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 Point2's ShowHome iPad App

Created by:
Point2 ., Vendor,  Saskatoon,  --

Date: November 7, 2012, Number of Replies: 0

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The first mobile app of its kind, ShowHome enhances the home showing experience by leveraging your Point2 account to display valuable listing information to your clients, and provides a user friendly means of gathering showing feedback right on your iPad. ShowHome is available for free to Point2 Agent members; Not a member? Click here to try it free for 30-days!

  • Load listings to be viewed during each showing tour directly into your iPad from your Point2 account.
  • Swipe though stunning high-resolution photo galleries, highlighting the best of each property.
  • Record client feedback by adding detailed notes and ratings to listings.
  • Connect to Point2 Homes (via Wi-Fi or mobile data) to provide additional neighborhood, school zone and tax information.
  • Generate formatted and branded PDF reports for each listing, along with its corresponding notes and ratings.
  • gather client feedback.
  • View neighborhood maps...

...and much more! 

Download the app today at http://www.point2.com/mobile/


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