkway, Meriden, CT

CT REIA Members: Free
Not-Yet-Members: $30

Full details available at www.ctreia.com/events.php?a=v&i=587

The 5 types of properties that other investors totally miss at the tax sale

We asked Bob to come to our August Monthly Meeting because Bob has identified a totally unique and groundbreaking opportunity for investors to acquire tax sale properties that are cash cows using Bob's unique system!

Prepare to be amazed by our special guest, Attorney Bob Diamond. At this month's meeting, you will learn about secret hidden properties that are at the tax sale. Literally, these are properties that no other investor knows about. Bob is going to show you the actual system and software that they use to find these hidden properties and how you can do this as well. I have seen this system and whether you are an experienced investor, inexperienced investor just getting started out, you really need to take the time to learn this.

Here is an incredible opportunity for you to...

* Learn about the profitable world of Tax Sales and Tax Auctions.

* Deciper the alphabet soup of Tax Deeds, Tax Liens, Redemption and Non-Redemption Periods, Tax Sales and Tax Auctions.

* Turn tax sale investing on its head. No one else knows how to systematically and automatically find the properties.

* Discover what a tax sale is ... and how it works.

* Learn how to find the 5 types of properties that are easily acquired and ... that cash flow from day 1 with existing renters!

* See how these property types are true passive income-generators (Hint, its not land)

* See the software that enables you to sift, sort and have the RIGHT properties revealed by the software

* Learn how to get paid $1,000 per property as a Property Finder

* Even if you have never purchased property before ... you can decide to take action and get started. There is so little risk in these properties... Literally this is the fastest source of properties you will ever see... they are going to tax sale!

This is perfect for those investors with cash to invest and those who have none

* Discover how you can profit by being a property finder

* And/or by keeping them for yourself with cash flow

This is absolutely not a system or property type you know about, because up until now you could not find these and with this software you can. 24,800 properties go to tax sale a day. This is the software that helps you find the proverbial needle in the haystack!

David Seymour Exclusive Event for CT REIA Members and Guests

Posted at 7:40 AM, Jul. 17, 2013

 July 27, 2013

9:00 am - 5:30 pm
Meriden, CT

Discover the 7C's to Wholesale, Rehab, and Rental Success. Dave Seymour, star of A&E's "Flipping Boston", has designed this one day event ESPECIALLY for CT REIA. During this hi-test turbo-charged day, Dave will share with you the 7 C's to Real Estate Success:

Let's check your Mindset. Are you TRULY ready to take action in THIS market?

* How to know your market?
* Where to buy ... and where NOT to buy
* How to evaluate properties to put your hands on profit-making deals
* How to find properties below market value

* Simple strategy to develop a continuous source of lead generation
* Both Online and Direct Mail marketing methods

Collect your team
* Calculate
* How to run the numbers to create a Fail Safe Deal. After all, we are not gamblers, we are investors
* How to Estimate Repairs
* How to calculate cash flow
* What is MOFO? HINT: your "go / no go" evaluator

* Paperwork - what paperwork you need for each type of deal
* How to create your relationship with attorneys
* How to control properties with just a contract

* Do's and dont's of repairs - make maximum profit from each dollar of rehab invested
* Failsafe contractor selection

Cash Out - The BEST Part!
* How to get paid from: Wholesaling, Flipping, Holding for cash flow
* How to wholesale to other investors
* And have Multiple Exit Strategies (remember? We are investors, not gamblers!)

PLUS These bonuses:
* Sources of funding for qualified students
* Access to software that will automate your search and put you ahead of the competition

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