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 Free CE courses

Created by:
John Reilly, Real Estate Educator ,  San Diego,  CA

Date: February 17, Number of Replies: 0

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While attending the 2017 REALTOR(r) Broker Summit in San Diego this week, my eye was immediately drawn to a flyer on display by one of the California Association of REALTORS(r), a sponsor.

C.A.R. is offering the 45-hour online CE Course package for FREE, as a 2017 member benefit.

Having operated a real estate school in Hawaii for a number of years, I can only imagine what the reaction is of those active Realtor members who currently operate schools in California. I mean, I may love my Association but how would I feel now that I find myself competing with Free courses offered by my own state Association?

C.A.R. offers many services to its members, among them access to free forms, an excellent Legal Hotline, marketing tools, etc. And I have no doubt that their online courses will be well-prepared. But, competing with free? That's tough on school owners operating a business already experiencing small margins.

Fortunately, I am no longer in the school business. But my heart goes out to my real estate educator colleagues here in California.

Will this be a trend in other states?

I found this flyer note of interest: "Are you a speed reader? Good news - you can move through the courses at your own pace, but must wait the number of hours ot the course before starting the exam."


John Reilly

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