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 is zurple.com scamming realtors

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Date: September 15, 2010, Number of Replies: 6

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My advive is to be real careful with [i]zurple[/i], I am a curent client and something appears real shady,.

first [u]zurple[/u] did NO seo on my behalf,..

I did my own SEO on my [b]zurple[/b] site

I am on first page og google for hoboken homes
hoboken homes for sale
and hoboken foreclosures,

now get this guys

according to zurple I get almost zero leads and zero traffic
from page 1 3 high traffic keywords..

lets look further

I run over 20 ads on craigslist and again according to zurple get almost zero leads and zero traffic,..

Apparently they think im stupid.

lets recap

Im running over 20 ads a month on craigslist
own 3 main high traffic keywords and according to zurple

I get almost zero traffic and zero leads from either..

its funny though they give my competitor also has a zurple site the same amount of leads and traffic

but he does zero craigslist and has no organic listings,..

lets here them explain this one...

I think they siphon both traffic and leads from your site to other [b]zurple[/b] owned sites.

The one bright spot is excellent customer service by sraff member ryan ruebelt. But lets all hear thier explanation..

in fact next im posting in active rain and everywhere else to see how stupid i am

very scary....

Linden Moe
America Elite

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Shawn Culhane,  Cedar Park,  TX

Date: October 2, 2010

This is comical. First off, your post is very hard to understand, so hopefully I can decipher it well enough.

I have a few problems with your post. How much were you spending a month on your site with Zurple and how long were you doing it? I have friends that started off on the $299/mo package that complained after a month or two that they havent closed a deal yet.

This is not how Zurple works. If you break down the numbers, I am hoping to close at least 2% of my leads. Each lead costs me about $17. So for 100 leads, I spend $1700. Out of those I hope to close at least 2 of them in the next 1-18 months. With that said, if you only spend $300/mo, good luck seeing any results after a month or two. That package is really only good if you get lucky or to get a feel for what kind of product Zurple is. I am now spending around $2-3k with great success and plan on upping that soon and bringing in a buyers agent or two.

Why would you think that they send your leads to someone else? What do they gain from that? I have never thought this.

You said you ran 20 ads a month on craigslist? I also played the craigslist game, but if I did it your way, I wouldn't get any leads either. At one point I was posting 50-75 different ads a DAY on craigslist and getting between 5-10 leads/day. You have to stay on top of the list or your ads are worthless.

I'm not sure why I wasted my time with this post given how poorly yours was written, but I feel very strongly about Zurple's excellent product.

Shawn - TopRoundRockHomes.com.

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Sean Ronkoske Licensed Real Estate Agent,  Antioch,  IL

Date: October 11, 2010

I have Zurple as well and I am a bit sketchy too. I contacted them concerning how I have not been able to witness the results of what I was paying for. My competitor (also using Zurple) is on the first page of Google where they said I was to be and I have yet to be there. I am just new to them but I have not seen too many leads come my way. I pay numerous other sites to bring in leads that are actually less expensive and deliver more. I'm pretty sure once my 6 months are up I will not use them anymore. They have a great sales department but a poor lead program.

Sean Ronkoske, SFR
RealtorĀ® Serving Southern WI & Northern IL
C. 847.833.5566 F. 847.656.2300
Results Realty USA

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Ryan Owen,  Carlsbad,  CA

Date: October 12, 2010

Hi Sean,

Your first month began on August 10th, and you received 11 leads in your first 30 days on a $299/month program in a suburb of Chicago where cost per lead is high.

Your second 30 day period was interrupted when your credit card declined, as you took 10 days to resolve the billing issue. During that period your Google traffic was stopped so as we did not continue to incur charges.

Now that your billing issue is resolved, you should again expect to receive 10-20 leads in this 30 day period beginning the date your billing was resolved (October 6th).

As to Page 1 placement on Google, you are indeed receiving it. Please contact customer service if you would like a screenshot of your ad on Google. Please note that your ad is not ALWAYS on Google because your budget is not endless. You get as much coverage as your budget allows. For further clarity on this, please contact our customer service department.

We appreciate your business.

Kind Regards,

Zurple, Inc.

September was your first full month with us. When your credit card declined

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Date: February 25, 2011

Hey Ryan,

Thanks for your post. I was trying to decide if I should use Zurple or Tigerlead and after reading your post my decision is easy. Due to your complete unprofessionalism in making what should have been Sean's confidential financial information public you have completely exposed the low level at which Zurple conducts itself. I had read numerous complaints elsewhere about the shoddy customer service and creepy attitudes at Zurple so I was happy to run across your forum input. It completely validated what I have heard.

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Kat Geralis Licensed Real Estate Agent,  Hockessin,  DE

Date: September 20, 2011

is anyone having success with Tiger Leads that they can share? I am considering it.

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Brad Huffman Licensed Real Estate Agent,  Edwardsville,  IL

Date: December 4, 2015

 I couldn't agree more, Patie.  I also am doing a little shopping and comparing.  I've spoken with Real Geeks and BoomTown so far today.  The representative from BoomTown was kind enough to inform me that their system is primarily configured for more of a "team" than an individual agent.  I've been an individual agent for 15 years and although i've considered putting a team together, i've just not made that final decision yet.  SO, she (the BoomTown rep) was kind enough to inform me of a couple of companies that she would personallyl recommend that ARE geared more towards an individual agent.  Zurple was one of those companies thatt she referred me to.  As Patie has already stated, though, this was horribly unprofessional to publically discuss a client's personal information.  Looks like my choice of which company to go with just got a little easier.  Not sure who i'll pick yet, but i know who i WON'T be picking.  

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