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 "Judy Something"

Created by:
Tanya Fears, Education ,  San Diego,  CA

Date: August 23, 2012, Number of Replies: 0

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I found this article by Craig Proctor especially interesting, mainly because I've heard a lot of laments while on the road meeting agents that they "don't get leads".

The term "leads" means different things to different people: do you mean people who contact you off your website or people who are ready to buy?

Proctor makes an interesting division between the two, and I would tend to agree. It brings to mind a similar situation I was in several years ago.

I was doing a training session at a local brokerage, and we were talking about driving traffic to the websites to obtain leads. One agent held up her hand and said that she had been a Professional member for a number of years, but wasn't getting any leads from her website. So, as a group, we logged into her Online Office and took a peek at what was happening. In looking at her "View All Prospects" list, there were literally hundreds of prospects from the past few months - all highlighted blue, which means that they had not been viewed or worked with yet! She was visibly shocked - and then excused herself, as she had phone calls to make!

If you have a Point2 account, check out your "View All Prospects", as you may have new prospects waiting for you to contact them, and hopefully this means new business or a sale for you!


Tanya D. Spilchak
Point2 Education Coordinator

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